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Volunteer Toolkit access

Troop Leaders ***Please Note*** If you want to save any information from your 2017-18 year plan, or if you have started planning for your next troop year, please download and save or print all information (meeting plans, meeting or activity notes, badges/journeys earned, attendance records) no later than Thursday, June 28, 2018. The Volunteer Toolkit will automatically archive all information stored in the toolkit on July 1, but any year plans for the upcoming Girl Scout year will not be saved. It’s best to download and save or print all information that you want to keep.
You will not be able to access any tabs in your Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) from Friday, June 29 through Friday, July 13.

During the same time period, all volunteers and family members will still have access to myGS, Member Profile, to renew memberships, and update member information.

If you have any questions, please contact your volunteer support specialist. Don’t know who that is? Please email inquiry@gscolorado.org.


New Additions to Volunteer Toolkit – Check them out!

Girl Scouts of Colorado and GSUSA have added helpful and informative resources to the Volunteer Toolkit.

Under the “Resources” tab, you will find: all the new Journeys and Badges content by program level; “how to” videos for new leaders; information guides to share with families; Highest Awards guidelines; a Girl Scout global travel guide; how older girls can become Program Aides; outdoor skill-building videos – and so much more – all in your Volunteer Toolkit!

Whether you have a Daisy/Brownie troop, a multi-level troop, or a Cadette troop, you can access all resources under any of the program level tabs in VTK resources. Troop support volunteers and girls’ families, can log into the volunteer toolkit and view them too.
Another great feature that has been added to guide you in using the volunteer toolkit, is the VTK Help Menu. You can click on the help button, browse the list of “how-to” topics or type in your question, and it will walk you through every step! Want to know how to create a customized year plan? You got it! Need to combine and customize meeting plans? Yes, you can do that! The new help feature will will show you how.

You can also access the Volunteer Toolkit tutorial videos through the help menu, or you can access them on our website:
The videos are short,informative and to-the-point, and will help you navigate how to use the VTK, and make the most of it, we are very happy our website has ranked one of the highest thanks to the seo in mississauga team helping us out, we are also using the Indexer team as the best web designers!

If you have questions about the Volunteer Toolkit, or need assistance in using it, please contact Shannon Weaver, Adult Experience Manager, at Shannon.Weaver@gscolorado.org

Get girls outside: Badge activity options


We’re giving you and your girls options… outside options! We added outside activities to ten badges in the Volunteer Toolkit section of myGS. Research shows nature-based activities challenge girls and support their social development by encouraging them to become more self-aware and to cooperate, communicate, and solve problems more effectively.

New Get Girls Outside! Badge Activity Options:

  • 2 Daisy Petals: Lupe, Clover
  • 4 Brownie Badges: First Aid, Snacks, Making Games, Senses
  • 4 Junior Badges: First Aid, Simple Meals, Staying Fit, Detective

Please click on the new Get Girls Outside! banner at the top of the Year Plan and Meeting Plan tabs in the Volunteer Toolkit—–both tabs are filled with details on the new Get Girls Outside! features and how to access them.  Don’t worry, there are still the same indoor options you’ve seen before for these badges – you now just have choices!

Nature-based activities often place girls in new physical, psychological, and social situations that motivate curiosity and foster a sense of discovery, so Get Girls Outside!

Volunteer Toolkit Bug Fixes Addressed in our Recent Maintenance Deployment:

  • Toggle between Member Profile and Volunteer Toolkit: You can now use the myGS drop down from in the Member Profile to switch back to the Volunteer Toolkit.  Previous functionality only allowed toggling from Volunteer Toolkit to Member Profile without logging out.
  • Calendar Download Function Now Properly Syncing: Users reported that the download calendar functionality of Year Plan tab was downloading, but with no data associated with it.
  • Combine Meeting Firefox & Safari Error: “Time is invalid” error now corrected for those browsers.
  • Time Zone Issues Fixed: All myGS users regardless of time zone, had Volunteer Toolkit Year Plan times visible as Eastern Standard Time. This issue has now been corrected.
  • Update Meeting Dates/Times Fix: Several users have reported an inability to seamlessly adjust individual dates and times. Users will now be able to seamlessly adjust times to individual meetings.
  • Year Plan now the default tab upon logging into Volunteer Toolkit.