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Celebrate the holidays across Colorado with the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker

Christmas is coming and so is the one and only Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Presenting world class Russian artists, hand-painted sets, Russian snow maidens, and jubilant nesting dolls, Great Russian Nutcracker brings the Christmas spirit to life for all ages. “Kids wide-eyed with delight!” says the New York Times. Experience the Dove of Peace Tour, spreading goodwill in more than 100 cities across North America. Get seats now for the whole family and make memories for a lifetime at Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker!

Colorado Springs

Monday, November 12, 2018



Friday, December 7


Grand Junction

Monday, December 10


Reserve your tickets now before performances are sold out!

See the “Great Russian Nutcracker” in December

Moscow Ballet will bring its 25th Anniversary North American tour to Denver’s Paramount Theatre on December 8 and 9, 2017 with three performances of its acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker. They will have a performance in Grand Junction at the Avalon on Monday, December 11. Girl Scouts are invited to attend at discounted rates and receive a free fun patch with purchase of ticket. For a group of 25 or more (including chaperones, friends, and siblings), there will be a meet-and-greet with one of the dancers.

I’m Bobbie Fachini, Market Manager for Moscow Ballet. I had the chance to talk to the company’s co-founder and choreographer, Mary Talmi, about her experiences bringing international ballet to the United States and Canada.

BF: What was that first show like, 25 years ago? Where was it and how different was it than the show 250,000 patrons will see this year?

MT: The first show was very exciting. We started the six city tour in Reading, PA. At that time, if you wanted to see a Russian ballet company perform you had to travel to NYC or Washington, DC. We were one of the first groups to bring Russian ballet to smaller cities, so there was a great deal of anticipation. The interest is even greater now. Americans love dance and it is widely known that Russian ballet dancers are among the best in the world.

BF: You’re a choreographer. What is it like to envision these pieces and watch some of the world’s best dancers bring your vision to life on stage?

MT: I love working with these beautiful dancers. They can do just about anything you give them and they are hungry for new ideas. We have added new characters, props, and puppets to the traditional Russian choreography. The dancers have embraced the changes and that is very rewarding. This production is now a visual treat as well as great dance.

BF: What’s your favorite scene in Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker and why?

MT: The Dance of the Snowflakes, or Winter Forest, is my favorite. Everything about it is gorgeous, the white and silver tutus, the lighting, and the dancers in precise formations is thrilling.

BF: Do you have any advice for children who want to dance professionally, or be more involved in the arts?

MT: My hope for children is that they can experience the arts as self-expression and fun… and as an exploration of what makes us human. I hope that they can bring a curiosity to their experiences that opens them up to what is possible in their own lives.

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The contact for the performance in Grand Junction is tim@nutcracker.com.

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Meet Moscow Ballet’s Olena Nalyvaiko









Submitted by Bobbie Fachini

Metro Denver


Moscow Ballet will return to Denver’s Paramount Theatre on December 9 and 10, 2016 with three performances of its acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker. Girl Scouts are invited to attend at discounted rates, and receive a free, fun patch with purchase of ticket. For a group of 25 or more (including chaperones, friends, and siblings), there will be a meet-and-greet with one of the dancers.

I’m Bobbie Fachini, Market Manager for Moscow Ballet’s North American tours. I had the chance to talk to Audition Director, Olena Nalyvaiko, about her life as an international dance professional and about her time here in the United States. To prepare for the tour, she will be in Denver for a few days working with Cherry Creek Dance. She will be rehearsing students at Cherry Creek who will have the chance to dance on stage with Moscow Ballet in ancillary roles.

BF: When did you start dancing?

ON: I was 3-years-old, but I really understood that I wanted to dance professionally when I was 11. My parents had me choose between studying language to be a professional interpreter or training to be a professional ballerina.

BF: Do you like to travel? Why or why not?

ON: When you travel you always have new emotions and excitement. If you travel a lot it becomes exhausting, but no matter what it is worth it. Wise people will tell you that you won’t remember the things you’ve bought, but you will always remember the emotions you get from traveling. I absolutely agree with these words. Every new city is like a small new world that you can discover.

BF: What are your favorite cities in the world?

ON: Besides the USA, I love my native city of Kiev. It is very ancient and beautiful. Berlin, Dublin, and Vancouver, too.

BF: And in the United States?

ON: I have a bunch of favorite cities in the USA: Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Denver. 

I visited Denver last year. It has a beautiful and interesting downtown, amazing nature, nice weather. The city is very alive. I like the state of Colorado. The mountains are breathtaking. And I enjoy working with our host studio in Denver: Cherry Creek Dance. The teachers are doing brilliant work and the kids are always prepared 100%. It is one of the best studios I have worked with during my time as Audition Director.

BF: What is your favorite thing about dancing?

ON: My favorite thing about dancing is that I can improve myself each day. My body is my working instrument. I can travel and see the world and meet different people. I enjoy being on stage and all of the stage things: play different roles, put on make-up and costumes, backdrops and props, and even our daily routine (taking class, stretching, rehearsing).

BF: Do you have advice for children who want to dance professionally?

ON: Always try to catch the best from each teacher. All of them can teach you something useful and important. Nowadays a dancer should be well-rounded and developed, so study all styles including contemporary, jazz, and ballet. 
Enjoy what you are doing and practice, practice, practice.

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