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GSCO Photo Challenge: Go-Getter cookie entrepreneur 

Submitted by Kortni Houle

Metro Denver


I love selling cookies every year and earning all the stuffies. I worked so hard this year and I far surpassed my original goal. This year, I sold more cookies than the past three years combined. I am so excited for the rewards this year and I love being able to send cookies to troops overseas.

I am a go-getter! I went to eight booths to keep increasing my goal to 625! We stood out in the cold and delivered cookies all over.

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Power of Cookie: Trip to Catalina Island and Emerald Bay

Submitted by Lisa Herrmann

Northern & Northeastern CO


Troop 74447 from Longmont saved up funds from three cookie seasons and made the trip to Catalina Island and camped at Emerald Bay. There were about 350 people at the camp and we were the only ones from Colorado! We competed in an Aqua Olympics and had a great time!

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