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Activity Approval Form

At the beginning of each Girl Scouting year, Girl Scouts of Colorado and Girl Scouts of the USA review our volunteer/program policies, Volunteer Essentials, and our safety policies, Safety Activity Checkpoints. These resources are here to not only communicate our policies, but to ensure every adult member and girl are prepared and safe. It is the expectation of every volunteer to review these resources every year. The 2020 version of Safety Activity Checkpoints includes a new section on key components of an Emergency Action Plan, clarification of which activities require approval by GSCO and updated guidelines on general Girl Scout program safety.

In the same light of ensuring girl safety, we have a new process at Girl Scouts of Colorado for council approval for activities, events, and trips held by troops and service units. The Activity and Event Approval Form must be completed at least 30 days prior to your event, activity or trip. Activities that require prior approval include any:

  • Troop or service unit hosting a money earning event or activity.
  • Troop or group overnight or travel experience.
  • High-risk activity that requires approval per the Safety Activity Checkpoints.

This new process for Activity and Event Approval goes into effect for any activities taking place after December 15, 2020.

What are Safety Activity Checkpoints?

Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC) is a resource that provides safety standards and guidelines for general Girl Scout programs and specific activity areas. SAC includes information on required volunteer certification, adult volunteer to girl participant ratios, emergency plan templates and guidelines for specific activities. SAC includes activity chapters on everything from bicycling to camping to horseback riding to rock climbing! Each activity chapter includes a resources to help troops plan the activity and specific safety guidelines around equipment, instructor experience/training, limited to Girl Scout program levels that can participate and if approval from GSCO is required before your troop or Girl Scout group can do the activity. You can review the 2020 version of Safety Activity Checkpoints here!

Why do some activities require approval by GCSO?

In Girl Scouts we want to ensure that girls are participating in activities that are developmentally appropriate, progressive, and of course safe. By requiring the approval of some of the more “high-risk” activities girls can participate in, Girl Scouts of Colorado can make sure the group has the proper insurance, have taken the necessary leader training, is taking the necessary safety precautions, and is properly prepared for the activity. It is in no way meant to limit a girls experience, rather our goal is the increase the amount of fun, safe experiences girls can participate in.

What is the activity and event approval form? How do I know if my activity needs approval?

This is a form that troops, Service Units and other Girl Scout groups in Girl Scouts of Colorado will need to complete 30 days prior to any activity that needs approval. Activities that require approval are:

  • Any troop or service unit hosting a money earning event or activity.
  • Any overnight or travel experience.
  • Any high-risk activity that requires approval per the Safety Activity Checkpoints. You can determine if your activity needs approval by reading the activity specific chapter, or by looking at the “Activities at a Glance” chart on p. 21 of Safety Activity Checkpoints

What is the timeline for activity approval and how will I know I am approved?

Please complete the form 30 days prior to your activity. Depending on the type of activity you are planning, you may not need to wait for additional GSCO approval after your submission. Upon completion of the form you will receive an email indicating if additional staff approval will be required for your activity. If additional approval is required, you will be connected via email from a GSCO staff notifying you of your approval within 10 business days of your submission.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at inquiry@gscolorado.org.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

Safety Activity Checkpoints: New rules impacting girl travel

Attention Girl Scout volunteers and families: Safety Activity Checkpoints has been updated. The revised version is available on our website at www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org under “Forms,” or click here to go directly to the guidebook. This resource provides instructions and recommendations for girls and adults to stay safe while participating in various activities.

Two new guidelines to be aware of regarding travel with girls are:


Uber, Lyft, Curb, and similar ridesharing companies are not permitted to transport girls because the safety, credibility, and insurance of the drivers is far more difficult to qualify than that of traditional or well-known charter and rental companies. Complete auto insurance coverage is often not available or not sufficient for the majority of rideshare drivers. (SAC, Page 10)

Overnight Accommodations

The use of Airbnb and other private rentals is not permitted. The safety, credibility, and insurance requirements of private rentals are difficult to qualify compared to traditional commercial properties. For these reasons, the guideline is to stay away from private rentals such as Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey, Romana, Homeaway, VayStays, Tripping, Wimdu, and Couchsurfing. (SAC, Page 11)

Read pages one-three in Safety Activity Checkpoints, to see which activities are included in the guide. It’s a good way to get ideas about different options for your troop or group. Once you decide what you are going to do, you can then consult the relevant section, and share the instructions with the other adults and the girls in your group before planning and engaging in the activity. For an overview of general safety rules for all Girl Scouts activities, review pages 4-15 in SAC.