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Camp Registration Round 2 – New Spaces and Changes

These are registration changes and additions to GSCO’s summer camps. Every year we hold a few camp spaces back so we can maximize opportunities in camps that are most popular. We have created a few more of our most popular sessions, and modified some with themes that have been popular with girls this year! We’ve also caught a couple of typos, noted here too.

Thanks to Ruddy and Obi Joe, our camp directors, and their teams for their hard work dreaming up our summer camp sessions!

Register for these new sessions online March 2 at 9am!
New sessions and camper spaces will not be listed online until this time.

Sky High Ranch Session Changes/Additions

NEW! SH11: Canoe Crazy
Dates: 6/18-23
Description: Are you crazy about boating? Travel offsite to nearby lakes and pools to try canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and swimming! You will be participating in a water activity every day, weather permitting. Build your own boat and race in the annual Sky High Cardboard Regatta! There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include a zip line. Campers will earn their Hiker and Camper badge.
Program Level: Brownies and Juniors
Early Bird Cost: $650
Replaces: SH11 Boatload of Fun

NEW! SH115 Farm Fillies
Dates: 6/18-23
Description: Farm animals are what it’s all about! Spend your days grooming and feeding Sky High’s animals, then join us for a good ol’ fashioned Western hoe-down with dancing, goodies and more! Practice your farm-tending skills and take home your very own personalized stuffed animal! This camp does not include zip line or a trail ride. Campers will earn their Camper badge.
Program Level: Brownies
Early Bird Cost: $615

NEW! SH145 Super Girls
Dates: 6/18-23
Description: Show off your inner superhero! Unleash your Amazonian hunting skills on the archery course and make a lasso, bracelets and tiara to harness your powers! Go back to your warrior princess roots by taking a night hike to learn about constellations and by sculpting your own legend out of clay! Practice self-defense and protect your empire by land and by water! This camp does not include zip line. Campers will earn their Playing the Past badge.
Program Level: Junior
Early Bird Cost: $615

SPACES ADDED! SH17: Adventure Olympics
Dates: 6/18-23
Description: Test your mettle at the Annual Sky High Adventure Olympics! Events include: the zip line dash, an individual vertical crawl (also known as rock climbing), and a trip with your team to compete in an equestrian event (a one-hour off-site horseback trail ride). Take aim at the archery range and hone your skills, preparing you to be a well-rounded athlete and see if you can hit gold! At Upper Pond, you can swim laps and start practicing to be the next Katie Ladecky. Then hop into a canoe to paddle your way to victory! There will be time for general activities too. Participants must be at least 60 lbs. to ensure they do not get stuck mid-zip. Campers will earn their Good Sportsmanship badge.
Program Level: Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Early Bird Cost: $700

NEW! SH21: Happily Ever After
Dates: 6/25-30
Description: Be our guest, and join us for a week of fairytale adventures! Create a tale as old as time to perform for the rest of camp and animate your own make-believe friends! Visit the secret garden, the mermaid’s pond and the fairytale farm, plus bring your favorite costume (or wear one of ours) to a fabulous ball! This camp does not include zip line. Campers will earn their Hiker badge.
Program Level: Brownie
Early Bird Cost: $615
Replaces: SH21 #Epic Quest

PRICE CHANGE: SH37 Horseback Trip Adventure $1395 (printed incorrectly in camp mailer)

NEW! SH49: Canoe Crazy
Dates: 7/16-21
Description: Are you crazy about boating? Travel offsite to nearby lakes and pools to try canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and swimming! You will be participating in a water activity every day, weather permitting. Build your own boat and race in the annual Sky High Cardboard Regatta! There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include a zip line. Campers will earn their Hiker and Camper badge.
Program Level: Brownies and Juniors
Early Bird Cost: $650
Replaces: SH49 Boatload of Fun

NEW! SH615: Water Fillies
Dates: 7/23-28
Description: Sometimes a cowgirl just loves to cool off from a day at the barn with a dip in the pond! Split your time between boating at the pond and taking care of our animals at the barn. You’ll canoe, kayak and stand up paddle board, as well as groom, feed and play with our animals. There will be plenty of farm crafts and activities including making butter, lucky horseshoes and more. This camp includes a 1 hour off-site horseback ride. This camp does not include the zip line. Campers will earn their Trailblazer Adventurer badge.
Program Level: Junior
Early Bird Cost: $650

Tomahawk Ranch Session Changes/Additions

NEW! TR03 Dark Side
Dates: 6/11-16
Description: In a land far far away…while the rest of camp is asleep at night, you will experience camp in the dark! Take over camp at night by learning the secrets of our universe. Stay up with the stars and sleep in late. Create your own lightsaber and master Darth mind tricks! Host an EXTREME nighttime party! There will be plenty of time for general camp activities, such as campfires, crafts, archery, farm visits, hiking and more! Campers will stay in a cabin equipped bathroom and showers. Campers will begin their days at noon ending between 12am-2am, with three meals and snacks spaced out during the day. Campers will earn their Night Owl badge.
Program Level: Cadette
Early Bird Cost: $615
Replaces: TR03 On Target

NEW! TR07 Survival Campout
Dates: 6/11-16
Description: Develop your camping skills: pitching a tent, fire-building, outdoor cooking, orienteering with compasses and the stars, mapping, hiking, whittling, campsite set-up, shelter building, and more! Campers will spend multiple nights in a primitive camp site, setting up their own tents/hammocks and cooking their own meals. Campers stay in platform tents for two nights, and in hammocks/pitched tents for three-nights. Bathroom facilities are outhouses and water troughs. Campers will earn their Outdoor Art Apprentice badge.
Program Level: Cadette
Early Bird Cost: $615
Replaces: TR07 Campout

NEW! TR15 Hawaiian Luau
Dates: 6/18-23
Description: At this water-based travel camp, campers will dive into a Hawaiian adventure with fun in the sun. Girls will relax poolside, go fishing, bask in the sun, and more.  At camp, you’ll participate in water-related sports and activities, host a luau, make leis and tie dye a shirt and matching socks, visit the barn, take a nature hike, make smore’s around and campfire and more! This camp includes off-camp trips to water destinations, such as local pools and lakes. Campers will stay in a seasonal cabin with a detached bathhouse.
Program Level: Junior
Early Bird Cost: $650
Replaces: TR15 Salamanders

NEW! TR17 Camp Half Blood
Dates: 6/18-23
Description: Explore the world of Percy Jackson and come be a part of an epic quest! Discover your inner hero – develop survival and archery skills that Artimis herself would be proud of! Learn to navigate by the moon, the stars and the constellations, while delving into ancient Greek Mythology. To heal both the inside and out, you’ll gain first aid skills and learn to make Tomahawk’s version of ambrosia nectar. Campers will also have to opportunity to visit the barn, make crafts, campout, roast marshmallows around a campfire and more! Campers will stay in platform tents with cots and mattresses.  Bathroom facilities are outhouses and water troughs. Campers will earn the Good Sportsmanship Badge.
Program Level: Cadette
Early Bird Cost: $615
Replaces: TR17 Hot Shots

SPACES ADDED! TR25 Unsolved Mysteries
Dates: 6/25-30
Description: Pack your backpack and follow the clues in search of answers to solve the case! Campers will learn skills of deciphering Morse code, investigating the scene of the crime, learn to dust and lift fingerprints, and be a part of finding the missing Tabor jewels. Beyond helping to solve the mysteries of Tomahawk Ranch, there will be plenty of time for general camp activities too, like visiting the barnyard, camping out, hiking, and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Campers will stay in a seasonal cabin with a detached bathhouse. Campers will earn their Detective badge.
Program Level: Junior
Early Bird Cost: $615

NEW! TR27 Old Western
Dates: 6/25-30
Description: Welcome to the 1800’s! Find your inner cowgirl who braves the wild west. Learn animal tracking, archery, and make tools from sticks and stones.  Learn to make butter and make lotion from farm fresh goat milk. Learn survival skills to brave the elements while on the trail.  In addition, take a horseback ride, visit a local apiary, and go off-site fishing. Participate in so many other fun activities around camp such as, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, nature hiking, camping out, barn visits and more! Includes a 1hr off-site horseback trail ride. Campers will stay in platform tents with cots and mattresses. Bathroom facilities are outhouses and water troughs.
Program Level: Cadette
Early Bird Cost: $650
Replaces: TR27 Ranch Camp

SPACES ADDED! TR32 Dusty Boots
Dates: 7/9-20
Description: Explore Tomahawk’s barnyard and greenhouse. Learn all about the small animal farm, animal care, homesteading, crafting and cooking. Feed, groom, plant and enjoy! You’ll even get to bathe the pigs in buttermilk, make barn crafts, learn a line dance or two, go on campouts, roast s’mores around a campfire, participate in a delicious chuck-wagon meal, learn to rope, and more! Includes a 1hr off-site horseback trail ride. Campers will stay in a seasonal cabin with a detached bathhouse. Campers will earn their Horseback riding badge.
Program Level: Junior
Early Bird Cost: $1250

Day Camp Session Changes/Additions

Cancelled: DC04 & DC06, Horseback & H2O Day Camps

Trip & Travel Camp Session Changes/Additions

SPACES AVAILABLE: TT01 Colorado Horseback Destination
Dates: 7/14-22
Description: Calling all adventurous horse lovers! This Destination takes older Girl Scouts on the horse trip of a lifetime while showcasing all the outdoor adventure opportunities Colorado has to offer. Girls will start by spending a weekend at our resident camp, Sky High Ranch, trying out some zip-lining, archery, and low ropes. Next, we will travel to our week-long home at Bear Basin Ranch in Westcliffe, CO, where the group will have days full of trail rides, white water rafting, and rustic cowgirl camp-outs. The trip is capped off with a two night overnight horse pack trip in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range at 12,000 ft. above sea level. Questions? Contact Anna Danila at anna.danila@gscolorado.org. Registers through GSCO in CampInTouch. Note: This program is part of the Destination program, and requires a special application. You can read more about destinations and download the application here:  http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/travel/colorado-horseback-adventure/
Program Level: Cadette (entering 8th), Senior, Ambassador
Early Bird Price: $1450

Family Camp Session Changes

PRICE CHANGE: FC04 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Guy $100/person (printed incorrectly in camp mailer)

Meadow Mt Ranch GSCO Blazing Saddles July 21st-26th 2013

Our final session of Blazing Saddles was a great week, even with the rain and a short hail storm.  The riders were able to venture out to Copeland Falls for lunch ride and day ride to Finch Lake.  Their final ride was full of trail blazing, games in arena, songs, and music as they sang their way into RMNP 😉  Check out their singing talents as they ride into the park at the following YouTube link:


A family of one of the campers also created this fun video from the week: http://youtu.be/zR14_SI5bEA

Horseback Riding at Tomahawk – final riding opportunities


Attention all Colorado Girl Scouts!  We will be offering hourly riding sessions on weekends through August (after camp season ends) at Tomahawk! Don’t miss out on one last ride with your troop or family, or some lessons to develop your riding skills. You can register for riding at the following link:


We also still have plenty of room for Cadettes in our “Bows and Arrows” horse weekend event at Tomahawk Sept 13-15th!  If you like horses and archery, this weekend is for you! Register today and don’t miss out on a fun filled weekend!


Rodeo Riders July 15-19th 2013 MMR

Rodeo Riders at Meadow Mt Ranch July 15-19th session

Rodeo Riders had another amazing week at MMR! The girls were able to design their horse show in a day, choose music, and perform with the wranglers. The riders chose color schemes for this week and had a great time decorating their horses. They learned how to rope on horseback, do pole bending, and barrels for rodeo events.  They also got a break from the arena and were able to go on short trailride into Wild Basin. They performed with all three flags: USA, Colorado, and GS flags in their show. Check out the video of the final show:

GSCO Meadow Mt Ranch Rodeo Riders June 30-July 5th

Rodeo Riders had a great week learning drill patterns, rodeo events such as barrel racing and pole bending, and even roping off a horse!  They did a great job designing their drill team horse show and adding the Fourth of July festivities to it.  The girls rode every day for at least 6 hrs in the arena and worked as a team planning out their drill team patterns and music.  The riders also got to try their hand at roping on horseback, barrel racing, and pole bending.

Check out video at the following you tube link:


GSCO Blazing Saddles II MMR Camp Session June 23-28th

The Meadow Mt Ranch Camp High Adventure Horse Program had another successful week of horseback trailriding as well as horsepacking.  The Blazing Saddles II campers packed in on horse back for overnite trip to Thunder Lake in Wild Basin/RMNP – at elevation of 10,574 – almost 8 miles on way from camp.  They then rode back down to lower elevation and camped in the outpost camp with the horses the next two nights.  On their back country pack trips, they also got to venture by Ouzel Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Copeland Falls.  The campers learned about Leave No Trace camping skills, camping overnite with livestock/horses in RMNP, caring for their horses in remote settings and working as team, and trail riding etiquette.  They also got to do some star gazing and learned about some edible plants and survival skills.  They speny some down time making walking sticks and were awarded trail track patch for the destinations they rode to during the week.   The staff and campers got some amazing pictures of the terrain and Wild Basin showing it’s true majestic scenery.

GSCO MMR Blazing Saddle I Session June 16-21

MMR Blazing Saddles I first session of camp enjoyed wonderful week filled with amazing views of the Wild Basin RMNP and Continental Divide as these young ladies ventured into the wilderness via horse.  They learned about trail etiquette as well as camping out in outpost camp with their horses, edible plants, star gazing, Leave No Trace and more. The campers rode to Finch Lake and Calypso Cascades waterfalls. They experienced trail riding in the Rocky Mts at it’s best.

Cadettes and older Girl Scouts! Meadow Mt Ranch Summer Camp Sessions – We’ve added some new sessions!

ATTENTION all older Girl Scouts Cadette and higher! Meadow Mt Ranch still has openings for Summer 2013!


Still looking to come to camp? Meadow Mt Ranch has added some more sessions. We have added a Rodeo Rider I and Blazing Saddles I as well as Backpack 102! Another change we have made is those registered for Blazing Saddles II will be going on an overnite horsepack trip into RMNP!

5215_1143283340174_5557013_n2  5695_1168523451161_6871798_n2

If you are an older Girl Scout and love adventure, then we are the camp for you! All horse camps will spend minimum of 6 hours with the horses! From arena to trail, overnites in back meadow and in RMNP, and much more!  Trailrides will take you deep into Wild Basin RMNP to some high alpine lakes, waterfalls, and meadows!

5215_1143281940139_5093871_n2  5215_1143281580130_8041024_n2

If your interest is backpacking then be ready to see some amazing scenery and summit the continental divide!

We still have room in our Rocks and Ropes if climbing is your thing!  Come rock climb the Iron Clads and get an amazing view of the snow cap continental divide!


There are still openings for our other camps as well!  Take a look and come spend an amazing summer with us in the Colorado Mountains!




All Brownies and Juniors:  We’ve opened up the Crazy ‘bout Horses event May 4th to ALL BROWNIES!  Come watch a Horse Show and learn all there is to know about horses with us May 4th at the National Western Event Center in Denver!  Three very lucky Girl Scouts who attend will each win two hours of riding time at Tomahawk: you can use the two hours to go on trail ride with your mom and dad and siblings, or have a lesson or two – registration based on availability. The Colorado Classic Horse Show is a multi-breed horse show which features Arabians American Saddlebreds, and Morgans.  It is a three day show May 3-5th with two sessions daily, starting at 10 am and 6 pm.  The Classic Horse Show is a charity show and the proceeds from the show are donated to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Horse Program. Saturday the 4th at the show is Girl Scout Day.  Girl Scouts come to the show and watch the performance, then have a special three hour introduction to horses.  This introduction includes a hands- on period where the girls learn to groom and care for a horse.  A professional farrier teaches the girls about feet and shoeing and we also have a session where the girls learn about wild horses and famous horses. The Girl Scout event is $10 per person, adults welcome to attend as well, but the Classic Horse Show is free to watch. Come early and watch the show!  Registration opens at noon for the Girl Scout event.  The Girl Scout event will run from 1pm-4:30pm.  Come get an activity booklet to do as you walk through the stations, a fun patch, and chance to win two hrs or riding time at Tomahawk!

TOMAHAWK RIDING and Riding this Fall at MMR!

Our hourly riding sessions at Tomahawk are slowly ending, May 4th and 5th will be our final weekend for hour riding sessions. . .we will start offering rides again in August after resident camp is over.  If you missed out don’t fret, we will be offering rides at Tomahawk AND Meadow Mt Ranch in August and September! This coming fall you can come ride at both locations for the great Girl Scout price of $20 for members per hour or $35 for non members.  Starting in August Meadow Mt Ranch will offer lessons and well as trail rides into RMNP with great views of our 14ers and snow caps, as well as alpine terrain, waterfalls, and alpine lakes.  . . majority of our rides are 3-4 hrs.  Tomahawk will be offering trail rides for hour or 2 as well as lessons and games on horseback! Sessions will be posted soon for fall season!

Girl Scout Wranglers-in-Training and older girl volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers – older Girl Scouts who are crazy about horses and Girl Scout WITs (at least going into WIT I program in 2013) – to help us with an exciting horse event for Girl Scout Juniors and Bridging Brownies! Older girl volunteers will rotate as assistance at the stations and help the professionals while learning along with the girls. Any volunteers in the WIT program (or going into WIT program in 2013) will have the hours count towards their WIT training.

The event is for bridging Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors who will spend a full afternoon of hands-on, horse-related activities while they earn a fun horse patch. All Girl Scouts will be able to watch a show horse competition at the Colorado Classic Horse Show. Girl Scout Juniors and Brownies will rotate through stations to learn about: veterinary care, horse shoeing, horse breeds, behavior, safety around horses, grooming and a barn tour, plus more fun horsey info.

The date of the event is May 4th, 2013 at the National Western Event Center in Denver, CO from 1:30-4pm. Volunteers will need to be there by 10am to help with set up, etc.

If you are interested, please contact Julie Fischer at julie.fischer@gscolorado.org or 303-747-2512.