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Important update about Toffee-tastic cookies

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Little Brownie Bakers turned off the option for customers to buy gluten-free, Toffee-tastic cookies for Direct Ship through Digital Cookie/Digital Order Card.

In addition, GSCO is currently delivering the last of the Toffee-tastic inventory in Colorado, from our storage warehouses to area cookie cupboards. Once a cupboard is out of Toffee-tastic cookies, the variety will be marked as unavailable, and that will be visible in eBudde when placing cupboard orders.

Troop Cookie Managers – Options for troops needing Toffee-tastic cookies:

  1. Check multiple cupboards in your area to see if any cupboards have them in stock.
  2. Check the Cookie Exchange in eBudde and see if there are troops who have excess Toffee-tastic cookies for pick-up, and/or do a troop-to-troop transfer.
  3. Talk with caregivers/parents of the girls and ask if they have Toffee-tastic cookies that can be sold at upcoming booth sales.