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Little Library and Bench Added to Berthoud

Submitted by Lori Major

Northern & Northeastern CO


After a long process, Lorelai and Alexis of Troop 74087 were finally able to finish their Silver Award project! They added another Little Library, including a bench, to the Berthoud community. When asked why this project, their answer was, “We care about the kids in the community and want them to have books available to read that were easy to access when the library wasn’t open.”

The process started with a class offered by GE Johnson in Colorado Springs. The girls built a bench and cabinet with the help of the company employees. GE Johnson drew three troop numbers to determine who got the benches. Their troop was selected to take the bench home and install it in the community. The challenge of finding the perfect location took the longest. These girls learned about the construction of the library and bench, as well as how to work as a team. They also learned great communication skills through the process. This project was long and hard but worth the success in the end.

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“Read or Bust” – A Little Library Bronze Award Project

Submitted by Victoria Gigoux

Grand Junction

Western Slope

To earn their Bronze Award, four Juniors, Cate S., Olivia S., Elisa E. and Elena G., from Troop 2214 worked on a themed mobile library for a local rehabilitation and care center. They created a small video to summarize what they learned!


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