Innovating for the future – Becky Takeda-Tinker

Girl Scout and Chief Educational Innovation Officer for Colorado State University System

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges to rethink what learning looks like, Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker led the evolution of CSU Global to become the nation’s first and only 100% online, fully accredited, state, nonprofit university. In September 2020, she took on a new role as Chief Educational Innovation Officer for the Colorado State University System.

Innovative thinking – doing something new or different – and engaging others to follow in that effort are marks of leadership, Becky says.

To say she’s goal-oriented would be an understatement.

“I take on challenging goals that I believe can benefit society, and with personal integrity and grit I devote my full attention and abilities to achieving them,” Becky says.

This was evident even when Becky was a Girl Scout from 6 years old through high school. Through the years, Girl Scout activities such as earning badges, selling cookies, and going to camp changed her world view.

“These activities forced me to learn new skills, be courageous and undaunted, and adapt to new paradigms in order to achieve my badges and goals,” she says.

She fondly remembers having earned so many badges as a young Girl Scout that she filled her sash and had to sew badges on the back.

In her role at the CSU System, she champions diverse opportunities for high quality, affordable education because she believes in the value people bring to our society when they have support and training. As a Girl Scout troop leader, she learned how important developing one girl at a time could be.

“..helping them have an impact on their families and communities by connecting them with the support of their fellow Girl Scouts and scouting supporters, was an opportunity that I draw upon even today as I work to unite people of all ages towards a better society.”

Her advice to girls and young women: “Live by your values, champion what makes you unique, and always be kind to others.”





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