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2016 Cookie Sale: A message from Little Brownie Bakers


Dear council customers:

Cookie Season is around the corner, and Little Brownie Bakers is ready! We’ve been moving forward on new plans, facility enhancements and cookie supplies to make sure we’re ready to serve you no matter what the season serves up. Please find here a video message from our top bakery leaders.

We know girls are ready to reach high goals this cookie season, and we at Little Brownie are ready to support them—and you—in every way we can.




GSCO visits the Little Brownie Bakery

“I am embarrassed by what happened during the 2015 Cookie Sale and personally guarantee that it will NEVER happen again.” – Jeff, Little Brownie Bakers

That quote from Jeff, a key employee on the production lines at the Little Brownie Bakery, was echoed in similar fashion by multiple top managers and key executives during Girl Scouts of Colorado’s visit to the bakery in Louisville, Kentucky in mid-August 2015. Members of GSCO’s Product Sales Staff, along with members of the Marketing and Communications Department and executive staff, visited the bakery to see what changes have been made since the challenges faced during the 2015 Cookie Sale. The trip was sponsored by Little Brownie Bakers.

During a tour of the bakery, Jeff showed GSCO staff members several pieces of new equipment he said will speed up production for the 2016 sale. They included a new oven for Savannah Smiles and equipment on the lines that produce Thin Mints and Trefoils. Jeff told GSCO these improvements also improve the quality of all the cookies LBB makes.

Our cameras were not allowed inside the production area. However, LBB provided this video to share with you.

After the tour, GSCO staff members met with LBB top managers and key executives, who explained in detail what led to the challenges experienced during the 2015 sale and what LBB has done/ is currently doing to make sure it never happens again. Changes at LBB include:

  • Equipment upgrades throughout the bakery to increase production and the quality of all Girl Scout Cookies made by LBB.
  • Adjustments to the LBB production schedule, so the bakery can better accommodate an increase in orders from councils nationwide.
  • New goals and deadlines for cookie production to ensure that more cookies are ready to be shipped prior to the start of the 2016 sale than there were in 2015.

LBB also asked GSCO to share the following link with you:  Letter to volunteers.

All in all GSCO feels this visit to LBB was a positive one. We are encouraged by the changes made since the 2015 sale and believe LBB has a vested interest in helping Colorado Girl Scouts succeed and reach their goals.

Help Little Brownie prep for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout Cookies

LBB Survey

Each cookie season, we at Little Brownie Bakers strive to offer girls fun, unique cookie rewards that inspire them to reach high goals. Girls love the specially designed plush animals we create for them each year.

As we prepare for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout Cookies in 2016-17, we want to hear from girls! We have created a simple survey and ask that you take the survey here.

Thanks for helping us engage girls in our exciting centennial plans.


Colorado Cookie inventory

Girl Scouts of Colorado is so proud that the girls in Colorado have been on track to have the best cookie sale ever this year. Our girls are determined entrepreneurs, our volunteers are amazingly dedicated and we have a hard-working staff that wants nothing but success for all the girls.

And, we recognize how frustrating the inventory situation has been this year. We would move heaven and earth if we could to make more cookies to help the girls achieve their goals. We appreciate our girls, families and volunteers beyond words, and we are sorry that Little Brownie Bakers (LBB) has failed to deliver our needed inventory.

In short, LLB is not able to fill reorders for Colorado and other states. They projected lower demand because of lower numbers of girls selling, despite the high goals we asked for inventory to fulfill. The inventory shortfall is nationwide, and that’s what makes it even harder – we can’t drive to another council and get cookies for your girls because they don’t have them to give – we’ve asked, and we would drive anywhere to pick up cookies in a heartbeat. GSCO ordered and deployed cookies based on multiple business-driven data points and could not have logically foreseen this unprecedented demand for cookies from our troops. We ordered more cookies from LBB the day after the sale started to help our girls to keep their incredible momentum going.

The good news is LBB has said we should get a partial reorder today, Feb. 20, and we are hopeful that we will have some more cookies in inventory after the return date next Wednesday, Feb. 25, but we don’t know how many troops will return.

The bad news is that yesterday LBB informed us that they do not know if, when or how many reorder cookies they can send to Colorado. April is their projection, which is of course, after our sale is scheduled to be over.

What are we going to do?

To give girls a chance to fulfill orders with late arriving cookies, we have decided to extend the council sale through March 27, with girls using existing inventory.

  • All cookies sold by March 27 will count toward council rewards and earning Cookie Credits and troop profits.
  • If unexpected inventory becomes available, girls will be able to take more orders or do more My Sites.
  • Girls should use existing inventory for booth sales scheduled through Wednesday, Feb. 25.
  • After Feb. 25, the focus will shift to fulfilling existing girl orders.
  • We will see where we are at the end of next week before we can make a recommendation about booth sales past the return date.
  • We do not recommend taking new orders unless inventory becomes available.
  • The best way that customers can support Girl Scouts who do not have cookies is to make a donation to their Hometown Hero. This is a win-win-win for the girls, the heroes and the council.
  • The other way customers can continue to support girls is through their Digital Cookie personal sites. Fulfillment of these orders is from national. Shipping costs are reasonable for 3-day shipping, and the processing charge for Hometown Heroes is minimal.

We have a new cookie deadline schedule as a result of the extension:
March 27 — Sale ends
March 29 — Final troop data (Including rewards orders) due in eBudde
March 31 — SUCM review and submission of orders due
April 21 — Final debit

This is an evolving situation, and GSCO will continue to share information with you as soon as we have it. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work to make the best of our challenges together.


Colorado Girl Scouts join nation in Virtual Cookie Sleepover

I don’t know about you, but I had a blast Saturday night in my fuzzy slippers and warm blanket hearing from Girl Scouts across Colorado as they participated in the first-ever National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover put on by our cookie bakery, Little Brownie Bakers! The National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover was a fun event where Girl Scouts gathered with their girlfriends in their community and then connected with Girl Scouts doing the same thing across the nation online, with the evening’s goal to connect and exchange ideas and learn what it takes to have a successful Girl Scout Cookie season. Some of the interactive activities for the evening included singing, games, goal-setting and making items to prepare for the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program, such as Booth Sale posters.

In Colorado Springs, Girl Scouts gathered for an event at the YMCA. There was another event that took place, despite the frigid temps, at a nearby camp, Sky High Ranch, as well. Fort Collins Girl Scouts held a cookie rally, with many of the teen Girl Scouts from the area leading the younger girls in activities. And many Girl Scouts in the Denver-metro area and on the Western Slope gathered in small groups in homes for the sleepover event. Girl Scouts across Colorado shared their stories and photos from Saturday night with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have photos or stories to share, post them to our social media channels, or share your stories here.

We hope Saturday night got you pumped up for the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program. I know we can hardly wait!