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Celebrate Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards on Social Media

Celebrate your Highest Awards Girl Scout or your achievement of earning one of Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards on social media! Use any of the graphics at the bottom of this post to let friends and family know that you earned or are the parent/caregiver of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award Girl Scout. Be sure to tag us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Twitter and Instagram users should also use #GSColo, #GirlScoutsGiveBack, #gsGoldAward, #gsSilverAward, or #gsBronzeAward.

Don’t forget to join Girl Scouts of Colorado on May 16, 2021 to celebrate our 2020-2021 class of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Girl Scouts in Colorado!

Virtual Highest Awards Celebrations

  • 1 p.m. Bronze Award Celebration
  • 2 p.m. Silver Award Celebration
  • 3 p.m. Gold Award Celebration

These celebrations are an opportunity to recognize the outstanding Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Girl Scouts who have earned their distinction in the last year. All troops and/or girls who have earned their Bronze, Silver, or Gold since March 2019 are invited to participate in a celebration of their choice.

You do not need to register for this event! The celebrations will premiere live on our Facebook and YouTube channels at the event start time.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

G-TEAM TV Episode One Discussion Guide

Did you miss our G-TEAM TV Hangout? Want to have a chance to discuss the first episode of G-TEAM TV with your troop or girl? Use this discussion guide:

Icebreaker: Allarie, Ella, and Isabel got to know one another by talking about the animated characters they relate to. Which animated character do you connect with? Or, if animation isn’t your thing, who is your “shero”?

State of Mind—Mental Health

  • The world has experienced a lot of uncertainty during the COVID-19 global pandemic; what are some ways you cope with uncertainty?
  • What are some ways that girls can fight loneliness?

Alexis Jones Interview

  • What does the word “community” mean to you?
  • Alexis went on the reality TV show Survivor to amplify her program, I Am That Girl. What’s something you’re passionate about, and what’s something bold that you could do to draw attention to this issue?
  • Alexis’s piece of advice to girls is to have the audacity to love yourself. Why is it bold or daring to love yourself? How can you practice confidence and self-love this week?
  • Alexis described herself as loving, curious, and adventurous. Serena said she was also curious, as well as caring and flowing. How would you describe yourself on three words?
  • How do you envision yourself being involved in Girl Scouts after high school? Joining a Campus Girl Scouts group, volunteering, or something else? There are many ways to stay connected.

Girl Scouts Around the World

  • Which World Centre would you like to visit, and why?
  • What do you know about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts? What interests you about Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world?
  • Do you feel part of a global community of girls? Why or why not?

Did your Girl Scouts love these topics? Why not take it further with these activities:

  • Celebrate your sisters. Sharing sisterhood is a part of the Girl Scout Way Badge at every grade level. You can earn part of this badge while connecting with and empowering your Girl Scout sisters!
  • Be a leader. Is sisterhood your passion? Go deeper with Girl Scout Journeys, like aMaze! for Cadettes or GIRLTopia and the Mission: Sisterhood for Seniors.
  • Take a virtual Trip. Want to learn more about the World Centres? Research each center and start planning your adventure! (Search “World Centre” in the month of May on our calendar to review recordings of tours.)
  • Develop your “survivor” skills, like Alexis Jones. Try out the Girl Scouts at Home videos to learn first-aid with the Cadette Trail Adventure Badge or make a stove with the Senior Adventure Camper
  • Help your community. Connect with others who might be feeling lonely by participating in Girl Scouts’ letter-writing service project.

Prefer to have this as a pdf? We’ve got your covered, download this resource here.

Questions? Email  GirlExperience@gscolorado.org.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.


Tomahawk Ranch is now on Instagram

Tomahawk Ranch is now on Instagram! Follow camp staff at @tomahawkranch for virtual trips to the barnyard, fun camp crafts, recipes, games, and more that you and your family can do at home or share with your Girl Scout sisters virtually. Sky High Ranch is also on Instagram at @sky_high_ranch and the main page for Girl Scouts of Colorado is @gscolo. Make sure to tag us in your posts and use #GSColo. Not on Instagram? That’s okay! You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

Resources from Sky High Ranch’s Virtual Spring Camp

Thanks to everyone who has joined us this week for Sky High Ranch’s first-ever VIRTUAL SPRING CAMP! Since Monday, March 16, 2020, camp staff has been posting crafts, STEM projects, and more daily at @sky_high_ranch on Instagram. GSCO has tried to share as much of this content as we could on our other social media channels. If you’re looking for more of this material or just aren’t on social media, click for the resources we’ve been utilizing during this exciting week.

Virtual Spring Camp at Sky High Ranch

Sky High Ranch is offering our first ever VIRTUAL SPRING CAMP! Due to unexpected circumstances, many Girl Scouts will be out of school and away from troops for the next few weeks. We believe it is important to maintain meaningful connections with family, friends, and our community now more than ever. Starting on Monday, follow @sky_high_ranch on Instagram for daily crafts, STEM projects, and more you can do at home.


Following the Girl Scout Promise & Law online

In response to concerns about online behavior that does not follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law, Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) has developed a series of guidelines for all members, including girls, volunteers, staff members, adult members, etc. Please keep in mind that the online world is constantly evolving, so this blog will be updated as often as needed to reflect those changes. If you have any questions/concerns, please consult a member of the GSCO Marketing and Communications Department or email inquiry@gscolorado.org.

Think before you type. When representing yourself as a GSCO member online, think about the messages you are putting forth and how they will be perceived. You are responsible for what you write or say online about GSCO, even if it is on your personal social media channels. The same rules that apply offline apply online. Use good judgment and common sense. Please do not write or post anything that would embarrass other members or reflect badly on our organization.

Some people just want to fight. We can’t control the message all of the time, so don’t connect/ follow people/organizations simply to monitor their activity/argue with them. If you encounter someone who is posting incorrect information about Girl Scouts, let GSCO know. We also monitor social media and respond to inaccurate reports and misinformation. Feel free to “set the record straight” from your personal account, but do not engage in a continuous argument.

Use hashtags appropriately. Be sure to research any hashtag before using it and check it regularly. A seemingly innocent hashtag may not be. You also want to make sure you are using hashtags correctly and associating Girl Scouts with the right groups. GSCO regularly uses the following hashtags:

Instagram: #GSColo, #gscolorado, #girlscoutsco, #girlscoutscolorado, #girlscoutsofcolorado, #gsGoldAward, #GirlScoutsGiveBack, #gsoutdoors

Twitter: #GSColo, #gsGoldAward, #GirlScoutsGiveBack, #gsoutdoors

Don’t know? Ask! Know what you are talking about when you engage with others. If you are unsure, ask! If someone has a question you can’t answer, ask them to email the question to inquiry@gscolorado.org.

Because of Girl Scouts…

From Girl Scouts of the USA

Ever since the first Girl Scout troop was formed more than 100 years ago, Girl Scouts has provided girls with transformative experiences. Because of Girl Scouts, millions of G.I.R.L.s (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) have been prepared for a lifetime of leadership—from hiking under the stars to accepting a mission to the International Space Station; from lobbying the city council with their troop to holding a seat in Congress; from running their own cookie business to tackling cybersecurity.

Our girls are big thinkers, groundbreakers, and role models with access to plenty of unique girl-led experiences—yes, because of Girl Scouts.

We want to know what Girl Scouts has done for you! Share your story on social media using #becauseofGirlScouts—and be sure to tag @GSColo and @girlscouts on Instagram and Twitter!

Join the GSCO Social Media Team

Are you social media-savvy? Do you love sharing news about Girl Scouts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn? If so, then Girl Scouts of Colorado needs YOU to join our new social media team!

We’re looking for adult volunteers and girls (13 and older) to engage with us and share/retweet/repost Girl Scout stories, news of upcoming activities, support opportunities and more. We also need members of this team to share with us what they’re doing so all of our friends and followers can see and read about all the awesome things Colorado Girl Scouts do.

How to find GSCO on social media:


On the Girl Scouts of Colorado Facebook page, we share statewide Girl Scout news/stories, events/activities, photos and videos, and more.

The following camp Facebook pages are managed by camp staff:

These pages are primarily for camp news, photos and updates.


Under the Twitter handle and Instagram username GSColo, we share news, photos and videos of Girl Scouts participating in Take Action projects, community events, enjoying camp, selling cookies and more.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service, mainly used by professionals. The Girl Scouts of Colorado LinkedIn page focuses on making connections with volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors by showcasing how our organization gives young girls the confidence to become leaders. We also use LinkedIn to spread the word about the latest research regarding the health and well-being of girls in Colorado and across the country.

We encourage everyone to connect and engage with us on all of our social media networks. By becoming a member of the Social Media Team, you can help GSCO spread the word about our organization even further. To join the GSCO Social Media Team, email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at annemarie.harper@gscolorado.org Please include your name, hometown, contact information and preferred social media network.