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Four badges Juniors can earn during the Girl Scout Cookie Program

From Girl Scouts of the USA

When Girl Scout Juniors (grades 4–5) take part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they’re helping lead the largest entrepreneurial program for girls in the world. How? By learning essential life skills, setting (and crushing!) impressive goals, and using their cookie earnings to go on epic adventures and make the world a better place—wow!

Many of these incredible skills start with a Girl Scout badge, and we’re exploring all of them! Meet the Junior badges Girl Scouts can earn during cookie season.

After earning the Business Owner badge, Juniors will know the basic steps to plan and create a new business and how to turn their passions into a successful business venture. Once girls decide which type of business they’d like to run, they’ll explore the ins and outs by talking with local business owners to spark ideas and get answers to questions. A new business needs support to get off the ground! So, girls will learn all the ways a new business is financially supported, whether through bank loans or government assistance. Last, to get to know their customers, girls will dive into customer research to see how their new business will reach their community and provide it with a service it needs. Earn the Business Owner badge.

When Juniors earn the Savvy Shopper badge, they’ll know the difference between what they need and want to buy—and how to save for both. In a world of advertisers, social media influencers, and fast-moving trends, it can be hard to determine if that item on display is what you really want to spend your money on or if there is something better to invest in. Through this badge, Juniors will evaluate these important decisions and learn how to make smart spending choices that will benefit them for years to come. Earn the Savvy Shopper badge. 

Through the Cookie CEO badge, Juniors will know how to run all aspects of their cookie business—because they’re cookie bosses, of course! Through this badge, girls are challenged to break their cookie goal into smaller ones (like weekly sales goals) to make sure their troop is on the right track to reach the ultimate goal (like a summer at Girl Scout camp, perhaps?). The troop will work together by dividing up tasks among girls based on their individual skills. They will then put those skills into action when communicating with their customers, making a good impression and building community relationships at the same time. Earn the Cookie CEO badge. 

It’s key to get to know your customers, and through the Customer Insights badge, Juniors will have a better understanding what their cookie customers want, making business even stronger! First, girls will seek out the experts—maybe a local businesswoman who just happens to be a Girl Scout alum? Girls can ask her questions and get some pro tips. Then they’ll dig into research to figure out how to market their Girl Scout Cookies. Girls will create their own surveys and ask customers questions. And if customers still say, “no thanks” to Girl Scout Cookies? No worries! This badge will help girls turn a “no” into a useful business lesson so they improve and gain more confidence. Earn the Customer Insights badge. 

Has your Junior earned one of these awesome badges, but you don’t know where to place it on her vest or sash? Our new visual guide to Girl Scout Junior uniforms can help!

And this cookie season, have your Junior put her new skills to the test by entering Girl Scout Cookie Pro Contest 2018. Six winners (one per Girl Scout grade level) will be selected to win a trip to New York City for the ultimate Cookie Entrepreneur Experience and a spot on the iconic Girl Scout Cookie box! WHOA. Enter today.

Check out the other badges Girl Scouts can earn during cookie season by grade level:

Daisy Brownies | Cadettes | Juniors | Seniors | Ambassadors

Earn hours toward your Take Action badge by helping GSCO

GSCO’s Denver office is looking for eager troops or girls to help with their outdoor program gear. Volunteering can help you earn hours toward your Take Action Badge!

We need Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors to meet us at the Denver office starting as soon as this weekend to help with the following tasks: 

  • Pitch tents and compile all working parts of the tents
  • Open pop-up canopies 
  • Take home cast iron, Dutch ovens, and cook kits to clean – then return to Denver office

Help will be on a first come, first served basis in gaining hours towards the Take Action Bar. 

Please contact Marissa Rooney, outdoor program coordinator, to set-up a time that works with you/your girls to help with these tasks.

Open to Junior, Cadette, Senior, or Ambassadors only. 

“Girl Scout Way” badge workshop for Daisies -Juniors

Submitted by Kristin Coulter

Metro Denver


You’re invited to a “Girl Scout Way” badge workshop for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors led by Senior Girl Scout Troop 3573.

Daisys will earn the Vi petal. Brownies and Juniors will earn the “Girl Scout Way” badge.

Juliette Low’s birthday is October 31st, so let’s use the Halloween theme to learn more about her and Girl Scout traditions while earning a badge.

Where: Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall
1980 Dahlia St., Denver, CO 80220

When: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time: 4:30 – 6 p.m.

Cost: $10/girl, includes badge

How: Email the number of attending and Girl Scout level to troop3573@yahoo.com by October 12.

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New Journeys for G.I.R.L.s


How will you take the lead like a Girl Scout in the 2017-18 Girl Scout year? New Journeys for G.I.R.L.s (go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, leaders) of all ages can help you do just that– all while making your world a better place!

Girl Scouts of the USA will roll out seven new Journeys in myGS (Volunteer Toolkit) in July 2017. Each Journey (whether new or old) is topic-specific, includes hands-on activities, and incorporates Discover, Connect, and a Take Action project. Depending upon the content, some Journeys are shorter and some are longer. They are:

It’s Your World—Change It!

  • Available for purchase in council stores (adult guide and girl book) for Daisies- Ambassadors
  • On the myGS for Daisies only as part of a 15 meeting Year Plan

It’s Your Planet—Love It

  • Available for purchase in council stores (adult guide and girl book) for for Daisies- Ambassadors
  • On myGS for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior as part of a 15 meeting Year Plan

It’s Your Story—Tell It!

  • Available for purchase in council stores (adult guide and girl book) for for Daisies- Ambassadors
  • On the myGS for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior as part of a 15 meeting Year Plan


  • Available on myGS for Brownie and Junior as nine sessions in total, which includes three outdoor badges plus three Take Action meetings and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.
  • Available on myGS for Daisies as six sessions in total, which includes two outdoor badges plus two Take Action meetings and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.
  • Available for Multi-level for Daisy/Brownie/Junior troops.
  • Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador will be available for Back to Troop as PDFs on myGS.

Think Like an Engineer

  • Available on myGS for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-level troops. The Journey is six sessions in total, including three Take Action meetings, and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.

Think Like a Programmer

  • Available on myGS for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-level troops. The Journey is six sessions in total, including three Take Action meetings, and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.

Think Like a Citizen Scientist

  • Available on myGS for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-level troops. The Journey is six sessions in total, including three Take Action meetings, and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.

Haven’t renewed your membership yet? What are waiting for? Early Bird registration is now open. Any girl renewed by June 15, 2017 will receive a free Early Bird patch. Any troop that has completed the Annual Troop Report for this membership year and has two Troop Leadership Team members renewed by June 15 will receive a $25 credit to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop. Renew today: http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/en/for-volunteers/membership-promos.html

Girl Scout University at DU

Submitted by Christina Bartholomew, cbarth8432@gmail.com

Metro Denver


Girl Scout University is a day-long event on Saturday, April 15, 2017 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the University of Denver campus to help Girl Scouts earn badges. Alpha Phi Omega (a national service fraternity) at DU will teaching two 2-hour sessions offering the following badges:

Cadettes: First-Aid, Budgeting, Finding Common Ground, Comic Artists, and Netiquette

Juniors: First-Aid, Drawing, Digital Photographer, Jewelry, Entertainment Technology, and Scribe

Brownies: First-Aid, Dancer, My Best Self, Home Scientist, Making Games, and Inventor

Girl Scouts can choose one badge to work on in the morning session and another badge in the afternoon session.

Cost: $10/Girl Scout for both morning and afternoon sessions

$5/Girl Scout for one session (morning or afternoon)

Registration: Please contact cbarth8432@gmail.com to sign-up. Registration deadline is April 8, 2017.

Girl Scouts staying for both sessions should bring a sack lunch and water bottle.

All instruction will be provided by volunteers. Girl Scout volunteers and parents will be needed to maintain safety ratios. A space will be available for parents to hang out during the event if needed.

Questions? Email Christina Bartholomew at cbarth8432@gmail.com.

Olympic fencer teaches Girl Scout Troop 1737 how to fence

image3 image4 image5

Submitted by Dr. Liss Gruen


Denver Metro

On Thursday, May 5, 2016 Girl Scout Troop 1737 learned how to fence from Olympic fencer Elaine Cheris. The troop arrived at the Cheyenne Fencing Society prepared for an exciting evening and they were not disappointed. After Ms. Cheris gave the girls a brief introduction to the sport of fencing, she taught Rebecca , a Junior level Girl Scout, the basics of being a fencing referree and Rebecca refereed a demonstration by two student fencers. After the demonstration, the Juniors, Brownies, and Daisies all had the opportunity to put on fencing jackets and duel with their Girl Scout sisters.

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New Camp Sessions – Opening on 1/19/16 at 9am

Girl Scout Summer Camp

Camp registration has been open since December. Register now for an open session. These sessions will be added on 1/19/16 at 9am! Every year after camp registration opens, camp directors work to maximize spaces in sessions that sell well. Learn about our entire slate of camp sessions here. Here are the new sessions:

Day Camp

DC0481 Babysitting Boot Camp: 6/20-24,  Cadette – Ambassador, Denver area. The American Red Cross is the nation’s leader in babysitter training and will prepare you to be the best sitter in your neighborhood. Eight in ten surveyed parents said they would pay more for a trained babysitter who is certified by the American Red Cross. Start your babysitting business on the right foot and learn how to be a safe, professional & reliable sitter.  You’ll learn about children’s ages and stages of development, how to hold and feed infants, & how to change diapers. You’ll learn pediatric rescue breathing, CPR, first aid, & business savvy.  You’ll also learn how to handle asthma, inhalers, allergic reactions & EpiPens, all while having fun at day camp! This camp is for girls ages 11-17. Must be 11 by the last day of camp.

DC036 Franktown Day Camp PAI 6/6-10: Cadette, Now Open for Program Aide Interns! Help campers become Super Heroes at a new Franktown Day Camp location!  They will learn how they already are a Super Hero and add more abilities to their Super Hero talents, including soaring with hawks and hiking with llamas. Located at Douglas County Open Space at Prairie Canyon Ranch, 2 miles SE of Castlewood Cyn at Franktown.

Troop Camp

TC03 MMR Troop Camp June 17-19 & TC038 MMR Troop Camp Adult Volunteer , Daisy – Adult-, Explore the wonders of Meadow Mountain Ranch in Allenspark at a Troop Camp. This troop camp offers tabin lodging, meals (Sun dinner – Tues. brunch + snacks), and activities: archery, hiking, teambuildilng, outdoor cooking, campfires and more! Programming is led by GSCO staff, and troops are supervised by their leaders. The 2 Adults meeting Safety Activity Checkpoints are free. Each troop must have an adult who has completed Overnight Training and an adult who is CPR and First Aid Certified. NOTE: This camp needs 25 girls registered by 5/19/16 to run. Register through CampInTouch;  Questions? Contact Outdoor Volunteer Programs Manager, anna.danila@gscolorado.org.

Trip & Travel

TT01 Colorado Horseback Adventure 7/24-30, Cadette – Ambassador (now accepting girls ages 12+)! This amazing trip offers a little bit of everything for the horse lover and girl who loves advenure. We will start at Sky High ranch where we can get to know each other and plan the week ahead. We’ll then travel to Bear Basin  Ranch outside of Westcliffe where the group will go on a 2 night 3 day horse pack trip into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, followed by 3 days at “cowgirl camp” where they will learn how to ranch, rope and ride as well as spend a day whitewater rafting! Pick up will be in Colorado Springs. Girls must be 12 or older. Register through GSCO with CampInTouch; Questions? Contact Outdoor Volunteer Programs Manger anna.danila@gscolorado.org.

Tomahawk Ranch Camps

TR08 Story Tellers 6/12-17, Cadette, Spaces Added! Become part of your favorite books and stories!! Are you an avid reader who loves reading works by new authors? This camp is for the girls who love a good story teller, and have an active imagination. We will step into some of your favorite books, making your stories come to life and exporing new ones. There will be time for general activities too.

TR185 Iron Chef TR 6/19-24, Cadette, Prepare yourself for this EPIC cooking competition!! Girls will learn outdoor cooking techniques and then battle other teams for the title of Team Master Chefs. The competitions will be filmed on GoPro’s and the drama will be shown at the end of the week. Your team will be challenged with secret ingredients and courses.  So now Tomahawk, with an open heart and an empty stomach, I say to you in the words of Obi Joe: Allez cuisine!

TR405 The Dark Side 7/10-21, Cadette, In a land far far away…while the rest of camp is in the light, you will experience camp in the dark! Take over camp at night by learning the secrets of our universe.  Stay up with the stars and sleep in late. Create your own lightsaber and master Darth mind tricks! There will be time for general camp activities too!!

Sky High Ranch Camps

SH02 Anchors Away 6/12-17, Junior, (Stand up Paddle Boards have been added) – Are you crazy about boats? Travel offsite to nearby lakes and to kayak and sail, paddle board and swim! Build your own boat and race in the second annual Sky High Cardboard Regatta! There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include a zip line.

SH155 Night Ninjas  6/19-24, Junior, Our night ninjas are known for their camp stealth and adventure! Try your hand at Glow in the Dark Archery, Sleep-in Breakfasts, and Star Gazing.  “You didn’t see anything…!” There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include zip line.

SH16 Boatload of Fun (Standup Paddle Boarding added!)  6/19-24, Cadette, Get ready to sample all types of boats – kayaks and canoes to stand up paddle boards! Weather permitting, groups will boat everyday and take a day-trip to practice their skills. Lounging lake-side and swimming are a must! There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include a zip line.

SH23 6/26-7/1 & SH60 7/24-29 Canoe Crazy, Junior, (Standup Paddle Boarding added!) – Are you crazy about boating? Travel offsite to nearby lakes to try kayaking, sailing stand up paddle board and swimming! Build your own boat and race in the second annual Sky High Cardboard Regatta! There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include a zip line.

SH535 District 14 7/17-22, Cadette, Ensure that the odds are in your favor by honing your archery skills and learning new ones, such as canoeing and ziplining! A night under the stars will increase your odds of becoming a victor. Participants must be at least 60 lbs to ensure they do not get stuck mid-zip.

The following sessions are cancelled due to lack of interest:
SH15 InTents
SH53 Boating Assistant
TC034 MMR High Adventure Troop Camp – GoPro
TC038 MMR High Adventure Troop Camp – GoPro – adult
TR18 Novel Idea
TR40 Deep Blue Sea

Juniors complete “Get Moving” Journey

Submitted by Jennifer Brown

Wheat Ridge

Denver Metro

Troop 3955 and 4071 combined efforts and got energized to find ways to reduce energy use. First, we learned ways to be energy smart and completed a building energy audit at Red Rocks Community College. We experimented with various types of light bulbs and decided that replacing CFL light bulbs with LED was a more efficient way to use energy. We presented our ideas to others at RRCC’s Sustainability Celebration. With a donation from Xcel Energy, we delivered and installed 144 high efficiency light bulbs to individuals who are part of a non profit called A Little Help to help reduce their energy consumption. This organization helps older adults thrive in their homes by connecting them with services and resources. We continue to use what we learned throughout this journey in our everyday lives.

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Girls’ Choice: Vote on new outdoor badges


Time is running out to make your voice heard! Girls’ Choice voting for outdoor badges ends Nov. 30th!

At Girl Scouts, girls make the choices! That’s why during the National Council Session at Girl Scout Convention, GSUSA unveiled a new, annual national voting process. The four Outdoor Badges added to program in fall 2015 will include one each at the Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior levels. To determine what badges will be added, GSUSA is using a “Girls’ Choice” process. That means you get to take the lead on deciding what new badges will be created!

This year, there are two rounds of polling:

  1. First, between Oct. 31 and Nov. 30, girls can vote on which content area they’re interested in within the Outdoor category (i.e.: Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Environment, or Outdoor Survival).
  2. Once GSUSA receives a majority vote on the content area, girls will vote Dec. 1 through 31 on the actual badge topic (for example, Hiking, Camping, Trail Blazing, etc.), based on their grade level in the coming year.

Remember this is about what you want and we want to hear from you! Vote on the next outdoor badges today: http://bit.ly/1sS9nBA

Girl Scout Voices Satisfaction Survey

Please complete the “Making Girl Scouts Even Better” survey and you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card! You must complete this survey to be registered to win. The survey results will help us understand how Girl Scouting is benefiting you and girls like you. Your input will tell us how we can make your experiences even better. That means that your answers are very important to the success of Girl Scouting!

To complete the survey, simply click the links below or copy and paste the link into your web browser to take the survey. If you completed the Girl Scout Voices Registration earlier this year, you should have received an email with a link for your age level. Check your email for the reminders. Although the survey is anonymous, using the link from your email will ensure you’re entered in the drawing to win the gift card!

Here are some important details about this Girl Scout Survey:

• Your survey answers will be for research purposes only and confidentiality will be protected throughout the entire project, and you will never be identified in any publication, written or spoken.

• Deciding to take the survey is completely up to you. You may stop at any time. You may choose not to answer any questions you do not want to answer.

• The results of this survey are only for the use of Girl Scouts of Colorado and Girl Scouts of the USA. That means you will not receive any sales or marketing contacts as a result of your participation. We sincerely hope that you will participate in this survey. Thank you so much for participating!


The survey is only open until July 18 – so share your voice with us today!

To be eligible to win the Amazon Gift Card, girls first need to go onto Girl Scout Voices and register (if they aren’t already). Because our survey is anonymous, you need to enter your contact info separate from the survey questions, then, all we’ll see is that you completed it!  www.girlscoutvoices.org  

Anonymous Survey Links:

Daisy: http://girlscoutsusa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eYjSP6vFFRsvQP3

Brownie: http://girlscoutsusa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_2tNmugQYn54XsWh

Junior: http://girlscoutsusa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9oE7Y8lIKAPWFNP

Cadette: http://girlscoutsusa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eKuQx9uW7XZdn81

Senior: http://girlscoutsusa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cHfVJT8yJ0JWN8x

Ambassador: http://girlscoutsusa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cT24c3WLQxDXc7X