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My Silver Award Project: The History of Women’s Rights

Submitted by Gracelyn R.

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

While working on the Girl Scout Ranger 19th Amendment patch, I realized that not enough girls know about their history. This inspired me to create a website educating girls, so that they may become informed and aware. The website link is: www.thehistoryofwomenssuffrage.com. The website has educational videos and fun activities to do.

The main purpose for my project is to educate girls about their history, for I believe that educated girls make for great leaders. If we all try to change the world, a little at a time, we can make a difference.

If we look to the past, we can find inspiration about how to shape the future. The first step is to learn about the history that made the present possible. This is the ultimate purpose of my Silver Award project. It is my belief that if girls know where they came from, they can better plan where they’re going. They can lead the way forward and innovate in hopes of a better world. Changing the world isn’t easy. It takes hard work and risk-taking, as well as a whole lot of courage. But if we all promise to change the world, a little at a time, we really can make a difference.

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