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Girl Scouts of Colorado Connections – June 2022

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Girl Scouts reach out to help ‘sister’ in difficult time

The Girl Scout Daisies and the families of Troop 66856 in Parker are rallying around a family in their troop community that suffered an unimaginable loss last week.

The girls in the Anderson family are receiving Sisterhood of Support packs from other Girl Scouts who created them to let Girl Scouts going through hard times know that others care for them.

S.O.S. kits bring mental wellness activities and supplies to Girl Scouts during times of need. Troops have been creating S.O.S. kits since December when kits were first delivered to Girl Scouts impacted by the Marshall Fire.

The troop is also organizing ways to help the Anderson family as they navigate these difficult time.

A Go Fund Me has been set up to benefit the family.

Volunteer View: March 2022

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Smart Cookie Feb. 23

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Smart Cookie February 16, 2022

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GSCO continues to support youth mental wellness

We’re sure by now you have seen the U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on Protecting Youth Mental Health. While we might have our own red flags or alarm bells going off in our head, know that Girl Scouts of Colorado is here to help you and your Girl Scouts have conversations about mental wellness, express their feelings, and learn some tools to build their resiliency. As we go into the season where our Girl Scouts are at home and around us more, let’s use the resources we have available to meet them where they are at.

For Adults:

Subscribe to our new Mental Wellness YouTube channel to be notified when we update it with new video resources!

Conversation Starter: Speak Out About Mental Health
Join Girl Scouts of Colorado as we have an important conversation with Debbie Boeldt, deputy director at National Mental Health Innovation Center, University of Colorado Medical Campus talks through the clinical side of mental health and what as caregivers you can do to support the youth in your life.

Conversation Starter: Youth Mental Health during COVID
On January 26, 2021 we talked with Dr. Laura Anthony, a child psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado in the Pediatric Mental Health Institute and an Associate Professor at the CU Anschutz School of Medicine, about advice on how to recognize the warning signs that indicate your girls may be struggling due to the pressures of COVID-19.

Importance of Mindfulness
Learn from Meg Fredrick from the Mindfulness and Positivity Project on the importance of mindfulness.

Mindfulness in Troop Setting
Join Meg Fredrick from the Mindfulness and Positivity Project as she discusses practical ways for bringing mindfulness into troop meetings using hands on tools.

Resilient. Ready. Strong. Patch training – available on gsLearn
New GSUSA patch program to help you support your Girl Scout as they earn their Resilient.Ready.Strong. patch. Girl Scouts learn about 10 skill areas to help boost resilience. Insider tip: while only Girl Scouts can earn the patch, EVERYONE in your family can benefit from these skills.

For Girl Scouts:

Sisterhood of Support program (Cadette, Senior, and Ambassadors)
We finish the Girl Scout Law by stating “be a sister to every Girl Scout,” affirming that we are here to support each other through the good and bad in life – just like a sister would. In this patch program we take the concept of the Girl Scout sisterhood of support and bring it to life for our Girl Scouts. In this patch program we will guide our Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors (grades 6-12) through workshops that give them the skills and knowledge to support their peers in one of the biggest concerns facing youth: mental health.

Leaders: want to access this curriculum for your whole troop? Go ahead and register yourself and we can make sure you get access to the google classroom.

Register today to access the recorded lessons, resources, and to attend the upcoming LIVE sessions.

Mental Health through a Girl Scout lens
Start talking about mental health is through activities in our National Program Portfolio. We have compiled activities for each program level that can be found in our badges and Journeys. Don’t worry if your Girl Scout already earned the badge or Journey, the activities are great on their own!

Resilient. Ready. Strong patch
Life isn’t always easy, but dealing with tricky emotions doesn’t have to be so hard. Try activities from the Girl Scouts: Resilient. Ready. Strong. program to unlock a patch and strengthen your mental wellness. Nobody can snap their fingers and make the world all sunshine and lollipops, but you can take steps to be ready when things get tough.

Make Kindness the Norm patch
In the Kindness Challenge patch, Girl Scouts explore the power of kindness and how both receiving it and sharing it with others can truly change the world, one kind act at a time. Access the leader guide for Daisy, Brownie, Junior and the patch booklet for all program levels under the “Council Patches” section of anytime activities.

Sand Creek Regional Greenway Program Opportunity

Calling all environmental explorers! Girl Scout groups are invited to book a program or service project opportunity with Sand Creek Regional Greenway.

Explore the wilderness in the city by going on an adventure to the local Sand Creek Greenway that runs through Aurora, Denver, and Commerce City! The Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership’s education program offers a variety of fun and engaging youth centered programs that allow participants to explore local green spaces and learn about the flora and fauna who call these areas home.

Girl Scouts can earn badges by participating in activities such as going on a bug hunt, collecting and learning about aquatic macroinvertebrates, soil testing, creating nature art, learning outdoor survival skills, and much more! Programming can be tailored to fit badge requirements and/or the needs of any group. Program cost is $5 per participant per program.

To inquire about programming or to schedule a program contact Elena Smith at

Girl Scouts of Colorado Connections: December 2021

Wrapping up 2021 Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Program nut, candy, and magazine sales ends on Monday, Oct. 25.

Below are tips for troop fall product managers (TFPMs), and service unit fall product managers (SUFPMs), to successfully wrap-up the program.

As the program begins to wind-down, review the tips and reminders below to help support a successful close-out.

Troop fall product managers, please refresh yourself on the troop training video that covers avatars, rewards, reports and close-out processes. Cue the video to 6:00 minutes, to jump to the close-out process. Click here to go to the M2 troop training video.

Be sure to pull reports, download and/or print and save! You want to be able to refer to reports after the program close-out. See specifics about reports in the training video and listed in this article below.

Troop and service unit fall product managers will have a few days after Monday, Oct. 25 to close-out everything in M2 – including – finalizing and submitting girl reward selections by Oct. 27, 8 p.m.

TFPM’s –

  • Make sure all girls have an address in for their avatar if they earned it. Patches earned ship directly to girls. In a pinch, TFPM’s can enter their own address instead.
  • If troop qualifies for the S’mores Club, TCM for troop MUST create an avatar in M2 BEFORE the end of the program on Oct.25, in order to receive a S’mores Club patch.
  • Check that girls have made reward Contact parents/caregivers of girls who haven’t and ask them to make the selections.
  • Download and/or print delivery tickets so you are ready when it’s time to pick up product from the SUFPM.You will find the delivery tickets report on your dashboard under “Product Management.”
    • SUFPMs will begin to receive nut/candy product the week of Nov. 1. and will coordinate pick-ups with TFPMs.
    • TFPMs should then coordinate product pick-ups with girls and their families.
    • Coach girls on best delivery practices and remind them to make deliveries as soon as possible.
  • On your dashboard under “Financials and Reporting,” you’ll find the “Banking and Payments” report, which breaks down all sales and payments received. The “Troop Summary” report will show all sales, money owed for product and troop proceeds.
  • Pull reports, download, print and save for Annual Troop Reports in May/June.

Check out these guides for more information:


Family M2OS Guide

Fall Product Program Close-out – Rewards and Reports

 SUFPM’s –

  • Check the records of all troops in your service unit to see what troops are still needing help. Send out an email blast with reminders to troops and offer your support.
  • Don’t forget to create your own Avatar patch, you’ve earned it!
  • The M2 system is set up for the parents/girl to make reward selections, and for TFPM to alert parents/girl if selections are missing. SUFPM’s cannot make reward selections. Instead, reach out to TFPM’s.
  • Reports – will show you everything that is happening in your service unit. If you see that a troop needs to complete information or steps in the M2 system before close-out, please contact them and offer your support.
  • Go to “Financials and Reporting” on your dashboard. Under the “Special Reports” tab is where you will find your troop information for products and girl rewards.
  • Download and/or print delivery tickets so you are ready to distribute sorted products when it’s time for troops to pick-up items for girl delivery. You will find the delivery tickets report on your dashboard under “Product Management.”


Fall Product Program Close-out – Rewards and Reports

Need assistance with the M2 system? Contact M2’s Customer Care team at 1-800-372- 8520 or email them at

Volunteer View: Welcome to a new Girl Scout year

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