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Bring “Power Up!” to Your Girls

We are very excited to announce the revision and reboot of the Girl Scouts of Colorado’s “Power Up!” program. “Power Up!” is Girl Scouts of Colorado’s anti-bullying program for youth in grades fourth through twelfth that engages participants to think critically about different types of bullying and encourages participants to stand up and speak out against bullying behaviors. Whether the elements of this program are used in a troop meeting or presented as a half-day session at a school, participants will leave the program with an understanding of their role in preventing the cycle of bullying. Through revisions by the Older Girl Advisory Board and feedback from pilot troops, we have taken what was already a great program and brought it to the next level to meet the current needs of girls in Colorado.

Who is this program for? “Power Up!” is for girls in grades fourth through twelfth.

How do I access the curriculum? Troop leaders can access the “Power Up!” Facilitator training online through their gsLearn account. They will have to watch a 15-minute video walking them through the facilitator guide, as well as provide information about the structure of the program. Questions on accessing your account? Email inquiry@gscolorado.org.

Can girls lead this program? Yes! If girls have earned their Program Aide award or have significant experience leading girls through activities, they can facilitate the program to other Girl Scouts. Girls can charge a small fee for the program to cover their costs and earn money for their troop. Specific questions about money earning should be directed to GirlExperience@gscolorado.org.

Is there a patch? Yes! After girls complete the program, patches can be purchased through the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop by calling (855) 472-7026.

Want an opportunity to attend a “Power Up!” course? Due to a grant through Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast, we have an offering in Fort Collins on November 9, 2019. https://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/en/events-repository/2019/power_up_.html .

Questions? Contact GirlExperience@gscolorado.org

OGAB expanded my Girl Scout experience

Submitted by Bailey Stokes

Mountain Communities

Buena Vista

I have been a Girl Scout since I was in the first grade. During the past 12 years, I have been heavily involved in Girl Scouts. I have completed multiple service projects including my Bronze and Silver Awards, and I am currently working on my Gold Award. I have also been going to camp since I was in the second grade, and most recently, I volunteered as a counselor in training. However, the Older Girl Advisory Board has been one of the most formative and impactful volunteer experiences I have had.

I decided to join the Older Girl Advisory Board because I was interested in expanding my Girl Scout experience. I was also looking for a way to make a difference in my Girl Scout community. In addition, I applied during the beginning of my junior year, and during that time I was looking for a way to find something that I could put on my scholarship applications that would set me apart from other applicants. Being a member of the Older Girl Advisory Board showed scholarship committees that I am dedicated to serving my community, and that I am a strong leader. I sincerely believe that it helped me be selected for the scholarships that I have earned.

Being a member of the Older Girl Advisory Board has enhanced my confidence in myself. It taught me how to confidently express my ideas. Due to the Older Girl Advisory Board, I also gained confidence in my ability to communicate with other people. It also taught me how to be assertive. Furthermore, the Older Girl Advisory Board allowed me to expand my Girl Scout experience outside of my own community and it gave me the opportunity to meet new friends. I enjoyed the opportunity to engage with other older Girl Scouts from all across the state.

Through the Older Girl Advisory Board, I was able to help make real life changes in the world and our Girl Scout community. For example, I was able to give my feedback about the cookie and Highest Awards programs. I also helped bring programs that focus on confidence building, and body image to new areas in Colorado. Through the Older Girl Advisory Board, I have also had the opportunity to inspire younger Girl Scouts. The highlight of my time on the Older Girl Advisory Board took place at one of our retreats.

We had just finished talking to the makers of Girl Scout Cookies about how we make a difference in the world, and when we walked inside the lodge at camp, we were all in our full Girl Scout uniforms. There was a group of younger Girl Scouts there, and I will never forget the look of amazement on their faces upon seeing all of us in our uniforms. I sincerely believed that I had inspired them. That moment was when I truly realized the difference that I am making on the world as an older Girl Scout.

Being a member of the Older Girl Advisory Board was an amazing experience that changed my life. I would highly encourage anyone to apply to be a member. It gives you the opportunity to make a difference, add to your resume, build confidence, expand your Girl Scout experience, and make new friends.

The Older Girl Advisory Board (OGAB) is a group of Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors from all regions of Colorado that provides feedback on projects that enrich the experience of Girl Scouts in Colorado.  Make your voice heard by applying today! Applications close on September 18, 2018. https://gscolorado.formstack.com/forms/ogab2018

OGAB kept me engaged and allowed me to grow

Submitted by Emma Lilly

Northern & Northeastern CO


Almost two years ago, I received a postcard in the mail from GSCO announcing that they would be starting an Older Girl Advisory Board, and that they were looking for applicants for the program. I had been involved in Girl Scouts in a troop from 5th through 8th grade, and I became a Juliette in high school after my troop broke up. I loved going to summer camp, and but besides that, I did not know many other older Girl Scouts. I applied to the program because I figured it would be a good way to meet other active Girl Scouts as well as a chance for me to share my opinions and ideas with Girl Scouts.

Being on the OGAB has been a wonderful experience. I have made some really great friends, and not only do we have a ton of fun on our retreats (playing a lot of Spoons and other games), but I also feel we are contributing to some positive changes being made within Girl Scouts. During our retreats and web calls, we have discussed a variety of subjects from the CIT and PA experience, to cookie sales, to how we can keep older girls in the program.

When I came to the first OGAB retreat, I was pretty nervous because I felt like I wasn’t a “real” Girl Scout because I am not in a troop, but it quickly became apparent to me that my opinions and experiences were valuable to the group. As my confidence grew, I became comfortable sharing all of my ideas, and now I am one of the more talkative ones in our group.

Being a part of OGAB has added a lot to my Girl Scout experience because it has given me a group that feels almost like a troop and it has allowed me to reflect on my experiences in Girl Scouts and see how we could improve certain programs. It also has given me another leadership role within Girl Scouts, because we have essentially been representing girls all around the state. Of course, this is an experience that looks great on college applications and resumes, but it is also real experience that I believe has prepared me for college and beyond.

If you are a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador and have the opportunity to apply to OGAB, I would highly recommend it. It has added so much to my Girl Scout experience, and I have made so many good friends. I have so many fond memories from my time in OGAB, and as I go off to college next year, I will miss it so much.

The Older Girl Advisory Board (OGAB) is a group of Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts from all regions of Colorado that provide feedback on projects that enrich the experience of Girl Scouts of Colorado.  Make your voice heard by applying today! Applications close on September 18, 2018. https://gscolorado.formstack.com/forms/ogab2018

Questions? Contact Emily Speck, emily.speck@gscolorado.org or 303-607-4811

OGAB Retreat Volunteer Needed

The Older Girl Advisory Board needs your help! OGAB is seeking a second adult chaperone for our upcoming overnight retreat on August 5-6 in the Metro Denver area. This volunteer opportunity is a great chance to connect with OGAB and get out to camp!

Volunteers need to be registered and background checked through Girl Scouts of Colorado. Contact Katie Singleton at katie.singleton@gscolorado.org to volunteer.