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Advice on a Journey


Submitted by Amy Bissell


Pueblo and Southeastern CO

Amy Bissell is an experienced member of Girl Scouts of Colorado, a Gold Award Mentor, and Trainer throughout the Pikes Peak, Pueblo, and Southeastern Colorado regions. Below is her advice on the Girl Scout Journey experience.

As a long time Girl Scout volunteer I found an easy way to do a Journey that I want to share with you. I cannot say that these are only my ideas, because I’ve had the conversation with others, but this is great advice!

On the back cover of every Journey is a summary of the theme of the Journey. The book itself explains how to reach that theme. The girls can use the chapters in the book to decide how they want to experience that theme. They pick the things they want to do, decide on a Take Action project that reflects that theme, and you are done!

Journeys were never meant to be tackled at every meeting for nine months. Break it up with discussions, evaluations of their work, crafts, or field trips. Your girls will have made their Journey their own and will have developed the leadership skills to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Tune: Brownie Smile Song
Title: Let’s Take A Journey

I am holding something special
that I want to share with you!
It’s not a great big secret;
Even you can hold it, too!

It’s made for girls all ages,’
As on a Journey they will go;’
There are SO many pages,
Oh, MY! It’s really not, you know.

Now look at the back side,
And what is there to see?
It tells the theme; It is MY guide!
I’m on MY Journey! Lucky ME

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Juniors complete “Get Moving” Journey

Submitted by Jennifer Brown

Wheat Ridge

Denver Metro

Troop 3955 and 4071 combined efforts and got energized to find ways to reduce energy use. First, we learned ways to be energy smart and completed a building energy audit at Red Rocks Community College. We experimented with various types of light bulbs and decided that replacing CFL light bulbs with LED was a more efficient way to use energy. We presented our ideas to others at RRCC’s Sustainability Celebration. With a donation from Xcel Energy, we delivered and installed 144 high efficiency light bulbs to individuals who are part of a non profit called A Little Help to help reduce their energy consumption. This organization helps older adults thrive in their homes by connecting them with services and resources. We continue to use what we learned throughout this journey in our everyday lives.

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“Selfie Project” by Longmont Girl Scouts makes headlines

The “selfie project” by Troop 73392 of Longmont has Girl Scouts across the country talking and taking notice. As part of their Media Journey, the nine Cadettes studied ads featuring women and young girls. They quickly noticed nearly all of the photos had been edited or “Photoshopped.”

To help themselves and other fellow Girl Scouts recognize real beauty and celebrate what makes each of them unique, they took selfies. Those selfies were displayed at a community event, where family and friends could write comments on Post-It notes and place them on the photos.

“Your hair is just great. Your teeth are also amazing,” one read.

“You are so pretty and show so much confidence,” another stated.

What did the girls learn? “Your flaws are what make you beautiful,” sixth grader Ashley Reichenberg told reporter Whitney Bryen of The Longmont Times-Call. “That’s what makes you unique and special, like her being silly.”

After the story ran in the newspaper, Girl Scouts of Colorado, along with Girl Scouts of the USA, shared the news on Facebook and Twitter.

GSCO FacebookGSUSA Facebook





Soon after, Fox 31 in Denver invited the troop to come in for a live interview with Brooke Wagner. Click to watch the interview.

Afterwards, Brooke took a selfie with the girls and shared it on Twitter.

Wagoner Tweet

Girl Scouts of Colorado is so proud of these Girl Scouts for all their hard work to show women of all ages that real beauty is inside themselves, not inside a magazine.

Girl celebrate Wonders of Water with an ice skating party


Submitted by Dena Thomason

Troop 2619 recently completed their Wonders of Water Journey with a fun ice skating party. They started their Wonders of Water Journey last summer and their experiences have included an in depth tour of McPhee Dam, the exploration of Dolores River, competing in the Cortez Burst Triathlon, a visit to Southwest Seed Company where they learned about native plants that are drought tolerant, a tour of the City of Cortez Water Treatment Plant, a Girl Scout Pool Party, apple harvesting and apple sauce making, and culminating with a Take Action informative show put on for the public, families and friends that included songs about the importance of water and a skit teaching about the water cycle. All the Girl Scouts shared their favorite thing about water, they made Water Promises and they shared this with their families and friends and got them to join in with them on their promises. It has been a fun and interesting journey. What better way to end the Journey than with a ice skating party! Can’t wait till we start the next Journey!

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Girl Scouts celebrate Earth Day


Ninety Girl Scouts of all ages gathered at the Denver Girl Scout Service Center on Sunday, April 21st, for an Earth Day event. The participants learned how they can play a part in helping their planet Earth with activities including building a miniature “petal-powered” car out of recycled materials, learning about plants and the water cycle, constructing a water filtration system, conducting an energy audit of the Girl Scout office, and building solar ovens and mini-wind turbines. All activities were part of the It’s Your Planet – Love It! Journey program. Volunteers with the Energy Service Corps. helped plan and carry out this event. View more photos from the event here. Girl Scouts of the USA also was there filming footage for their video collection.

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado. Photos by Wendy Kent, Art Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Get ready for summer checklist

It’s getting to be that time of  year already…longer days, warmer weather (surprise snowstorms!), spending your cookie proceeds, planning camping and other trips for summer, and in many cases wrapping up your troop year. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind as you get ready for summer!

Girl Scout Service Center Open Houses – June 1, 2013 – This is the perfect day for volunteers to turn in completed paperwork and use their shop discount to purchase Journey awards or books for next year.  Girls, bring your cookie credits – we’ll have extra fun stuff on the shelves!

Due June 15:

Stay engaged over the summer:

  • Continue your Adult Learning and plan to attend Fallapalooza in the fall.
  • Sign up for Summer Programs – and stay tuned for events planned early in the fall – like the Fall Product Sale Rallies (September 1 – 20, sale begins September 21).
  •  Summer is a great time to recruit new members.
  • Have “virtual” Girl Scout fun at http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/.
  • Visit the Girl Scout shop and use your 15% off Early Bird Registration coupon to purchase Journey Books for next year.
  • Reminder – if you don’t do Early Bird Registration this spring, make sure you and your girls are all re-registered by September 30.

Journey Books

Have a wonderful summer!

A Girl Scout Brownie Journey

Girl Scout Troop 4445 from Dolores has just completed their Girl Scout Journey, The Quest. This Brownie story is meant to inspire their own Take Action projects. Along the way they will earn three keys.

The Discover Key – To earn this award, each Girl Scout Brownie will discover herself and her values—as a Girl Scout and a member of her family.

The Connect Key – To earn this award, each Girl Scout Brownie will connect as a member of a Brownie team, with her family on a healthy-living activity, and, as a group with their community to increase healthy-living opportunities.

The Take Action Key – To earn this award, Girl Scout Brownies will team up to identify a community place where the team can Take Action. Then they join together to make a plan to Take Action and carry out their Take Action Project to improve their world.

The Brownie Quest Award – At the end of the Quest, the girls also earn the journey’s culminating award, the master lock that needs all three of their keys in order to open. Through this award, the Brownies will see that, together, their three keys—Discover, Connect, and Take Action—unlock the meaning of leadership.

They all successfully earned this award. Their Take Action project was to collect items and send them to troops overseas.

The Quest

Pictured left to right:
Nobel Traweek, Akima Edwards, Hailey Melvin, Alana Coley, Lizabeth Likes, Sharma Chaffee, Hazel Smith, Katalina Moran and Alana Nowlin

Story Submitted by Troop Leaders Amy Melvin & Susan Likes

Idea for a Brownie WOW! Journey – make a Fairy Garden

Submitted by Jody Clair
Colorado Springs

This week Brownie Girl Scout Ella, has been working hard on fun things with her WOW! Journey. As her leader, I am super proud of her. She wanted to share this week’s idea with other Girl Scouts. She made a Fairy Garden, learned how to help plants in need of attention, how rocks on the bottom help drainage and make room for roots and how plants will help clean the air so water falling through the air will be cleaner. Here is a photo of her super proud of her work and hoping that a Fairy Queen will visit her garden.

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Junior Girl Scouts learn about rabbits


Submitted by Tina Saunders


Some of the girls from Junior Troop 2569 are trying to earn the Summit Award. Over the summer they worked on the Agent of Change Journey. All the girls had left was to do was their Take Action. They wanted to do something related to animals, but finding an organization that will work with girls under the age of 13 or 14 was our biggest challenge. We learned of the Colorado House Rabbit Society and were able to schedule a tour, learn about rabbits, make toys for them and learn how we can spread the word for protecting, caring for and adopting of the bunnies. To learn more, please visit http://www.coloradohrs.org/.

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Girl Scouting reaching Hispanic communities across Colorado

Hispanic video girls 153

In the last couple of weeks, I hope you’ve had a chance to learn more about how the Colorado Hispanic community is participating in Girl Scouts. If you’ve missed our other blogs, read them here (Blog #1, Blog #2).

To end our Hispanic Heritage Month Blog series, I wanted to share more information on how Hispanic girls and adults, serving as volunteers, are increasingly participating in Girl Scouting around the state of Colorado:

  • This summer Girl Scouts of Colorado received a grant from the MetLife Foundation, which has helped us bring, through the help of volunteers, the Girl Scout Journey program to Hispanic middle school students around the state.
  • In the both Summit and Eagle counties we’ve recently started new bilingual Girl Scout troops led by local volunteers.
  • In Northern Colorado we’ve participated in Ciñco de Mayo celebrations in Greeley and Longmont and partnered with local schools, City of Greeley Recreation Department and organizations, like the Boys and Girls Club, to offer volunteer-led Girl Scout programming, including our Power Up bullying prevention program. We have served more than 310 new girls! We recently started a neighborhood pilot program in Weld County where we are teaching adults involved in Adults Learning English as Second Language (ESL) classes about Girl Scouting and giving them opportunities to practice their skills by teaching a short-term Girl Scout program. We’ve also partnered with local radio stations, such as “El Tigre” KGRE/KRKY & KRYE Radio, to help us spread the word.
  • In Pueblo we started a Hispanic troop that is part of the Grupo Folklorico Dancers. Pueblo area Hispanic leaders have also started a Girl Scout Advisory Committee.

I also wanted to share with you a video we recently produced for the Hispanic community to invite them to be members or volunteers of Girl Scouts. The video is in Spanish, and I encourage you to share it if you have connections to Spanish-speaking communities.

¿Por qué Unirse a Girl Scouts? (Why join Girl Scouts?)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta3qQKORvNU?rel=0]

I’ve enjoying blogging with you during Hispanic Heritage Month, and hope you will explore how you can support Hispanic/Latina Girl Scouts by contacting us at 303-607-4813 (1-855-726-4726 , ext. 4813) or preguntas@gscolorado.org.

For more info:

http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/ or http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/espanol