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Troop 65659 raises cyber-bullying awareness with proclamation from Gov. Hickenlooper

Submitted by Jessica Spangler

Metro Denver


Governor John Hickenlooper issued a proclamation declaring October 2018 Cyber-Bullying Prevention Month. With the proclamation, Troop 65659 hopes to raise awareness about cyber-bullying resources. As part of the multi-level “Think Like an Engineer” Journey, Troop 65659 defined a need: cyber-bullying is a problem.

They brainstormed ways to meet the need. They decided cyber-bullying is hard to detect and victims need access to counseling and safe spaces. They wondered if there was already a designated day, week, or month for prevention of cyber-bullying.

One solution they brainstormed was to present information on cyber-bullying to the governor to raise awareness. They went home to do more research and met again to build the presentation together. They found cyber-bullying is a problem in Colorado. The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey reveals 20.7 percent of girls report they have been electronically bullied compared with 9.5 percent of boys. HB 15-1072 (“Kiana’s Law”), signed into law in 2015, makes cyber-bullying a misdemeanor form of harassment, punishable by a fine of up to $750 and/or up to six months in jail. The State of Colorado’s Internet Safety & Digital Responsibility page lists resources on cyber-bullying, but parents may not be aware of these resources.

The girls also learned October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Colorado has proclaimed October Safe Schools Month and Cyber-Security Awareness Month, but these proclamations do not address cyber-bullying.

The girls designed a presentation to give to the governor to support the need for more awareness. They put their research onto a poster board, but not all the research fit. They re-designed several times and left some of the research off until all the important pieces fit onto two poster boards, which were connected. The troop leader then shared this supporting information with the governor’s office by delivering the presentation. Gov. Hickenlooper then proclaimed October 2018 Cyber-Bullying Prevention Month! If you are in need of cyber-bullying resources, please visit: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cssrc/internet-safety-digital-responsibility.

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Parker Girl Scouts win $500 from Yoplait

Congratulations to Troop 65889 of Parker in the Denver Metro region! The troop recently won $500 from Yoplait for participating in the company’s social media sweepstakes. GSCO asked the troop’s leader, Karen Grealy, to tell us more about the girls and what they plan to do with their winnings.

Troop 65889 is a multi-level troop of four Daisies and seven Brownies — ranging in age from six to eight-years-old.  After working hard over their first cookie season, they were able to donate almost 350 packages of cookies to Children’s Hospital Colorado. The girls are excited to go to Great Wolf Lodge and a two-day camp at Tomahawk Ranch this summer using their cookie proceeds!

Our troop has been STEM-focused this year and have completed the “Think Like an Engineer” and “Think Like a Programmer” Journeys.   Before the end of the 2017-18 year, the girls will be exploring robots — how they work, how we program them, and how they assist the community.  

The troop was fortunate enough to win the Yoplait Facebook Sweepstakes at the end of cookie season. In so doing, they have been awarded $500 from Yoplait! The girls decided to use their prize money to buy robots! They purchased four Wonder Workshop robots with which they can interact and program simple or complex tasks. In addition, they have activity cards for each robot. By completing the challenges on these cards, they will learn basic coding skills that they can carry forward into potential STEM careers. I would like to introduce the girls’ robots: Hamster, Samantha, BB8, and Princess Leia. The girls will take turns “babysitting” the robots between meetings — allowing them to have one-on-one time with their new, blue friends.