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17th Annual Teddy Bear Project Successes

Submitted by The Child Rescue Foundation, CRF

Metro Denver


More  than 126,000 plush animals HAVE BEEN COLLECTED, TAGGED, AND DELIVERED SINCE 1999! Girl Scouts of Colorado has been instrumental in collecting 91% of them!
Here are some personal stories about the Teddy Bear Project:

“…I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you do. My son, Nicholas, 3, fell out of his bedroom window. When we got to the hospital, he was surrounded by people he didn’t know and screaming. A nurse left the room and came back with one of your bears and it’s heart shaped tag, and he immediately fell quiet. It not only comforted him, but me as well.”

From Kendra, a 10-year-old participating:

“I hope to make these children grow up happier from our donations. I hope we touch their hearts with each teddy bear.”

From Kelli:

“this was such a wonderful education for all of the children who need a hug and a smile in hard times. A hug from me to you.”

From a Daisy Girl Scout (age 5) after participating in the Teddy Bear Project:

“I feel loved, happy, cheerful, and nice and last, I feel grateful. That’s how I feel because a sad kid will get a toy I gave and feel better.”

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