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“Woodworker” badge workshop for Cadettes

Professional Women in Building (PWB) of Western Colorado invites Girl Scout Cadettes to JXN Station in Grand Junction on November 9, 2019 to earn their “Woodworker” badge! Girls will learn basic woodworking skills, i.e. how to use a hammer, saw, level, screwdriver, and create a candy dispenser utilizing these skills. Register online now! https://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/en/events-repository/2019/cadette_woodworking_.html

All necessary supplies, equipment, and safety gear will be provided. Lunch will also be provided for all. Girls will receive their “Woodworker” badge at the end of the workshop.

This is not a drop off event. All Girl Scouts must attend with a parent, guardian, or troop leader. Girl to adult ratios for events must be met.

Registration closes Thursday, October 31.

Questions? Email aimee.artzer@gscolorado.org.

Troop 2624 at My Own 2 Hands makerspace

Submitted by Trista Smith

Metro Denver


The Girl Scouts of Troop 2624 came to My Own 2 Hands makerspace to earn their “Woodworking” badge! Together, they learned how to use many tools: hammer, screwdriver, drill, impact driver, level, handsaw, miter saw, clamps, and a nail gun! Using these newly learned skills, they were able to make picture frames. They each were able to make their frame unique and custom to their taste by using stain and paint. Each project turned out amazing!

The girls were able to work together as a team to help each other understand the tools. Though some were initially nervous with some of the power tools, others helped to encourage everyone to take a risk and do something they had never done before!

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Longmont Scouts use woodworking to help the Kiwanis

Submitted by Sharon Manning


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

Troop 73392 recently completed the Cadette Woodworker Badge. The girls used a variety of tools associated with woodworking. To finish the requirements for the badge the troop chose to team up with the Kiwanis of Longmont to help make hand crafted wooden toys.

The Kiwanis of Longmont have set a goal to make 4000 wooden toys to distribute by Christmas. The girls of troop 73392 pitched to finish assembling 2 large boxes of wooden toys at their first meeting in October. They hope to visit the Kiwanis workshop, which meets every Saturday morning from 9 to 11 am through December 19, to help assemble and finish more toys.

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