Skyla’s Awesome Dad

Submitted by Skyla Decloedt

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

My dad is always helping me out. For cookie season, my dad is helping me sell cookies left and right. After school, we might go set up a booth or we might go door to door. He is really good at helping me selling cookies and he is not afraid of the competition– I have to remind him sometimes it’s for our troop. Although its my first year in Girl Scouts, I think I’m doing pretty good (mostly because my dad). I love being in Girl Scouts. Today after school he took me to go sell cookies and I sold about 60 packages of cookies. He has so many friends who like Girl Scout Cookies, which is really helpful. When it comes to helping me sell cookies, my dad is the best at it. This is my awesome dad and I’m so glad I have him.

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