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Girl Scout overnight camp near Bailey

Girl Scout Camp – An essential part of the Girl Scout Experience!

Our goal at summer camp and with outdoor programs, is to provide a safe environment where your daughter can gain essential skills and friendships while having fun and creating lasting memories. We look forward to helping your daughter discover the charm and magic of Summer Resident Camp.

When your daughter unpacks her belongings and settles into her unit, she will be heading for the time of her life. Memories are sure to be made roasting marshmallows around a campfire, singing songs, enjoying meals in the dining hall with her new friends, hiking trails, building shelters, or getting creative with crafts. An extraordinary experience awaits her.


Courage: Camp is a community unlike any other. In an unfamiliar setting, your daughter will find the courage within herself to meet new people and make friends.  As she makes choices and directs projects, she will learn to work within a team, become self- reliant, and develop her leadership skills.

Confidence: For many girls, camp is their first experience away from parents, away from home, and away from familiarity. Camp has unlimited potential to boost your daughter’s confidence or help her find her way out of her shell.

Character: Camp is the ultimate character-building experience. It is a safe place for girls to learn individual responsibility, as they are empowered to take care of themselves.  Though camp counselors provide structure, guidance, and supervision, your daughter is responsible for waking herself and readying herself for the day, making her  bed, being on time to activities, and assuming responsibility for her personal belongings, all often for the very first time.

With all this in mind, send your daughter to camp!  She will gain the courage to tackle everyday obstacles faced with, the confidence to know she will get through, and most importantly gain positive character traits which will make her a successful and joyful individual.

With love from your favorite ingredient within a S’more,
Marshmello “Tonetta Brawley” at Tomahawk Ranch.

Girl Scouts of Colorado offers many Troop Camp, Day Camp, Family Camp and Resident/Overnight Camp sessions at Sky High and Tomahawk Ranch this summer to help build girls of Courage, Confidence and Character in the outdoors! Learn more about our camp offerings, or register her now for her desired session of camp!

Compost at summer camp and tips for your home!

Want to try gardening but don’t know where to start? Think it’s too expensive? Composting is an easy way to help the environment and also to save money too!

greenhouse watering pair

At Tomahawk Ranch we have a working greenhouse with outside raised gardening beds too.  This needs a lot of soil to plant new things. So at camp we COMPOST!! Did you know all plants take out nutrients from the soil each season to grow, so it’s vitally important to put that nutrient goodness back in the soil each year to ensure continued success!

So whether you have a large project in mind or simply want to help your house plants, think about what you are throwing away and start composting today.

What’s good in compost?

Fresh fruits and vegetables – All peels, skins or simply fruit gone bad are excellent for compost. All the reasons we eat them are the same for your plants too. They need all the vitamins and minerals they can get. For example banana peels are full of potassium which is great for plants in small doses.

Egg shells – These are full of calcium. (Also, crushed egg shells placed on top of soil help keep those nasty bugs out which eat your delicious plants & beautiful flowers)

Dead leaves – Collect all the fallen leaves each autumn, and add them to your compost! They help bulk it out and add the richness of carbon, a necessary element of compost. (Did you know the leaves from a large tree are worth up to $50 of plant food?!)

Ashes – Who doesn’t love a campfire? Remember to collect your ashes once cooled and add them to your compost. These are also good source of carbon. Ashes are also useful if you have acidic soil (pine needles are especially acidic) so consider sprinkling ashes on areas of your garden where pine needles fall.

Dryer lint – Another good source of carbon

Coffee grounds and tea bags – Good for putting nitrates back into the soil. Although coffee smells great to us, when it is sprinkled on top or around your garden it is also a simple but effective critter repellant!

Grass clippings – Full nitrogen goodness.

Plant cuttings/ Dead plants – Complete the circle of life! Add all your pruning cuttings to the compost. Once an annual plant is done throw the plant and the soil it was growing in to your compost where it will regain the nutrients it lost growing, and be good as new next year for your next crop of plants!

Manure – Nature’s fertilizer! At Tomahawk Ranch we have plenty of manure from our small animal farm! Look around locally within your community, many farmers/horse owners will be extremely happy for you to muck their poop for them! (Must be from grass/hay eating animals – dog, cat, etc. poop is no good!)

Straw – Straw helps bulk up your compost. It also aids in drainage and helps aerate your pile.

Newspaper/shredded paper/cardboard – avoid glossy paper and colored ink.

Most of our summer camps at Tomahawk Ranch get to have some experience in our working greenhouse. Learn more about our camps and then register your girl for a summer camp experience she will never forget!

New spaces opening at resident camps 1/21 at 9:30 am!


Camp Registration opened on Tues., 1/13/15 at 9am–some sessions sold out within minutes! We are pleased to announce sessions with more spaces available and new sessions open on January 21 at 9:30am. Register via CampInTouch (Google Chrome / Firefox’s most current browsers work best)! Contact registrars@gscolorado.org after you get your girl into her desired session if you’d like any previously registered session removed.

New Sessions:

SH025 Ranch Hands (Juniors & Cadettes) $625 ($575) 6/14-6/19 and
SH355 Ranch Hands (Cadettes) $625 ($575) 7/19-7/24: Farm ranching is what it’s all about! Spend your days with Sky High’s animals grooming and feeding.  You’ll even take the animals out for a nature walk, so they too can visit the sites Sky High Ranch has to offer. Girls will have a sleep-over at the barn to get the full ranching experience. (Includes a one-hour off-site horseback trail ride.)  There will be plenty of time for general camp activities too.

SH055 Girl vs Zombie (Cadettes) $600 ($550) 6/14-6/19: Join our training camp to prep you for the unthinkable.  Learn self-defense techniques, gain survival skills, create a disaster kit and develop your archery abilities. You’ll even have the chance to defend Sky High at night! There will be plenty of time for general camp activities too.

SH095 District 14 (Juniors) $600 ($550) 6/21-6/26:
SH266 District 14 (Cadettes) $600 ($550) 7/12-7/17: Ensure that the odds are in your favor by honing your archery skills while learning new ones, such as canoeing and  ziplining!  A night under the stars will increase your odds of becoming a victor. Minimum weight 60 lbs. Participants must be at least 60 lbs. to ensure do not get stuck mid-zip.

SH125 Peaks to Ponds (Juniors) $600 ($550) 6/21-6/26 and
SH265 Peaks to Ponds (Juniors) $600 ($550) 7/12-7/17: Zipline down the mountain on your way to fun in the sun at Manitou Lake! Boating and lots of relaxing , SHR is the place to be this summer!  There will be plenty of time for general camp activities too. Minimum weight 60 lbs. Participants must be at least 60 lbs. to ensure do not get stuck mid-zip.

SH135 Zippers (Juniors) $600 ($550) 6/21-6/26 and
SH195 Zippers (Juniors & Cadettes) $600 ($550) 7/5-7/10,
SH267 Zippers (Juniors & Cadettes) $600 ($550) 7/12-7/17, and
SH455 Zippers (Juniors & Cadettes) $600 ($550) 7/26-7/31: Just like every part of a zipper needs to work together, so will every girl in Zippers!  Learn team-building and overcome personal challenges on the low-ropes course and the zip line.  Girls will be on both the low ropes course and zip line every day, weather permitting.  They will also participate in general activities such as archery, crafts, farm, etc. Minimum weight 60 lbs. Participants must be at least 60 lbs. to ensure do not get stuck mid-zip.

SH165 Sky High Family (all ages) $125 ($100) 6/28-6/30: Enjoy a staff-planned family camp at Sky High Ranch. Activities for families at camp may include: hikes, crafts, archery, campfires and more!  Parents are responsible for their campers at all times, and all program is planned and led by our amazing summer camp staff!

New Spaces & Ages Open In:

FC03 Franktown Day Camp Star Quest (now open to Daisy – Juniors!) $195 6/15-6/19: At Franktown Day Camp you’ll tour the galaxy in “Star Quest.” Blast off to the Moon and continue with a visit to the planets and the stars. You may meet some aliens on the way and get to sleep in a far away galaxy (in the optional overnight)! Adult volunteers should contact the camp director to be approved, and must be registered volunteers through GSCO. Adult volunteers receive a 90 percent discount on their daughter’s fees (will be charged in full if they do not attend all 5 days). Once you are approved, the director will send authorization to the Assistant Outdoor Programs Director to apply the discount. Register through CampInTouch;  Questions? Contact camp director, Silver Bashaw,  Silver.Bashaw@gmail.com.

FC01 Sky High Ranch Opening Work Weekend (now open for all ages!) FREE 5/8-5/10: Families and troops are invited to this weekend in the mountains where we “open” camp in preparation for campers to arrive. Meals provided Friday dinner – Sunday brunch and lodging at no cost. Jobs may include: cleaning buildings or bathrooms, picking up trash, re-painting, maintaining trails, etc.. Saturday night’s evening program will help families relax and celebrate their hard work. Stay Sunday afternoon for our Sky High Ranch re-opening Ceremony! Housing will be in seasonal shelters and lodges. No badge work or other activities are offered this weekend. No pets allowed. Register for this event via CampInTouch. Because this is a re-opening of camp, only troops entering Cadettes through adults are allowed.

FC05 Sky High Ranch Closing Work Weekend  (now open for all ages!) FREE 10/2-10/4: Families and troops are invited to this weekend in the mountains where we “close” camp in preparation for winter months. Meals provided Friday dinner – Sunday brunch and lodging at no cost. Jobs may include: cleaning buildings or bathrooms, picking up trash, re-painting, maintaining trails, cooking, etc.. Saturday night’s evening program will help families relax and celebrate their hard work. Stay Sunday afternoon for our Sky High Ranch re-opening Ceremony! Housing will be in seasonal shelters and lodges. No badge work or other activities are offered this weekend. No pets allowed. Register for this event via CampInTouch.

SH31 Ziplife (now open to Juniors and Cadettes!) $600 ($550) 6/21-6/26: For thrill seekers only! Are you ready for an adrenaline rush? You will get plenty of it on Sky High’s zipline! Weather permitting, we will zip every day. Try your hand and rock climbing, low ropes and archery as well. There will be plenty of time for general camp activities too. Minimum weight 60 lbs. Participants must be at least 60 lbs. to ensure do not get stuck mid-zip.

SH40 District 14 $600 ($550), (Cadette) 7/26-7/31: Ensure that the odds are in your favor by honing your archery skills while learning new ones, such as canoeing and  ziplining!  A night under the stars will increase your odds of becoming a victor. Minimum weight 60 lbs. Participants must be at least 60 lbs. to ensure do not get stuck mid-zip.

TR04 Country Girl (Cadette) $625 ($575) 6/14-6/19 and
TR42 Country Girl (Cadette) $625 ($575) 7/26-7/31: Explore Tomahawk’s barnyard and greenhouse. Learn all about the small animal farm, animal care, homesteading, crafting and cooking.  Feed, groom, plant and enjoy!  You’ll even get to bathe the pigs in buttermilk.  (Includes a one-hour off-site horseback trail ride.) There will be plenty of time for general camp activities too.

Registration for Girl Scout camp opens Jan. 13

The countdown to the opening of registration for Girl Scout camp is underway! It starts Jan. 13, 2015 at 9 a.m. on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website.

On Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015, Kim Petau, camp director for Sky High Ranch, and Girl Scout Anne Martens joined FOX21 in Colorado Springs to talk about registration for Girl Scout camp.

Here are a few “behind the scenes” photos:

Ask yourself, “Where will I…”

stand atop a mountain and take in the forever view?

feel my heartbeat in my ears as I zip down the zipline?

and, most importantly, where will I make friendships that will last a lifetime?

For summer 2015, Girl Scouts of Colorado is excited to announce girls will be able to have those experiences — and hundreds more—at Sky High Ranch! Resident camp is returning to this beautiful rustic camp near Manitou Lake and Woodland Park for the first time since 2012. For many Girl Scouts, attending resident camp at Sky High Ranch is a family tradition.  Their mothers, grandmothers, and even great-grandmothers, in some cases, have fond memories of their summers at Sky High Ranch.

Girl Scouts of Colorado will also offer resident camp at perennial favorite Tomahawk Ranch near Bailey, southwest of Denver. Some of the activities at our resident camps include archery, backpacking, photography, and rock climbing. Our standard resident camp runs 6-days. We also offer 2-week camps , as well as mini 3-day camps. The summer camp schedule is live on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website (girlscoutsofcolorado.org) so you can begin to review the 2015 offerings. Girl Scouts of Colorado will continue to offer day camping adventures throughout the state.

Girl Scout summer camp programs are open to all girls throughout Colorado who are over the age of 6. Registration begins Jan. 13 at 9 a.m. on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website at girlscoutsofcolorado.org. Register early. Some sessions fill in just a few hours.

Girl Scout camp is a safe place for your girl to explore her world, make forever friends, and learn to be a leader.  Girls learn differently than boys and everything at Girl Scout camp is designed to meet girls where they are. No labels. No competition. No boys. There’s just a whole lot of “you go, girl!”

Girl Scouts has been helping girls shine for more than 100 years. Girl Scouts of Colorado is proud to serve 25,000 girls across the state with the help and support of 10,000 adult volunteers! Learn more how you can be part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience by visiting girlscoutsofcolorado.org, calling 1-877-404-5708, or emailing inquiry@gscolorado.org.

Troop creates music video about Girl Scout camp

Submitted by Troop 2851


Our Cadette troop got to experience Tomahawk Ranch in a whole new way.  The campgrounds became the set of our music video, featuring Troop 2851. We rewrote the lyrics to Miley Cyrus’ song “Party in the USA.” We knew it was a catchy song, and wanted to create a better influence for girls. It was our way of sharing our experiences’ in Girl Scouts.

We recorded the video when we were at Tomahawk Ranch. Most of the video takes place at our cabin. We had a lot of fun recording it, but that was just the beginning. At our next several Girl Scout meetings we went through the process of editing. We learned how to cut the video, add our voice over and background music, move slides around and create credits. It was a lot of hard work but we learned to persevere.

We hope you enjoy it.

Outdoor Volunteers Needed – troop camps, dads &more!

Every year, especially during the summer, there are many ways to get involved with Outdoor Programs. The statewide Outdoor Programs Team includes:

Betsy Till, Outdoor Programs Director
Haley Peel, Assistant Outdoor Programs Director (in charge of all volunteer-led outdoor programming!)
Monica Gray, Tomahawk Ranch Camp Director
Kim Petau, Sky High Ranch Camp Director.
We can’t do it without the help of volunteers like you! Here is a list of volunteer opportunities this summer (review them with your troop!)

Troop Camp Host Director:

  • Works with Haley Peel and the Troop Camp location on program, and logistics.
  • Once at the Troop Camp, works on-site with staff to make sure things are printed if needed (each Troop Camp location will have a digital download of health info, waivers, etc.).
  • This person may have meetings with Haley Peel and/or the Troop Camp location prior to the camp to make sure it is “Girl Scout-y”
  • This person receives free admission to camp along with their child
  • Haley Peel approves these Troop Camp Host Directors, and help get them registered for camp prior to January 13 with the appropriate discount. Deadline to apply for this is December 15.
  • Interested? Contact: Haley.Peel@gscolorado.org
  • The Needs for Troop Camp Host Directors:
    • Camp Jackson Troop Camp 8/9-11; needs host director in Rye

Troop Camp Host Troop:

  • Help do things like: create caper charts, welcome girls/leaders to camp, help with cabin assignments, lead Girl Scout songs/games.
  • They work with the Troop Camp Host Director and camp staff at the Troop Camp Location to make sure the schedule works, and there are girl-led opportunities at the Troop Camp.
  • They support the Troop Camp Host Director, help the girls lead their peers, and help coach first time campers/troops.
  • They receive a 20% discount to the Troop Camp for up to 6 girls on top of the camp fees, and must be Juniors or above.
  • Girls can also use cookie credits, and cookie volume discounts (5% if you sell 500 boxes, 10% if you sell 100 boxes, etc.) towards camp fees.
  • Haley Peel will gather and collect host troop payment info to enroll them in camp in CampInTouch prior to opening camp registration on January 13. Deadline to apply for this is December 15.
  • Interested? Contact: Haley.Peel@gscolorado.org
  • The Needs for Host Troops:
    • MMR June Troop Camp 6/12-14; in Allenspark
    • MMR July Troop Camp 7/10-12; in Allenspark
    • Gypsum Troop Camp 7/19-21; in Gypsum
    • MMR August Troop Camp 8/7-9; in Allenspark
    • Camp Jackson Troop Camp 8/9-11; in Rye

Day Camp Adult Volunteers

  • Adult volunteers are needed to help with Day Camps
  • They are approved by the individual day camp directors, and registered through CampInTouch by Haley Peel
  • They register their daughter for camp and pay their 10% deposit, then once the Day Camp Director gives their info to Haley she will give the 90% discount to their girl on the back end and also will enroll the adult
  • Interested, Contact the Day Camp Director to apply
  • The Needs For Day Camp Adult Volunteers:
    • Be Wild! 6/8-12; 10 adults in Aurora; heather.browning77@gmail.com
    • A Journey Through Time 6/15-19; 6 adults in Colorado Springs; mkeown1@gmail.com
    • Franktown Day Camp 6/15-19; 10 adults in Franktown; silver.bashaw@gmail.com
    • Boating Specialty Day Camps 6/22-26; 11 adults in Morrison, various boating specialties, may need additional training; silver.bashaw@gmail.com
    • H2O Sampler 7/20-24; 10  adults in Morrison, various specialties, may need additional training to volunteer; silver.bashaw@gmail.com
    • Horseback Riding Day Camp 8/10-14; needs 14 adults and 2 lifeguards in Morrison; christikcb@yahoo.com
    • NEW: Fort Collins Girl Scout Day Camp! This camp is re-starting with new leadership and will operate in 2015 at Swift Ponds. Contact Dorsi, me@dorsismith.com to learn about adult volunteer opportunities!

NEW: Outdoor Instructors: archery instructors, fishing instructors, and boating instructors are wanted for single and/or multiple day events. Contact haley.peel@gscolorado.org know if you are interested.

Outdoor Program Volunteer Directors

Camp Dad (or Mom!)

  • This is for dads (and moms) that may feel out of the loop when volunteering at other Girl Scout activities, but love the outdoors and want to share their experience with troops!
  • Camp Dads (and moms) are needed in every troop and service unit to help with camping experiences for the girls.
  • Recommended trainings: Overnight, and Cooking and Camping Trainings. Find them on the Activity Finder!
  • Interested? Contact your local troop or service unit!

Camp Buddy Troops

  • For troops who love camping, and want to share it by being buddies to other troops who may have less experience. Talk about a great opportunity for girl-led outdoor experiences!
  • This can also be for troops looking to share a property or lodge (like Hamp Hut, Twisted Pine, or Pawnee Lodge) with other troops!
  • Interested or want a buddy troop for your first camp experience? Contact: Haley.Peel@gscolorado.org

Resident Camps Volunteers

  • Four adult volunteers needed at Tomahawk Ranch
  • Two adult volunteers needed per week (about 12 total) needed at Sky High Ranch
  • Spaces for these volunteers are limited because campers fill our bed spaces and there are limited spaces for these additional adults to sleep (we love them though!); they receive 50% off their daughter’s resident camp registration.
  • They are never placed in the same unit as their daughter, so that the adult and the daughter get their own experience at camp.
  • Camp directors work to get them registered prior to the opening of camp registration on Jan. 13 as well. Deadline to apply for this is January 7.
  • Questions? Contact: Monica.Gray@gscolorado.org for Tomahawk Ranch, or Kim.Petau@gscolorado.org for Sky High Ranch. Resident Camp Adult volunteers complete the camp staff application found here after December 5. They also go through additional levels of background check according to our State Childcare Licensing Standards.


Filming at Tomahawk Ranch


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was invited to visit Tomahawk Ranch, but I heard so many things from co-workers about it, I was excited.  Two of us from the office in Denver, plus a camera guy were there for filming footage that would eventually land on a 20 minute video with Comcast promoting Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Friday Morning, the day I was supposed to visit, greeted me with plenty of unexpected surprises when I managed to accidently sleep a little late,14470793376_09b3daabb3_m and in the middle of my hurried trek to the camp, my car began smoking on the highway, and the tow truck ended up taking forever to arrive. Luckily, I eventually managed to make it safely to camp.

Once I arrived, we immediately got to work interviewing a mother and a daughter who had a lot to say about Girl Scouts and the leadership skills they have received as a result of joining. Following that interview, we wandered to the homesteading skills session in which girls were tying rubber gloves filled with watery milk in order to mimic milking a goat.

14471072326_f41931ee86_mIt was interesting to learn that goats have two utters verses cows, who have four (I certainly didn’t know that).

Next stop was the dining hall where counselors were dragging out mattresses and stacking them up. All of the sudden “Walking on Sunshine” was blasting on the speakers and girls were running across the room, launching themselves onto the top mattress and sliding down the pile. It was chaotic, it was loud, but it was fun. Each girl took several turns, and everyone of them was laughing and screaming as they slid on the mattress.

14307358508_beee3f0d71_mNext was lunch, but girls couldn’t enter the dining hall until the tables and chairs were set and the plates distributed. Outside, girls sang some of the most bizarre and hilarious songs complete with hand motions and dances led by the counselors.

Lunch, of course, was also crazy. Each table did a cheer when the finished a pitcher of water and the all the girls got up to do a “Chinese Fire Drill” in which everybody stampeded out of the hall, ran around the building a couple times while screaming at the top of their lungs and then came back and sat back down to finish their lunch. I have no idea where this tradition comes from but according to the girls, the madness happens everyday.

14307333568_8281c4fbb3_mNext, we followed a unit of girls to Tomahawk’s beautiful new greenhouse. While girls were painting flower pots to plant peas in, another group of girls gave us a tour of the greenhouse and vegetable beds. Each plant looked so healthy and strong despite being high in the Rocky Mountains, thanks to Starlight and her helpers, who know and understand what they are doing, and the girls who are so passionate about what they are taught at camp.

14307279730_fbb90ffc5b_mOur final stop (and my favorite spot) was at the farm. We were immediately greeted by four baby goats who approached our cameras and tripod, investigating whether these strange devices were edible.

The horses and donkeys were equally curious about the equipment. It really surprised me how accustomed the animals were to people. I would have thought that because they were always surrounded by thirty or more girls, they would want to shy away from people, but they loved the attention! They wanted to be right there in the middle of the action.

14493923945_c2a73a93ae_mOne girl was sweeping out the barn trying to get the excess hay out, and one of the horses went right up to her and nugged her with its nose, wanting to be pet (which she happily obliged).

About a week ago, the camp welcomed three ten-week-old female piglets and by the time we had arrived, the campers had already fallen in love with them. 14307621959_8ff8a2bfa8_mThe little piglets preferred to keep all four hooves on the ground and allow girls to fall into the mud while trying to catch them.

The day concluded with the girls making homemade ice cream using plastic bags and leaving to finish packing before their parents arrived to take them home.

While their week at Tomahawk Ranch may be over, the memories of mattress surfing in the dining hall, sleeping in hammocks, petting baby goats, and make lifelong friendships will stay with them long after they left camp.




Pay Camp Fees By 4/30/14 at 11:59pm to Get Early Bird Pricing!

Resident Camp Early Bird Pricing ends April 30 at 11:59pm!

Pay your entire resident camp balance prior to April 30  at 11:59pm to lock in the lowest price possible. We will not automatically run credit cards on file, so please take action below to make sure you get Early Bird pricing!

How to make payments:

  1. Log into CampInTouch here and choose “Financial Management” (use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers for best results)
  2. Call our customer support line from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm to make a payment over the phone at 877-404-5708
  3. Mail your payment to PO Box 9407 Denver, CO 80209; mailed payments musts be received prior to April 30 for processing, as the prices automatically go up after that time.


Tomahawk Ranch Camp – What’s “buzzing” this summer?

What’s “buzzing” at Tomahawk Ranch Camp this summer? We are excited to introduce a new bee apiary as part of our homesteading programs!

What is homesteading?
Homesteading is a lifestyle of self sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and it may or may not also involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale.

Our homesteading program will include:

1. The Small Animal Farm: campers will be able to connect with animals, learn about their care, and how to harvest eggs and other useful items from the animals

2. The Greenhouse & Gardens: campers will learn about planting and picking produce, how to protect it in a mountain environment from predators and so much more! When the garden produces, campers will enjoy farm to table meals!

3. The Bee Apiary: In our first year, campers will not be doing any hands-on beekeeping; our bees will need peace and quiet in order to get their colonies thriving into the future. The Bee Apiary will be set a distance from the greenhouse and gardens. We will have a separate non-active bee hive setup to show girls how it all works. This is an exciting new way to share about growth cycles and educate girls about how bees help keep everything alive.

NOTE: We are very aware that there may be campers who have a bee sting allergy. Those campers will not be forced to go anywhere near the Bee Apiary. Our health staff will work with families to ensure Epi-Pens are in place for those who have a prescription. Girl safety is always at the utmost importance in this and all activities for our resident campers!

Do you know anyone who loves to garden and wants to volunteer? If so, please have them contact Betsy Till, Outdoor Programs Director via email.

Ready to send your girl to camp? Register here!


Task Force Schedules Town Hall Meetings – Northern Colorado & Denver Metro

The Outdoor Property Evaluation Task Force will be holding a Town Hall meetings to hear feedback about Girl Scout properties.

Denver Metro (Twisted Pine, Tomahawk Ranch, general properties):
When: Saturday, March 22, 2-3:30pm
Where: Denver Service Center, 400 S Broadway Denver, CO 80010

Northern Colorado (Pawnee Lodge, Meadow Mountain Ranch, Magic Sky Ranch):
When: Monday, March 24, 6:30-8pm
Where: Harmony Library Community Room, 4616 S Shields St, Fort Collins 80526

These are the is the third and fourth of four meetings that are designed to collect feedback on the usage of and demand for Girl Scouts of Colorado outdoor properties. The first meeting was held on December 19 in Colorado Springs and focused on Sky High Ranch. The second meeting is for Saturday, March 8 at the Pueblo Service Center focusing on Lazy Acres, Hamp Hut, and Sky High Ranch.