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Discover and Support Your Girl Scout’s Future Me

Girl Scouts of Colorado has teamed up with CollegeInvest to help support Girl Scouts in grades K-5 explore their interests and discover what their future could look like while earning the Future Me patch. As part of CollegeInvest’s support, each Girl Scout who completes the patch program receives a FREE glow-in-the-dark patch. Caregivers, if you continue your learning about saving for your Girl Scouts future, each Girl Scout in your family will receive $100 in their CollegeInvest account.

In this patch program, we have provided two resources: a Girl Scout activity booklet and a Caregiver Guide. Using both of these guides, caregivers are to complete the patch with their Girl Scout.

  • Future Me Girl Scout Activity Booklet: Girl Scouts are given prompts to write or draw about their ‘current me’. Questions like describe what you do during a typical day and your perfect day. Each question is designed for the Girl Scout to think about what they like right now. Then they are to think 20 years from now- they are an adult! Question prompt to imagine their future and for caregivers to brainstorm with their Girl Scout how they get there.
  • Caregiver Guide: As your Girl Scout is working through the booklet, we have developed some prompts and questions to help guide your conversation with your Girl Scout. We want you to also explore their interests so you can discover ways you can support your Girl Scout. Don’t forget to access the training at the end of this booklet for you to earn an additional $100 in your Girl Scout’s CollegeInvest account!

Questions: Email

All Girl Scouts who complete the Future Me Patch Program will receive this glow-in-the- dark patch for free!

Girl Scout troops from Superior and Louisville enjoy a day at Adventure Golf and Raceway

Many thanks to Adventure Golf and Raceway for hosting an event on Saturday, August 27th for Girl Scout troops from Superior and Louisville!

Approximately 180 Girl Scouts of all levels and their leaders/product volunteers kicked off the new school year with fun activities that included miniature golf, go-karts, bumper cars and high ropes.

Troops were treated with a small gift from the park and Sisterhood of Support (S.O.S.) kits that were made by Girl Scouts around Colorado.


Cadettes Annika, Kennedy, and Julianna worked on their aMaze Journey over the summer. They all earned their Interact awards and two went on to earn their Diplomat and Peacemaker awards.

Explaining their Take Action project, Kennedy said the Cadettes “want to help people to strengthen their friendships,” and Julianna added, “…because you want to make new friends and become more social.”

“How can we use jewelry to strengthen their friendships, you ask?” said Kennedy. “We can make jewelry swaps for them and teach them about friendship,” Julianna suggested. Kennedy explained, “You can ask your adult or you can find a charm that you would use so you can swap it with your friend.” The girls’ swaps are made for all their peers whether they participate in Girl Scouts or not. Each one includes a message they learned from their aMaze books or from their own experiences. They will be handing them out at social activities, sports, and when they meet new friends.

Julianna imagines that if all girls were involved in peaceful relationships, “everyone would feel included.” Asked about the most important tool in her Peacemaker Kit, Kennedy chose the promise “I won’t let another friend put you down.”

We saw London! We saw France!

After two postponements, Troop 62135 was finally able to travel to London and Paris with EF Tours, a trip the troop had been preparing for since before COVID. It was an amazing celebration of our older girls, several of whom have since graduated high school. We were joined by two sister troops from Seattle and New York!

More than 5,000 packages of cookies donated to Marshall Fire heroes and helpers

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When the devastating Dec. 30 Marshall fire destroyed neighborhoods and shocked our communities, Girl Scouts across the state immediately came forward asking how they could help.

Troops in Louisville and Superior that were impacted by the fire were ‘adopted’ by other Girl Scouts around the state. They provided meeting materials, items of comfort, and support in their time of need. Sisterhood of Support bags were created to give to girls impacted by this tragedy and to have on hand for future needs.

During the Girl Scout Cookie Program, less than two months after the wildfire, Girl Scouts across the state collected Gift of Caring donations for Marshall Fire Heroes and Helpers, resulting in more than 5,700 packages of donated cookies.

On Aug. 20, Girl Scout troops in Louisville picked up thousands of packages of donated cookies to deliver to the first responders and other helpers in their community.


On Aug. 14, Girl Scouts from Troop 70181 in Superior organized a community cookie day at the Superior Community Center.  First responders as well as community members impacted by the fire came together to reflect back on that December day and consider how strong their community is. Girl Scout Cookies were given out and community members had a chance to personally thank firefighters and sheriff’s deputies.

In addition, the Girl Scouts in Troop 70181 organized a community art project titled “80027 Strong,” giving all community members an opportunity to add their words or drawings to the installation that will hang in the community center window.

Inspiring Futures: Fashion Merchandiser

Have you ever wondered who designs clothes and accessories from your favorite stores and how they get there? Are you a creative person who is interested in how you can channel your creativity into a future career? Do you like to collaborate and work as a team towards a common goal?

Join us on October 13 when we’ll talk with Ellen Gillespie, a fashion merchandiser with over 12 years of experience working for corporate retail. She is currently based in New York City working for Ralph Lauren.

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Inspiring Futures: Graphic Novelist

Raina Telgemeier is the author and illustrator of the graphic novels Smile, Drama, Sisters, Ghosts, and Guts, all #1 New York Times bestsellers. She also adapted and illustrated four graphic novel versions of Ann M. Martin’s Baby-Sitters Club series. Raina’s books have been awarded five Eisner Awards, a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor, a Stonewall Honor, and many Best-of and Notables lists.

In an upcoming Inspiring Futures on Sept. 20 and Sept. 27, bestselling graphic novelist (and former Girl Scout!) Raina Telgemeier will share an inspirational talk about her childhood love of art and reading and how she learned to express herself through the medium of comics.

“I started reading the funnies in my local newspaper when I was nine. My favorites were Calvin and Hobbes and For Better or For Worse,” says Raina. “I started making my own comic strips around the same time, and realized I liked putting pictures and words together to tell stories.”

Raina’s original graphic novels are all based on her personal life experiences, which millions of young adults have been able to relate to and resonate with. Join us to learn more about the process of creating a graphic novel and see exclusive behind-the-scenes content from her art studio and old sketchbooks.

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Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Colorado Transportation YOU Committee Presents Girl Scouts Mobility Day

Join us for a Mobility Day as the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Colorado takes you on a multi-modal tour through downtown Denver.

Learn how transportation affects our urban environment and how it links communities by visiting various stations in downtown Denver that highlight transportation elements, including ADA, bikes, transit, and bridges.

We will start and end at the Broadway Light Rail Station: 901 S Broadway, Denver, CO. Light rail tickets will be complimentary for all Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers. Lunch will be provided.

The entire tour is outdoors so please dress appropriately.

Please contact Amara Hildebrand at with questions.

Event is for 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Girl Scouts. Register here.

Inspiring Futures: Technical Director at Cirque du Soleil

What does it take to make the huge Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows happen every night? On November 5, Technical Director, Stephanie Weiss, is going to open our eyes to all the intricate details it takes to make these spectacular shows so many people love.

Stephanie also spent two years with Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus! She has some fun stories about those years living on a circus train and working with elephants.

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