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Family Reservations at select GSCO Properties


Reservations at select GSCO properties are NOW OPEN for family reservations! As the temperatures drop in Colorado, cozy up inside one of our GSCO cabin properties with your family. Families can reserve Twisted Pine in Genesee. Reservations must be for the whole weekend and the fee is $300/weekend.

During your stay, you can explore the numerous hiking trails around the property while working the GSCO Get Outdoor Challenge patch or exploring other activities in the area: https://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/content/dam/girlscoutsofcolorado/documents/GSCO%20Family%20Property%20Reservations%20-%20Activities%20in%20the%20Area.pdf

At this time, reservations are not open to troops due to COVID–19 restrictions. Ready to book? Read our FAQ’s, information on reservation processes and more here: https://girlscoutsofcolorado.wixanswers.com/en/article/gsco-property-rentals-for-families

Questions? Email Property.Reservations@gscolorado.org.

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Troop Days at Camp: Registration for Winter and Spring is Now Open

Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Troop Days at camp in fall 2020 were such a hit that we are excited to offer them for winter and spring! Once again, troops can visit select GSCO properties and participate in a half or full day of staff-led programs.

Visit Twisted Pine in Genesee or Hamp Hut in Colorado Springs and spend a half day connecting with your troop and building outdoor skills with programs in archery, teambuilding, guided hikes, and outdoor skills. Programs are available from 9 a.m. – noon or 1 – 4 p.m. Fees are $15/ girl and adults are free.

Visit Tomahawk Ranch near Bailey or Sky High Ranch near Woodland Park and spend a full day with lunch included enjoying the beautiful camp properties! Troops can participate in programs ranging from wizarding magic to barnyard exploration to adventure survival and curious clues! Registration includes cold lunch for all guests, and the opportunity for parents/ caregivers who are driving girls to enjoy refreshments and WiFi in our dining hall while the troop is experiencing and participating in program. Tagalongs/siblings are welcome, however must always be supervised by parent/caregiver and will not be allowed to participate in camp activities. Fees are $45/Girl Scout, free for adults. (Sky High Ranch is also offering a shortened and lower cost Sunday option).

Visit Meadow Mountain Ranch and spend a full day in outdoor exploration programs around the property, building outdoor skills, and hiking through meadows. Parents/caregivers who are driving girls may relax in the lodge while the troop is participating in programs. Lunch is not provided. Fees are $35/girls and free for adults.

Read all about the program options, pricing, and dates here. For more information on the registration process, COVID -19 safety guidelines, and what to expect on program review our Troop Day Programs FAQ’s here.

Questions? Email property.reservations@gscolorado.org.

Coming Soon: Meadow Mountain Ranch will soon be available for Girl Scout groups to use for day hikes, and the Nature Trail and accompanying patch program. We are currently monitoring fire conditions in the Meadow Mountain Ranch area, but look for a blog post with the details on how to reserve the Meadow Mountain Ranch Nature Trail when it opens for troop and Girl Scout group use later this month!

NOTE: Given the developing and quickly changing nature of COVID-19 in our communities, GSCO reserves the right to cancel any Troop Day program at any point if there is a concern for the health and safety of staff or participants. Additionally, as we head into the winter season, if the weather makes road travel to camp unsafe or is determined to be unsafe for participants to be outside, we also reserve the right to cancel a program. If we need to cancel a Troop Day program, all registered participants will be given a full refund and we will work with the group leader to reschedule the program.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

Hamp Hut: An amazing experience for our troop

Submitted by Shelby, Girl Scout Ambassador, Troop 177

Oklahoma City

Our Girl Scout troop stayed at Hamp Hut in Garden of The Gods for a week this summer and it was so fantastic for the girls!

We were thrilled to stay in the heart of the park where we could enjoy all the trails, horseback riding, and become Junior Rangers. We went to all the suggested attractions, including Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where we got to feed the giraffes, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Cave of the Winds, and so many more amazing places!

During our stay at Hamp Hut, we realized that there were some appliances that needed to be replaced. We couldn’t find a service project while we were in Colorado, so we decided to donate a new teapot and toaster instead.

Now, when another troop decides to come in and enjoy themselves, they have a toaster and teapot to enjoy as well! We really appreciate the hospitality of Girl Scouts of Colorado and we are honored to use part of our cookie money as thanks to them. This week was an amazing experience for our troop, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to stay at this Girl Scout cabin.

We hope many other troops will come and enjoy it too!

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PA Training with a CAMP specialty

Submitted by Denine Dains

Metro Denver


Cadette Troop 3972 is offering PA Training with a CAMP specialty this winter and summer. To register, use the links below:

Sunday, February 18, 2018 at Twisted Pine from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Sunday, July 8, 2018 at Hamp Hut from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.


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Troop 61358 roughs it at Hamp Hut


Submitted by Kristin Hurley


Denver Metro

Troop 61358 of Thornton, CO spent some of their cookie money roughing it at Hamp Hut in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. We felt lucky to find the Hut had air conditioning in the 90-plus-degree weather, and we found lots of hiking trails to explore and lots of fun stuff to do in the Springs, such as a tour of the U.S. Olympic Training Center and riding the Mountaineer Sky Ride at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Yet the girls’ favorite part of our three-day trip was just hanging out at the Hut, playing games, exploring hiking trails and especially making s’mores, a Girl Scout tradition! Camping at Hamp Hut also helped us work on our Amaze journey by putting different teams of girls together; the Budgeting badge by working together to budget our grocery and activity money (and save some of our Girl Scout Cookie proceeds for Take Action projects); and our Trees badge by looking out over Pike National Forest. It was a great place to get away from it all!

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Arkansas Girl Scouts visit Colorado

Submitted by Melissa Curiel

Our troop of six Seniors saved for over a year to take a high adventure vacation. After scads of car washes, bake sales, cookie sales, farmer’s markets, and 13 hours of driving, we arrived on June 23 to Hamp Hut. The view was breathtaking!

The Hut was well-equipped, clean, and perfect for our needs. Every morning we started the day hiking trails at the Garden of the Gods. We also went to a Rockies game, saw Mile High Stadium, Olympic Training grounds, Cave of the Winds, Pike’s Peak, and went horseback riding, and, our favorite, white water rafting down the Arkansas River. We also made it a daily challenge to find places who served sweet tea– we are southern, after all! We also made a friend at Hamp Hut– Doug the mule deer. He visited quite often! We had an amazing experience!

Troop 64473 discovers friendship and personal growth at Hamp Hut

Submitted by Allison Donahue


Denver Metro

Troop 64473 strengthened their friendship and Girl Scout dedication in a well-earned trip to Hamp Hut. This troop of Juniors worked hard this year to reach their top two goals of an overnight trip and a horseback ride. Staying two nights at this amazing property allowed them to earn the Junior Ranger Badge, hike the Garden of the Gods and horseback ride with Academy Riding Stables. It was a great experience and would not have happened if all girls hadn’t made a commitment to cookie sales to earn this trip together!

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Ambassador Troop enjoys final summer overnight

Submitted by Kathy Nester


Denver Metro

Troop 52662 started in 1st grade in 2004 with 5 girls. By 2nd grade, the troop had 12 girls in it. Of those 12 girls, 8 are still with the troop. They go to 6 different High Schools now; 4 in Littleton, 1 in Aurora and one in Katy, Texas (this girl Skypes in for meetings). We had 2 girls join the troop when their troops disbanded in the 5th & 6th grades.

They have gone on a trip every summer since the troop started; some little and local & some big and far away. They will all be Seniors in HS this coming year, so they wanted to have one last summer trip. They planned a trip to Hamp Hut in Colorado Spring and had a great time. They went hiking (a few even did the incline trail) zip-lining, the Cheyenne Mt. Zoo and swimming at a local mountain pond (no worries there were 2 certified life guards with them). One night they played a game of Troop Jeopardy, trying to remember 11 years of troop history was challenging! Here’s to your troop staying together that long!

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Troop 3871 replants burn area

Submitted by Linda Jester
Colorado Springs

Many people felt compelled to take action after seeing so many acres of beautiful forest land burn in last summer’s Waldo Canyon fire. The girls of Troop 3871 were especially affected by this tragic event. When the fire started, we were having a blast at Hamp Hut in the Garden of the Gods. A group of Brownies had just joined us for their first camping adventure; the girls had played a game of trust (one girl led a blind-folded girl through an obstacle course in the woods) and were enjoying a snack of home-made cheese sticks they cooked themselves, when I announced it was time to evacuate. Though we didn’t get everything as clean as we normally would, the girls responded amazingly. Talk about leadership! The girls knew what they had to do: they packed up not only their personal gear, but also all the badge work supplies we had scattered about the cabin (inside and outside), cleaned up the kitchen, helped the young Brownies with their things, and got everything packed into the vehicles. We were on the road to safety within 40 minutes!

As we watched the fire burn during our departure and the days that followed, the girls were painfully aware of the loss of so many trees. It really should have been no surprise that they quickly decided they wanted to help replenish the forests for their Bronze Award project. Though the Waldo Canyon burn area is still not safe for girls to start replanting, the US Forest Service offered another burn area on US Air Force Academy grounds. Last Sunday, our Girl Scout Juniors planted 40 Ponderosa Pine saplings! Thankfully we have been seeing rain in the area so are hopeful our year-old trees will someday be towering pines.

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Troops capture a moment in time at Hamp Hut time capsule project

Submitted by Kathryn Leslie

Cadette Troop 3401 was asked to come to Hamp Hut on a beautiful Saturday to help a Junior troop make time capsules. We taught the girls about Juliette Low and then about time capsules. Each girl made a time capsule, they were all very nice.

We taught them Girl Scout songs and we learned how to sing in round. The Junior Leader taught us all how to sing “Make New Friends” in sign language. Our troop had a great time with the Juniors!

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