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Hometown Hero: Project Angel Heart

Submitted by Meleah Williams

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Our troop worked hard this cookie season to collect Girl Scout Cookies to donate to our Hometown Hero, Project Angel Heart, a local organization that provides meals to people undergoing serious medical treatments. The girls were able to donate more than 50 packages of cookies to the organization, and also used a portion of their cookie proceeds to purchase cereal as part of a cereal drive. Between the girls’ cookie proceeds and generous donations from our troop families, we were able to donate more than 60 boxes of cereal. Our troop also decorated bags for meal deliveries. The girls had a great time partnering with this wonderful organization!

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Troop 71 Hometown Hero delivery

Submitted by Barbara Light

Metro Denver


Way to go Nellie and Sydney for helping deliver our 180 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to Project Angel Heart, our Hometown Heroes! Thank goodness they had a cart we could use after we carried in the first load. Project Angel Heart will give the cookies to their clients and share some with the volunteers. As a bonus, we decorated bags for their deliveries to clients, which we learned are sometimes hung as works of art around their volunteer room.

They gave us a tour and we learned a little more about them as an organization. They started in 1991 delivering nutritious meals to 12 people with life threatening illnesses and have grown to deliver to over 12,000 weekly. They were very appreciative!

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