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Girl Scout Senior Boosts Seniors’ Spirits During COVID-19 Pandemic

Submitted by Elizabeth B.

Metro Denver

Cherry Hills Village

My grandmom is in a senior home in Pennsylvania. We had plans to see her last March when COVID hit. I wanted to raise the spirits of seniors in assisted living who couldn’t have visitors. Since July 2020, I have hand painted almost 190 flower pots and planted succulents; made 100 Easter baskets and boxes for shut-ins; and decorated more than 300 room decorations. We donated these to seven different senior assisted living homes in the area.

I knew that seniors could use something to raise their spirits since they couldn’t go anywhere and couldn’t have visitors. I thought about what they might like that would be easy to take care of, and would last so they would always know someone was thinking about them. I love succulents, and thought some brightly decorated pots and succulents would be just the thing! Decorating the pots took a lot of time and creativity, but I loved how they looked in the end. For Easter, I wanted to do something a little different, so I found cute baskets and created Easter baskets for each resident, so they could have a fun surprise on Easter and they could use the Easter basket in the room after.  Overall, I have dedicated more than 100 hours to this work.

This is my 11th year as a Girl Scout, and I’ve completed my Bronze and Silver Awards, and am getting ready to take on my Gold! Girl Scouts has helped me grow my leadership skills, and finishing my Silver Award pushed me to go far outside my comfort zone, accomplishing something I never thought I could and impact the lives of dozens of kids.

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