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Girl Scout Troop 179 earns Bronze Award

Submitted by Nancy Renken

Northern & Northeastern CO


The 5th grade Girl Scout Juniors of Troop 179 earned their Bronze Award on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Heatherwood Elementary School in Gunbarrel. The Bronze Award is the highest award that Girl Scout Juniors can earn. Girl Scout Cadettes can earn the Silver Award, and Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn the Gold Award, which is the highest honor in Girl Scouting.

Part of the requirements for the Bronze Award is recognizing a need in the community, making a plan, and finally, putting it into action. In this case, the girls talked about how the playground designs at Heatherwood Elementary were really faded and hadn’t been updated in years. As outgoing 5th graders, they wanted to give back to their school. A small delegation of Girl Scouts: Sophia J., Katy R., and Meaghan Z. met with Principal Jaramillo to discuss whether or not such a project would be feasible. The principal was really open to their proposal and agreed that the girls could take on the project. Sharon Lynch was our parent in charge who helped the Girl Scouts with determining supplies needed and kept the project within their scope. While the girls could not take on everything that needed repainting, they were able to repaint the tetherball courts, two four-squares, and a hopscotch. They were dedicated, focused, and they did a great job. All of them were really engaged in the project.

Additionally, when a Girl Scout was not on paint duty, she worked on a secondary project of decorating food delivery bags for There With Care.

Our project was successful due to the enthusiasm and dedication of Girl Scout Troop 179, the direction of Sharon Lynch, the support from the parents of Troop 179, and additional support from Prana Construction, and Papa John’s Pizza, 28th St., Boulder.

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