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Exciting announcement from GSUSA






From Girl Scouts of the USA

We are excited to inform you that Sylvia Acevedo, interim CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA since June 2016, has been appointed permanent CEO of the organization, effective immediately. The appointment comes after an extensive nationwide search. 

As a lifelong Girl Scout who has served the organization with distinction for many years, Ms. Acevedo brings to the role a deep understanding of the mission of Girl Scouts and the needs of today’s girls. Indeed, her tenure as interim CEO has been marked by a renewed emphasis on Mission + Movement and the implications for girls. She is a true visionary with a strong desire to lead the Girl Scout Movement into the future, and with her passion for everything we stand for, we know she will continue to bring new and innovative ideas, as well as new members, to Girl Scouts. 

Also advantageous is Ms. Acevedo’s background as an engineer, which will help Girl Scouts raise its profile among Silicon Valley companies and expand external support of STEM activities-a key component of our organization’s programming. Throughout her professional life, she has advocated for Hispanic, Asian, and other minority populations in the U.S., as well as girls’ and women’s causes. Ms. Acevedo recently received a Distinguished Service Award from ALPHA in recognition of her lifelong participation in Girl Scouts and work as an entrepreneur, author, engineer, and, yes, a rocket scientist. 

Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts and girls’ incredible leadership capacity.

Learn more: http://blog.girlscouts.org/2017/05/sylvia-acevedo-named-permanent-chief.html

New Journeys for G.I.R.L.s


How will you take the lead like a Girl Scout in the 2017-18 Girl Scout year? New Journeys for G.I.R.L.s (go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, leaders) of all ages can help you do just that– all while making your world a better place!

Girl Scouts of the USA will roll out seven new Journeys in myGS (Volunteer Toolkit) in July 2017. Each Journey (whether new or old) is topic-specific, includes hands-on activities, and incorporates Discover, Connect, and a Take Action project. Depending upon the content, some Journeys are shorter and some are longer. They are:

It’s Your World—Change It!

  • Available for purchase in council stores (adult guide and girl book) for Daisies- Ambassadors
  • On the myGS for Daisies only as part of a 15 meeting Year Plan

It’s Your Planet—Love It

  • Available for purchase in council stores (adult guide and girl book) for for Daisies- Ambassadors
  • On myGS for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior as part of a 15 meeting Year Plan

It’s Your Story—Tell It!

  • Available for purchase in council stores (adult guide and girl book) for for Daisies- Ambassadors
  • On the myGS for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior as part of a 15 meeting Year Plan


  • Available on myGS for Brownie and Junior as nine sessions in total, which includes three outdoor badges plus three Take Action meetings and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.
  • Available on myGS for Daisies as six sessions in total, which includes two outdoor badges plus two Take Action meetings and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.
  • Available for Multi-level for Daisy/Brownie/Junior troops.
  • Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador will be available for Back to Troop as PDFs on myGS.

Think Like an Engineer

  • Available on myGS for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-level troops. The Journey is six sessions in total, including three Take Action meetings, and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.

Think Like a Programmer

  • Available on myGS for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-level troops. The Journey is six sessions in total, including three Take Action meetings, and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.

Think Like a Citizen Scientist

  • Available on myGS for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-level troops. The Journey is six sessions in total, including three Take Action meetings, and is part of a 15 meeting Year Plan.

Haven’t renewed your membership yet? What are waiting for? Early Bird registration is now open. Any girl renewed by June 15, 2017 will receive a free Early Bird patch. Any troop that has completed the Annual Troop Report for this membership year and has two Troop Leadership Team members renewed by June 15 will receive a $25 credit to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop. Renew today: http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/en/for-volunteers/membership-promos.html

Girl Scouts’ Made in the USA commitment


Girl Scout Merchandise (GSM) continues to honor its commitment to U.S.-made products and to strive to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible. Girl Scout vests, sashes, tunics, and insignia are all currently produced in this country, and we are reaching out to more vendors that have capabilities to produce stateside.  In addition, beginning in July, Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Cadette badge production will take place in the United States. The fabric, thread, iron-on backing, and packaging are all produced in America.  The USA made product will be available to start shipping in July 2017.

Beginning July 1, the badges will sell for $3. Girl Scouts of Colorado will no longer accept returns of the overseas-produced badges as of June 1.

Producing stateside supports U.S manufacturing, the U.S. economy, and creates jobs for American workers.  Reshoring our products also reduces the lead time from production to customer and simplifies our supply chain management process.  Both aid us in providing better service to our customers.  Additionally, choosing to bring manufacturing here, where regulations on industrial waste and emissions are consistent and companies are incented to become more environmentally sustainable, benefits the world by limiting waste output.  U.S. reshoring also brings production assemblies closer to end users.  As a result, vehicles consume less fossil fuel to transport goods to customers, reducing emissions.

More questions? Check out our FAQs:  https://girlscoutsofcolorado.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/2800624-girl-scouts-s-made-in-the-usa-commitment

Courageous Girl Scout shares her story

Katelyn Ibarra, a Girl Scout from Steamboat Springs who helped save lives after a city bus crashed, recently travelled to Washington, D.C. to be honored as a 2017 Citizen Honors Award winner by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

On March 29, 2016, Katelyn and her family were on their way to eat dinner when they came upon a city bus that had crashed on U.S. Highway 40 near CR 44. The roads were very slick and icy from a snowstorm earlier in the day. As soon as Katelyn saw the crash, she knew she had to help. After climbing up a slippery, muddy slope to reach the front of the bus, Katelyn climbed through the broken windshield and into the bus. Without hesitation, she helped the driver and numerous passengers, many of whom were in shock, bleeding, or had other serious injuries.

In addition to this award, Girl Scouts of the USA awarded Katelyn the prestigious Medal of Honor for “saving life or attempting to save life without risk to the candidate’s own life.”

We asked Katelyn to share her story about that fateful night and the events that have followed. Here is her story:

Recently, my life was changed forever after I did a simple deed that I thought was a no-brainer. In March 2016, my family and I came upon a head-on collision between an SUV and a city bus. I assisted the victims by climbing up a muddy embankment and through the broken windshield of the bus where I helped  passengers who had facial injuries and were in shock. That night, I saw people from all characteristic spectrums. I saw people who didn’t slow down at all. I encountered people that had a weak stomach, but still tried to help. There were the others that helped like I did. In my mind, anyone and everyone would have done what I did, but on that night and the year to follow I learned otherwise. As I was once told, there are ordinary angels all over the place, it’s just a matter of them showing themselves. My biggest thought in the moment was, I would want someone to help me, so I made sure to help them!

After that night, the attention I received was way out of my comfort zone. I received the Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Meritorious Service Award and Girl Scouts of the USA’s Medal of Honor. In addition, the local newspaper wrote articles, I was interviewed on the news, and it was all over social media. I felt like telling the story was bragging, but that all changed last month.

was presented the Young Hero Citizens Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation in Washington, D.C. It was an amazing experience and so humbling! I visited monuments, Arlington National Cemetery, the Joint Mayer Military Base, and the U.S. Capitol. I even got to eat dinner in the Library of Congress. I met such a sweet and inspiring lady named Molly who was awarded a Citizen’s Medal of Honor for stopping a school shooting. I also met over 20 men who had received the Congressional Medal of Honor for Valor (for saving lives while in the military). They told their stories in a simple and kind way and would never shame anyone while telling their stories. I realized there is a way to talk about my story while staying humble. Receiving the award wasn’t the point, the main point was showing your character by spreading kindness, helping others, and passing on good qualities.   

Men and women today and throughout history have sacrificed their lives everyday to keep us free. They are the reasons we are here today and can live the lifestyles we live now. When you see a veteran make sure to always thank them and to respect them. I’m still not really sure what to think about all this and how it will impact my life, but I’m definitely more comfortable about it now. You never know how your life can change in such a split second, both for the better or the worse. I’m thankful I was able to help that night.  


Five steps to earning your Ranger patch


From Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scouts is continuing our exciting partnership with the National Park Service and the “Girl Scout Ranger Program,” a joint venture connecting girls with National Park Service sites throughout the United States, including monuments, seashores, and urban sites. 

Through this program, girls are invited to play outdoors, learn about national parks and why they’re preserved, and develop essential leadership skills. Even better, girls have the opportunity to earn patches, complete journeys, and achieve Take Action and Gold Award projects! 

So, how exactly do you earn your Ranger patch? It’s simple!

  1. Choose a National Park Service site.

Visit http://www.nps.gov/findapark/index.htm. Choose a national park, a monument, or any of 417 sites protected by the National Park Service. Explore nature, learn the history, and read the stories to discover why it is important to preserve your park.

  1. Imagine Yourself in a National Park.

Brainstorm activities that you might want to experience at a national park. Consider working outside with a geologist or inside identifying fossils. Maybe wildfire restoration, building a bridge, or a night sky project interests you.

  1. Contact the park and make a plan.

Call the park (the phone number is on the park’s website under Contact Us). Identify yourself as a Girl Scout. Ask if there is someone who works with the Girl Scout Ranger program or a volunteer coordinator. Express your ideas to the coordinator. Together, plan a project to help the park and fulfill your goals.

  1. Go to the park and Have Fun!

If your park does not have a volunteer program or is too far away to visit, create a Take Action Project.

  1. Share the experience

Share your best shots on Instagram and Twitter using  #FindYourPark and #NPS101 (don’t forget to tag @GirlScouts and @GSColo) and invite your entire troop to do the same!

Ready to learn more about becoming a Girl Scout Ranger? Click here to read FAQs!

National Park Week + free activities = fun in the great outdoors


From Girl Scouts of the USA

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to check your gear, restock your day pack, and get ready to spend more time in the great outdoors! With more than 417 locations in the National Park Service (NPS), “America’s Best Idea” (as documentarian Ken Burns nicknamed U.S. parks) provides the ultimate places to discover new things, observe natural phenomena, and learn more about the natural world.

Anyone who’s ready to shake off winter and get outside will be happy to hear that the United States’ largest celebration of our national heritage, National Park Week, is April 15–23, 2017.

During this exploratory week, NPS hosts special events at parks nationwide, and both weekends that fall within National Park Week offer free admittance, so every visitor can enjoy.

In addition to soaking up some time outdoors, Girl Scouts can take advantage of this special week to work on their Naturalist and Outdoor badges or to start earning their Girl Scout Ranger patch . This patch’s requirements let Girl Scouts decide how they want to give back to parks by joining an existing volunteer program or by designing a new project with park employees. Volunteer programs include everything from educational programs to service projects that protect park resources. After five hours of service, girls earn a Ranger certificate, and after ten hours (or more!), they can collect the coveted Ranger patch.

So be sure to check out the NPS’s special events, clear your calendar, and fill your water bottle—it’s time to set out on a new adventure! (Don’t forget to share your pictures with the hashtags #FindYourPark and #NPS101.)

P.S. National Park Week falls during Volunteer Appreciation Month, so if you see one of the 340,000 volunteers who make national parks great, be sure to say thanks!

Financial literacy requires more than a piggy bank


From Girl Scouts of the USA

Some skills come naturally to us, but for many Americans, learning to be savvy with money takes a lot of work. To help people improve their command of currency, the U.S. Senate in 2004 designated April as Financial Literacy Month. In the spirit of this theme, we’re reflecting on the unique Girl Scout programs that prepare girls to take charge of their financial educations and futures. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute study Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy, girls know they need a solid financial foundation, but few feel confident about their skills.

To help build girls’ confidence, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has developed 11 Financial Literacy badges that girls can earn in addition to the badges for Cookie Business. Based on real-life situations, such as budgeting and philanthropy, the badges give young women a deeper understanding of financial literacy, empowering them for future life success.

For girls in underserved communities, we’re proud to continue the “Driving My Financial Future” program, a partnership with Toyota Financial Services (TFS). The program’s goal is to help more than 40,000 girls become financially proficient leaders, learn real-life and age-appropriate financial skills, and develop tools that inspire positive change in their communities. GSUSA interim CEO Sylvia Acevedo expressed, “It’s always gratifying to collaborate with partners such as Toyota Financial Services that understand the importance of instilling financial empowerment in girls and young women, and share the Girl Scout mission of investment in leadership development for our future trailblazers.” Since 2007, TFS has also sponsored the Making Life Easier program, which to date has awarded college scholarships to 1,000 students affiliated with nonprofits, including Girl Scouts.

From coast to coast, the girls who participate in the TFS “Driving My Financial Future”  program receive their own copy of The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (which helps them earn their Financial Literacy badges) and a TFS participant patch. Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors also take part in financial planning activities to grow their finance skills by practicing how they’d handle real-life scenarios, such as saving for college or starting to build good credit.

Learn more about the program, which communities participate, and our partnership with Toyota Financial Services.

Five ways to thank your Girl Scout volunteer during Volunteer Appreciation Month


From Girl Scouts of the USA

We know it, you know it, but do they realize it?

Our extraordinary volunteers are what make the adventurous Girl Scout world go round. And during April, we’re ensuring they hear how much girls and parents appreciate that.

Here are five fun ways to show your favorite volunteer your love and gratitude during National Volunteer Appreciation Month (and beyond!):

1. Make something. Who doesn’t love a handmade gift from the heart? Show the one-of-a-kind Girl Scout volunteer in your life just how much they mean to you by breaking out those arts and crafts supplies and getting creative. They’ll love it!

2. Shout ‘em out on social media. What better way to make your favorite Girl Scout volunteer feel special than to broadcast your thanks far and wide? They’re the best, and you’ll shout it loud and clear: I love my Girl Scout volunteer!

Be sure to include a line about why this volunteer (or volunteers!) is so special to you, and include the hashtag #NVW2017 to call out National Volunteer Week, which runs April 23–29.

3. Write them a love letter. Imagine their surprise when they open their mailbox and find a love letter from you. Need a little inspiration? Check out the letter Girl Scouts put together for these amazing volunteers!

4. Send an eCard. Is your Girl Scout volunteer a digital genius? Get innovative and send them a personalized eCard! It’s easy; pick your favorite G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ design, type their name, and share the card on social media or through email. Get started today!

5. Have your girl decide. Girl Scouts is girl-led, after all! The relationships between a Girl Scout and her volunteers are precious, so her thank you can be, too! Ask your girl how she would like to give back to volunteers this month. Does she want to sing a song, cook a delicious meal, or save up to buy flowers? Get those creative juices flowing, and help her take the lead!


G.I.R.L. 2017: Registration Opens March 14


From Girl Scouts of the USA

Save the date to join us at a one-of-a-kind gathering of girls and women from around the world!

In October, we’re shining the spotlight on girls, making our Girl Scout convention the premier event for every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)TM who wants to make the world a better place—– and we’re calling this event G.I.R.L. 2017. For three days, girls will dominate Columbus, Ohio—– and we want you to be a part of it. G.I.R.L. 2017, October 6-8, 2017, will draw more than 10,000 of the brightest, strongest, and most capable girls and women in the world. Excited? We are!

Be sure to mark your calendar and tell your friends—– for a limited time you can save 15 percent on registration by taking advantage of our early bird registration price starting March 14.

Learn more about G.I.R.L. 2017

Meet the winning Girls’ Choice badge designs

Girls_Choice_Results_960x960 (002) (1)

From Girl Scouts of the USA

Two weeks ago, girls had the chance to vote on one of two designs for the new badge they’ll be able to earn this coming fall—Troop Camping. (It’s her world—we’re just here to guide her!) Thanks to everyone who cast a vote and made their voices heard!

What’s next? Well, we’re hard at work on the badge requirements now, making sure they’re chock full of opportunities for her to take the lead like a Girl Scout and unleash her inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™. And we can’t forget all the adventure, fun, and excitement great Girl Scout memories are made of! This will be a big part of the journey, too.

Badge requirements will be ready for download by June 15 and in council stores by August. In the meantime, girls: get ready, because camp life is the best life! It’s going to be amazing.