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Revised Nuts and Bolts Training for New Leaders

Nuts and Bolts training has been revised! The course covers how to get your troop started, troop management, managing troop finances, and planning outings and field trips, along with what Girl Scouts is all about, and a message from Stephanie Foote, President and CEO of Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Nuts and Bolts is divided into chapters, and each section includes additional resources to support and inform the volunteer experience – like, how to involve families in the troop and how to make the troop experience girl-led. Also included on the course page, are links to all the forms that volunteers need, and links to other training on our eLearning site, like Financial Literacy, Conflict Fluency and Girl Scout Songs and Games.

Nuts and Bolts is available for volunteers to take whenever it is convenient for them. It is one of three essential trainings, along with GS 101 and program level 101 classes, that we require new volunteers to complete.

To access the Nuts and Bolts course, or any of our other online training, go to our eLearning site:

If you have questions about online courses, or need assistance with accessing our eLearning site, please contact Shannon Weaver, Adult Experience Manager at Shannon.Weaver@gscolorado.org.