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Juniors earn “Animal Habitats” badge

Submitted by Dorothy Morris

Metro Denver


Girl Scout Junior Troop 63915 earned our “Animal Habitats” badge at Crown Hill Park. Ranger Chris and Ranger Kelly taught us about the many animal habitats in JeffCo’s oldest open space park. Wetlands, tall grasses, trees, water, and marshlands are the homes to many wild animals- right in the middle of the city!

We explored the animal sanctuary and saw a coyote den (no coyotes, though. They must have been out hunting for food), a fallen tree that was the habitat to many insect species, and just when we least expected it- a family of deer! We stood behind a blind and watched them. We tried to be very quiet, but once we made a noise the deers’ large ears perked up and honed in on our location. However, they must have felt so safe in the sanctuary because they didn’t run away. It was a very special experience to be able to observe them so closely.

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Earn badges with Elite Dance Academy

Submitted by Meghan Sullivan

Metro Denver


Elite Dance Academy would like to host troops looking to fulfill badge requirements for My Best Self, Dancer, Staying Fit, and Practicing with a Purpose. Elite has locations in Boulder and Broomfield, and can provide classes/workshops in either location. Please let us know if there’s any other way we may serve you and your troop! We would love to invite all Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors to come and dance with us. Please call our studio for additional information.

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Parker troops work to earn “Junior Jeweler” badge

Submitted by Conny Karman

Metro Denver


About 20 Juniors from four different troops got together in Parker to work on their “Junior Jeweler” badge. Ms. C from Troop 1996 hosted the event. Conny Karman, a self-taught jewelry artist and past troop leader/volunteer lead the event. Armed with safety goggles, a hammer, and pliers, the girls worked on five projects. They stamped metal jewelry, caged and wrapped jewelry, learned about birthstones, and made a sparkling box to keep their new jewelry. The event lasted about 2.5 hours. There were 2-3 parent helpers on each session. If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact info@ideaitlab.com.

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Earn Adventure badges at Colorado State University

Submitted by Mallory Wolff

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

Kappa Delta Sorority at Colorado State University will be hosting an Adventure Campus Tour on Saturday, March 4, 2017 from noon – 3 p.m. This event would seek to offer two badges for the Girl Scouts under the “Adventure” badge category. This includes the Letterboxer badge for Brownies and Geocacher badge for Juniors. During this event, Girl Scouts would be able to tour facilities such as the student center and library on the CSU campus. As the Girl Scouts follow the tour with the Kappa Deltas, they will complete the workshop that includes the steps necessary to earn the Adventure badges. The Girl Scouts would meet at the Kappa Delta chapter facility for drop off/pick-up for the campus tour. The tour will then conclude with snacks and games on The Oval at CSU! For this event, I would suggest bringing a water bottle, comfy clothing and shoes, and snacks if your child has a severe food allergy. All Kappa Delta members are required to attend the event, so there will be a little over 100 Kappa Deltas in attendance. These members have hosted workshops with Girl Scouts in the past. Some are even alumnae! All materials will be provided to earn the badge, but troop leaders and parents are more than welcome to join us for the tour! Kappa Delta Sorority looks forward to hosting events that further values of self-esteem, confidence, and courage shared between our organization and Girl Scouts of the USA. We hope you are able to join us!

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Superpowered superhero camp

Submitted by Carolyn Decker

Northern & Northeastern CO



Join us for a superpowered, superhero camp!

The Seniors of Troop 78527 are hosting an adventurous superhero camp for Brownies and Juniors. This camp is all about discovering what you are capable of and how to achieve it. There will be tons of fun games and activities, where each girl will discover her superpowers and learn to use them. She’ll get a chance to learn how to fight evil and get all kinds of creative with her secret identity. She will create her own jewelry with sparkling stones that represent her superpowers. Girls will also design their own mini-sidekick and flowing cape to wear to supercharge their fight for good.

Girls will get to enjoy camping with their troop in heated cabins, eat delicious food provided by Tomahawk Ranch, and have a super time having fun with older girls. Troop leaders can relax because all the activities will be planned and led by Senior Girl Scouts. What a great way to have your troop experience camping for the first time! Non-Girl Scout friends are welcome to join too.

Where: Tomahawk Ranch Girl Scout Camp near Bailey Colorado southwest of Denver
When: Friday, October 4 to Sunday, October 6, 2017
Arrive beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday for dinner and the start of all the fun festivities. Depart at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

The deadline for registration is September 2, 2017. Please look on the GSCO event page for the registration form and flyer. Use superhero as a keyword!

Girls must attend with adults at the Girl Scout adult to girl ratios.
The camp costs $100 for each girl attending and $55 for each adult. (Adults over safety-wise ratios must pay $100) Cost includes activities, lodging, five meals and snacks, and a Superhero fun patch.

Questions? Please contact Maria Cross at cross.maria.e@gmail.com or at 703-597-6188.

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Come have fun the Girl Scout way


Submitted by Carolyn Decker

Northern & Northeastern CO


Calling All Brownies and Juniors! Come have fun learning all about Girl Scouting from your older sister Girl Scouts. You’ll sing silly songs, celebrate a Girl Scout Birthday, play games, and learn some Girl Scout traditions. Best of all you will leave with your Girl Scout Way badge!

When: Saturday September 24, 2016 Brownies 9 – 11 a.m. and Juniors 12 – 2 p.m.

Where: Heart of Longmont Methodist Church 350 11th Ave Longmont.

Who: individual girls or troops

Cost: $15 includes badge

Register by Sept 11, 2016

Registration form and event flyer on GSCO EVENTS page or email cross.maria.e@gmail.com for registration form


Olympic fencer teaches Girl Scout Troop 1737 how to fence

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Submitted by Dr. Liss Gruen


Denver Metro

On Thursday, May 5, 2016 Girl Scout Troop 1737 learned how to fence from Olympic fencer Elaine Cheris. The troop arrived at the Cheyenne Fencing Society prepared for an exciting evening and they were not disappointed. After Ms. Cheris gave the girls a brief introduction to the sport of fencing, she taught Rebecca , a Junior level Girl Scout, the basics of being a fencing referree and Rebecca refereed a demonstration by two student fencers. After the demonstration, the Juniors, Brownies, and Daisies all had the opportunity to put on fencing jackets and duel with their Girl Scout sisters.

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Troop 30222 from Pueblo earns Bronze Award

Pueblo Girl Scouts earn Highest Awards

Seven Girl Scouts from Junior Troop 30222 in Pueblo will accept the Bronze Award, the Highest Award a Girl Scout Junior can earn, for their work to collect about a hundred packages of socks and underwear for families served by the Pueblo Cooperative Care Center. In order to collect these items, girls enlisted the help of their classmates at Morton Elementary School. They challenged all of the classrooms to collect the most socks and underwear. The girls treated the winning classroom to a root beer float party.

The troop will officially accept their award at the Highest Awards celebration on Friday, April 22 at 6 p.m. at the Center for American Values (101 S. Main St. #100, Pueblo). They will join dozens of other Girl Scouts and troops from across southeastern Colorado who have earned their Bronze and Silver Awards.

The young ladies, who will be accepting these awards, have demonstrated exceptional commitment to taking action to make the world a better place through their community service. Their accomplishments reflect extraordinary leadership and citizenship skills that mark them as valuable contributors to their communities and world.

Night Ninjas at Sky High Ranch


Sky High Night Ninjas are legends in their own right! These Juniors practice being stealthy at night by sleeping in during the day and practice their nocturnal skills when the sun goes down. At the end of their week, these girls will have mastered the art of “Glow in the Dark Archery”, navigating by the stars and learning basic self-defense moves.

In addition to night hikes and wolf howling, girls will learn about nocturnal animals and how they are able to thrive without light. Campers will create their own “cat-eye vision” and hike through camp at night, experiencing what it is like to slip through the forest unseen by all! Campers will practice using all their senses. This may include team building with blind folds on the low ropes course, a scratch and sniff hike, or maybe even a Tasty Treat Challenge!

Like nocturnal animals, Night Ninjas sleep in during the day and have a late breakfast as they readjust to life in the sun. Not everything can be done in the dark, so our sneaky stargazers will get a chance to play with the rest of the camp at the pond, the farm, and everything else Sky High has to offer. Their days (and nights) will be jam-packed with awesome activities designed to be FUN, and also, maybe a little educational.

Campers interested in this camp should be comfortable in the dark (even though we will have flashlights!) and able to adjust to staying up late and sleeping in in the mornings.

SH155 Night Ninjas 6/19-6/24, Junior: Our night ninjas are known for their camp stealth and adventure! Try your hand at Glow in the Dark Archery, Sleep-in Breakfasts, and Star Gazing. “You didn’t see anything…!” There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include zip line.

Register now for Girl Scout Camp!
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Camps for Juniors


Junior Girl Scouts have a blast when they go to camp. They can go by themselves, with a buddy or “truddy” (a Girl Scout camp word for three-person buddy group), with their troop, or with their family. Register your Girl Scout for camp now! Review camp sessions, including dates and rates here. Here is a list of open sessions at our camps at this time:

Water based sessions challenge Juniors and allow them to have fun and cool off during the hot summer months.
SH02 Anchors Away
SH12 Boatload of fun
SH23, SH49 Canoe Crazy
SH40 Peaks to Ponds
TR13 Salamanders

Adventure camps offer Juniors a chance to sleep and cook out, enjoy time outdoors with new friends, and do many of the other activities at camp such as crafts, archery, sports and more!
SH03 Mystery Mountain
SH13, SH50 District 14
NEW SH155, SH25 Night Ninjas
NEW SH445 TV Game Shows
SH52 Sky High Ranch Pentathlon
SH61 Girl v Zombie
TR04 The Olympians
TR23 Scout vs Wild

Camps that offer zipline experiences challenge girls to grow on their own and as a team with their cabin and unit. Girls must weigh at least 60lbs to avoid getting stuck mid-zip.
SH04, SH26 Zippers


Camps with horseback riding and farm activities are a hit with Juniors who love animals. Girls love working with animals in our barn and gardening in our green houses. Sometimes they get to eat what they harvest. Girls take horseback trail rides at a stable nearby.
SH14, NEW SH515 Farm Fillies
SH24, SH62 Hay Day at the Barnyard

Three-day camps are an action packed option for Juniors who are new to camp or have only a few days available to enjoy Girl Scout Camps during their summer schedule.
SH33 Wizarding World of Beasts (3-day)
NEW SH345 Sky High Sampler – Junior (3-day)
SH39 Sky High Explorers (3-day)
TR01 Tri Tom (3-day)
TR45 Tri Wizarding (3-day)

Twelve-day camps offer girls an extended period of skill building and increased opportunities for personal growth and development. Juniors who love camp create strong bonds with fellow campers and nature at these camps.
TR31 Dusty Boots (12-day)
TR32 I <3 Camp (12-day)

Troop Camps are a fun for Juniors to camp with their troop and troop leaders. At Troop Camps, meals, activities and lodging in camp cabins or tabins is included. At Troop Camp, you’ll experience sisterhood with other troops from around Colorado (and maybe beyond!)

SH35 Sky High Troop Camp
TC01, TC03, TC04, TC07 MMR Troop Camp
TC044, TC074 MMR High Adventure Troop Camp
TC02 Outdoor Cooking Troop Camp
TC05 Camp Jackson Troop Camp
TC06 Western Slope Troop Camp

Do you like to camp, and love the outdoors? Show off your skills! Reach for the Peak, is an annual outdoor skills competition that is 29 years strong. Do you and your troop have what it takes? Reach for the Peak is troops of Cadettes to Ambassadors. If your troop wants to do it as Cadettes, check it out this summer (even if you’re not Bridging until after next year). Reach for the Peak is at Sky High Ranch on August 12-14. The Reach for the Peak Tickler gives troops a practice day of the skills before for the big event on June 4, 2016.

Family Camps allow Juniors and their parents to experience Girl Scout Camp together. Create memories at camp together where you’ll have delicious camp food, sleep in camp cabins together, and get to do fun camp activities too.
FC01 Lazy Acres Me and My Guy
FC03 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Family
FC04 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Guy

Register now for Girl Scout Camp! Review camp sessions. Reserve a Girl Scouts of Colorado Property for your troop/group! Check out Travel Opportunities for Girl Scouts! Pay camp balances with CampInTouch, with a Cookie Credit Card or a Gift Card prior to April 30 to lock in Early Bird Pricing!