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Did my Silver project fail?

Submitted by Hannah Clair
Pikes Peak area

Hi my name is Hannah and I just completed my Silver Award. From the very start I followed all the steps in the packet, everything was going great and I felt really confident. I made a few prototype beds for the National Mill Dog Rescue and had a few trial and error processes to go through. After I went through about four different types of beds I was ready to give up. I felt like nothing was working and that I wasn’t doing anything progressive.

My family and project advisors started to notice how frustrated I was getting. They helped me realize that even if something seems like it’s going nowhere, you still need to try your best and never give up. I ended up using all the money I earned for the beds and buying A LOT of much needed supplies for the rescue.

I don’t think that my project was a failure because I still helped the cause that I intended on helping. Also, I never gave up on myself and overcame a lot of obstacles. Even though my project didn’t exactly go the way I wanted it to, it still went well. So if you’re thinking about or are doing a Bronze, Silver or Gold award just remember that nothing will ever be a failure or waste of time unless you give up on yourself or the project

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