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Troop 35 refreshes playroom at Joshua Station

Submitted by Nikki Goethals

Metro Denver


A representative from Joshua Station in Denver came to one of our troop meetings to discuss their facility, a renovated hotel now used as housing for homeless families until they can transition back into their own housing. Our Brownie troop was SO moved by this idea that they chose to sponsor the new playroom that had been created in the basement of one of the buildings.

We did a donation drive with our families to collect new items such as board games, movies, and toys. That didn’t feel like enough so we made them our Hometown Heroes this year. Our girls weren’t playing around. We sold 489 packages of donated Girl Scout Cookies for the families and staff at Joshua Station!

In April, the troop visited the campus to drop off the 489 packages of Girl Scout Cookies AND $489 worth of toys, games, and decor for the shared play space. The troop got a wonderful tour of the grounds, almost entirely maintained by volunteers, AND we might have stuck around to play some games with the locals.

The troop was so inspired by this Take Action project that they are hoping to be able to do even more for Joshua Station next year.

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Book Party

Submitted by Cassidy, a Girl Scout working to earn her Gold Award with a project called “Imagination Station.”  This blog is the latest update on her progress. To read her previous blog, click here

“I wanna read this one! Can we please read this one?”

A pair of sparkling brown eyes looks up at me. I smile back and giggle to myself; I’m in the middle of organizing stacks upon stacks of children’s books, and the colorful piles swallow up my new friend. She stares at the book in her hands as if she’s discovered a buried treasure. I bend down to peek at her rare gem.

“Hey, you found a classic! ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’ by Dr. Suess…let’s read!”

My summer was one for the books (literally!) I spent most of my days working on my Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn, by creating a fruitful, up-to-date library for the children living at Joshua Station, a faith-based housing facility in downtown Denver that assists families as they transition out of homelessness. Tattered Cover Aspen Grove served as a donation drop-site for books, and the store gave me a matching donation of 290 brand new books.

My library is finally finished – I collected just over 2,900 books in donations! About 1,800 of these are organized on the shelves at Joshua Station, and the rest of the books I gave to four Seeds of Hope schools in the Denver area. In addition to the library, I designed a reading nook near the front entrance of Joshua Station and ran (and will continue to run) a children’s book club.

I’m incredibly blown away and humbled by the overwhelming response to my project, which I titled “Imagination Station.” Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who donated to my library. On Sept. 10 I hosted a “Library Grand-Opening” party at Joshua Station, complete with bookworm-themed crafts and treats, and a special guest, Clifford the Big Red Dog (Thanks, Scholastic!) The party itself was a blast, and it meant the world to me to have the people who supported me there too.

Taking on the Gold Award is an intimidating feat. It requires a great deal of work: the project must be sustainable and have a tangible impact. When I first started, I was afraid of not getting enough book donations to make the library worthwhile. I’m happy to say I collected 20 times my original goal of 150 books! This is all thanks to my live interview with KUSA’s Colorado & Company and articles in the Denver Post and Highlands Ranch Herald, which helped spread the word. So far I’ve spent over 200 hours on this project alone, from planning book club to sending emails to transporting books. Even so, I’ve loved almost every minute of it. This project has been a journey brimming with invaluable experiences.

No matter how many hours I spent buried in books this summer, the reward for my work is absolutely priceless. The children’s sheer excitement over all the brand new books, their brand new books, has made my heart dance with hope. Those children astound me because they’ve endured so much, but they shine brighter and smile bigger than anything that could ever try to limit them.


Cassidy Gold Award 1 Cassidy Gold Award 2

Submitted by Cassidy, a Girl Scout working to earn her Gold Award with a project called “Imagination Station.”  This blog is the latest update on her progress. To read her previous blog, click here

Hello! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my library at Joshua Station is almost complete! Thank you so much to everyone who brought books into Tattered Cover this summer. These books are making an extraordinary difference for the kids at Joshua Station. Seeing them get excited about reading has made my project absolutely worthwhile!

I feel incredibly humbled and blessed by the overwhelming response and support for my project. Overall, I collected just over 2,900 books in donations! Most of these books are on the shelves at Joshua Station right now. Tattered Cover will be giving me a matching donation of 290 brand-new books! I requested that most of these be young adult books so I can build up that section for the teens there. I will be getting these very soon! 🙂

Over the summer, we had two sessions of kids’ book club that met weekly. For the second session, we read The One and Only Ivan and did fun activities that went along with the book. I will continue to do a book club throughout the year that will meet monthly.

This past Thursday, Joshua Station hosted their annual Back to School party where they gave each kid a backpack full of school supplies, and they did different activities and crafts for back to school. Each kid also got to pick out a book to keep to get them started for the school year. I got to help them choose a book, and they were super excited to see so many fun new books! So thanks again for the book donations, they are making a huge difference!

Finally, I’d like to invite everyone who donated books or who would like to see my finished library to the “Library Grand Opening” party on Thursday, September 10 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Joshua Station. Clifford will be there, and we will have other fun activities for the kids. This will also be a time for people to see the reading nook near the front entrance and see Joshua Station as a whole because it’s an amazing place! It will be a wonderful evening, I can’t wait! 🙂

Thanks again for the book donations! My project has turned out more amazing than I ever could’ve imagined!

Girl Scout works to earn Gold Award with “Imagination Station”

Hello! My name is Cassidy, and I’m 17 years old and go to ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch. I’m currently working on my Gold Award project called “Imagination Station.” For my project, I’m creating a fruitful, up-to-date library for the kids living at Joshua Station, a faith-based community in downtown Denver that assists families as they make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment. Currently, there are 30 families living at Joshua Station, and among these families are 67 kids!

I am collecting a range of new children’s books, from classics to newly published, to build a library and inspire a love of reading within the kids there. Along with the library, I will be designing a reading nook near the front entrance of Joshua Station so kids can read, do homework, or spend time with family and friends in a comfortable setting. Additionally, I will be starting a kids’ book club that will meet monthly at Joshua Station, so we will be reading all of the wonderful books that people donate.

Beginning on June 1, the Aspen Grove Tattered Cover will serve as a donation drop site for very gently used or new books that people can give to any staff member to collect. The store will then donate one new book for every ten new or used that my supporters donate. This will go until July 31.

I have also composed an online wish list of items that I would like to add to the reading nook. You can access the wish list by going to: http://www.myregistry.com/organization/Cassidy-Klein-Highlands-Ranch-CO/868582

Please consider donating gently used children’s or teen’s books, or purchasing new books, and bringing them to the Aspen Grove Tattered Cover. Give them to any staff member, and they will add them to the collection for my project. Thank you so much! This will make an incredible difference in the kids’ lives at Joshua Station. I made a flyer with a list of potential books to give you an idea of what I’m looking for, but please feel free to donate your favorite children’s books or classics.

imagination flyer front

imagination flyer back

The address to the Aspen Grove Tattered Cover is:

Aspen Grove, 7301 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120

My project progress so far:

On May 15 and 16, the Idyllwilde community neighborhood in Parker ran a Scholastic book fair and raised over $450 in new books for Joshua Station! Kristi Stuart, who works for Scholastic, and the community liaison, June Zelkin, were so wonderful and generous to help put this together and support my project. I’ll soon be going to the Scholastic warehouse to pick out $450 worth of new books! Yay!


On May 9, four of my lovely friends and I volunteered at the Barking Dog Dualthon at Cherry Creek State Park. It was a fundraiser, and we earned $187.50 for my project by volunteering! It was a cold and rainy morning, but we had fun!


Thank you so much for your support! I’m super excited about my project!