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Troop 2797 Silver Award Project at Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals

Written by Kayla


Denver Metro

For our Girl Scout Silver Award, we helped complete a variety of projects at the Edwards Foundation, a local farm for animals with disabilities. We raised about $241 for our Silver Award, which we used to buy pea gravel and name plates for the horses.  There was approximately $200 in supplies and food donated by the Girl Scout families. We had about 40 hours of prep for each girl, then 75 hours total of work on the farm for all of the girls on August 22 and 23, 2015.  Adult volunteers dedicated about 70 hours of work as well.  Some of our main projects were fixing a goat pen, painting the inside and outside of the chicken coop, putting in gravel, repairing feeding troughs, making memory wall, and building Mason Bee Habitats.

Pancake’s Pen
Pancake is one of the many goats at the Edward’s Foundation. Due to itchy horns, however, she had greatly damaged her pen from ramming into it a multitude of times. Before we started, many of the metal bars that held the pen together were broken and tied together with string. The actual pen itself was bulging out and tied to the frame with more string and an old gate for reinforcement.

The End Result: To fix the frame of the pen, we cut the bars and used a metal attachment piece to reconnect them. We also put a vertical metal bar down the middle as well as several t-posts to keep the pen from pushing out when Pancake hit it. We used metal ties at the top and bottom of the pen to replace the string.

Chicken Coop
The chicken coop was very plain when we first viewed it, so we decided to jazz it up and add some color. Cleaning out and then painting the chicken coop was not an easy task. Before getting started, we had to chase all of the chickens outside. We power washed the inside of the coop. After letting it dry, we painted the coop and nesting boxes blue and white. We also painted some of the structures in the outside chicken coop white.

We spent about $60 on gravel, which was then delivered to the farm in a truck. We dumped the gravel in a pile then transported it around using buckets and wheelbarrows. Some of the gravel was put as a base in the outside chicken coop. The rest was put along the sides of the barn where the ground had started to wear away.

Feeding Troughs
When we arrived at the Edwards Foundation, there were two big feeding troughs that held hay for the horses, goats, and other animals.  The bottom boards on both of the troughs were greatly sagging from old age and weather damage.  To fix them, we removed the boards and put in multiple two by fours with slits in between them to let water and extra hay fall through.  We cut the two by fours to the right length using a circular saw then drilled them onto the feeding troughs.

Memory Wall
In dedication to the animals that have passed away at the Edwards Foundation, we created a memory wall.  We started by cleaning and redoing some of the metal plates that held the animal information, then attached these to wooden plaques.  We painted a wall in the barn white with blue letters at the top and hung the plaques there.  We put our hand prints along a post by the wall when we were done.

Mason Bee Habitats
The last of our projects was to build habitats for Mason Bees.  To do this, we got large blocks of wood, then drilled holes in them.  Each of the holes had to be a certain depth and distance apart from the other holes.  Once we finished drilling, we sanded the wood and painted in bright, welcoming colors.

Working at the Edwards Foundation was an amazing experience.  We would like to thank the foundation for letting us work on their farm and use some of their supplies, as well as all of the parents who donated snacks, tools, and their time towards this project.  We couldn’t have done it without them!  Knowing that all of our hard work paid off and we made a lasting impact on the animals at the Edwards Foundation is an incredible feeling.  We hope that we’ll be able to volunteer and help again.

For before and after pictures, please view the Prezi created by Kayla, at this site: https://prezi.com/g-gux8wlmkwn/silver-award-troop-2797/
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Silver Award project: Warrior clean-up

Submitted by Jessica Jager


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

The link below shows how three 8th grade Cadettes got a whole cross country high school team and other volunteers to help clean up the local high school and the memory garden and plant some flowers.

Congratulations, Perrin, Eden, and Rachel for working hard on your Silver Award project!

Jessica Jager – Cadette Leader
Ruthie Ahlers – Co-Leader

Learn more about our project here:


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