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Girl Scouting at home: Family fun from GSCO Camp Staff

Share the fun of Girl Scout Camp with your family! Girl Scouts of Colorado Camp Staff has developed a series of activities you can do with your family at home. Or, you can even share them with your Girl Scout sisters virtually. This week’s activity is a fun and easy game called “Who’s Most Likely To…” We hope it helps you get to know your loved ones just a little bit better! 

Game Play: 

  • This game needs absolutely no materials! You and your loved ones need to just sit together somewhere comfortably, so you can all talk and see one another. 
  • One at a time someone will ask a “who is most likely to” question. As a group, you then discuss who among you would be most likely to do that thing!  
  • Answers and questions can be silly, random, or meaningful. Feel free to get creative.  
  • You can also nominate yourself for a question if you think you are most likely to do that thing! 

Here are some fun questions to ask: “Who is most likely to….. 

  • Become President of the United States? 
  • Eat an entire cake in one sitting? 
  • Be a ski or snowboard instructor? 
  • Memorize the theme song of their favorite TV show? 
  • Bake the most delicious chocolate chip cookies? 
  • Wear pajamas all day long? 
  • Adopt a puppy? 
  • Attend summer camp? 
  • Become a superhero? 
  • Win an Oscar? 
  • Die their hair a fun color? 
  • Win a reality TV show? 
  • Finish a puzzle the fastest? 
  • Sing a song to their pet? 
  • Meet a celebrity? 
  • Become an astronaut? 
  • Set a world record? 
  • Compete in the Olympics? 
  • Start a band? 
  • Find out they are secretly a wizard?

Girl Scouting at home: “Drawing” badge for Girl Scout Juniors

This resource was created by Jenni Grossman, a troop leader in the Western Colorado region.

Vocabulary you might need to know


your favorite dearing tool (pens, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels)

Still Life:

An object that doesn’t move like a bowl, fruit, or a vase


A major part of drawing and it means showing the dark areas of a drawing.  It adds depth to help the picture look more real. 

Value in art:

is how light or dark something is on a scale of white to black 


Using a bunch of little or big lines to make a value

Cross Hatching:

Making a grid with the hatching lines


Using dots to shade by repeating them over and over


When something touches the graphic (lead in the pencil) and smears it


Some objects in the picture look farther away than others

Graphic Artist:

An artist whose job is to communicate messages or ideas in visual form, like a logo for a company.  They often use a computer.  


All the work an artist has completed that can easily be shown to others


Step 1: Experiment with different materials

Supplies: depends on what you choose from the three options below.

Choose a still life you want to draw.  We are going to draw it three times so choose one way below: 

#1 draw it with black pen, black colored pencil, and a regular pencil 


#2 draw it with colored pens, colored pencils, and crayons


#3 choose your own 3 mediums and draw the still life with each

Step 2: Learn how to add shading

Supplies: pencil, paper

HOW TO ART – How to Shade with Pencil

Watch this video and then do your own value scale (she will tell you what it is in the video) and practice the kinds of shading she explains

Step 3: Get some perspective

Supplies: pencil, ruler (or something that can help you draw straight), colored pencils, black marker

Watch this video and do your own perspective landscape drawing


Step 4: Use your imagination like a graphic artist

Supplies: paper and whatever mediums you choose

Watch this video to learn more about graphic artists:


Then, draw a new cover for a book.  What do the words make you think about? How do they make you feel?  What does this book mean to you? How could you show that in your drawing? Have fun being a graphic artist.

Step 5: Make your masterpiece–and show it off!

Supplies: It’s totally up to you!

It’s time to show off your things you learned!  Create a new masterpiece with some techniques you learned like shading, mediums, and perspective and be ready to show it to your sister scouts (and maybe we can invite parents to see it too) at an upcoming meeting either in person or virtually.  

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

We (virtually) earned the “Cybersecurity” patch

Submitted by Laura Falin

Metro Denver


Even though our Brownie troop can’t meet in person due to COVID-19, we met online and did activities to earn our “Cybersecurity” patch. The girls shared different things that have layers, clothing when we go outside, baking cakes – and we talked about how the computers we’re using so much right now also have layers of security to protect us.

The girls also drew pictures of castles – some of them had moats, and guards, and security cameras, and sharks, and all kinds of things to protect the castle. We talked about how computers have passwords and usernames, and how the school computers the girls are using have (fire)walls to keep out websites that aren’t appropriate for kids.

By completing this activity, the girls will earn this special cybersecurity patch. Learn how to earn yours.

Virtual meeting for badge work

Submitted by Samantha K.

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

My Ambassador Troop 54313 in Steamboat Springs was working on the “Water” badge before the COVID-19 social distancing and school closures started. We met with our biology teacher, Ms. Frithsen, about water issues. She introduced us to many shocking issues. We spent many meetings narrowing down and researching the topics. As we were ready to put together our final project, school was cancelled. We missed each other, so we set up a web call, started a Google Doc, and all worked on our project together. Social distancing can’t keep a good troop down!

Here is the link to our project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ewakt6uhHSNlpOD32z4wNfiqFZjv_wAkbtmtkEO9lkA/edit?usp=sharing

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

Girl Scouts at home

Everything has changed: Your daily routine, your physical connections, for many people their ability to make a living, and for many others their health and well-being. At this time of global crisis, we lean (virtually and figuratively) on one another. The Girl Scout community has a solid history of coming together, of taking the lead when things get tough, of showing compassion for those in need and being resilient when facing challenges.

We’ve seen troops and Girl Scouts staying connected virtually, trying new things at home and earning badges, and dreaming up ways to help her community through this crisis.

If your troop or girl is in a position to continue their Girl Scout experience, we’ve compiled a number of ways to support that experience virtually.

Check out the new, interactive Girl Scouts at Home website and Girl Scouts of Colorado’s web page highlighting council patches that can be done at home.

GSCO has developed a list of activities/service projects that can be done at home and may even help girls earn a badge or patch!

Please note, this resource is not inclusive of every activity Girl Scouts can do at home. Check out the complete list of Girl Scout Badges and Journeys online and use the online Badge Explorer to understand basic requirements.

Watch our social media channels, website, and blog for more virtual programming opportunities in the near future!

Our first-ever VIRTUAL Girl Scout Spirit Week

Show your Girl Scout Spirit Sunday, April 5– Saturday April 11, 2020! Each day will have a special theme and you can join the fun by sharing your videos, photos, comments, etc. on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Twitter and Instagram users, be sure to tag @GSColo in your posts and use #GSColo.

  • Sunday, April 5: Favorite Girl Scout T-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Monday, April 6: Favorite badge or earned award
  • Tuesday, April 7: Favorite memory
  • Wednesday, April 8: Favorite Skill
  • Thursday, April 9: Favorite Song
  • Friday, April 10: Favorite Trip
  • Saturday, April 11: Favorite Patch

New “Stand and Be Counted” patch!

Girl Scouts of Colorado is thrilled to launch our “Stand and Be Counted”patch in honor of the 2020 Census! Earn this patch to discover why we count everyone, what happens afterward, and how you can become involved.

Learn more

Highest Awards

Now is also the perfect time to start working on requirements for your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award! The Highest Awards program will be adding a few additional virtual trainings in the next few weeks while everyone is at home.

Also, the award project completion deadline for bridging girls has been extended to Dec. 31.

Learn more


Fun activities Girl Scouts can do at home

Many Girl Scouts are out of school and troops are unable to meet in-person for at least the next few weeks. But, that doesn’t mean that Girl Scouting stops! Now, more than ever, it is important to maintain meaningful connections with our Girl Scout family, friends, and community. While some troops and service units are meeting virtually, GSCO has developed a list of activities/service projects that can be done at home and may even help girls earn a badge or patch! Please note this is a working list that may be updated at any time: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GbqoF8PqGsWIcPfkDzLNl7pI4fg1sFGhsqlHkO6fbos/edit?usp=sharing

Girl Scouting at home

When girls take the lead, great things happen! Even though your girl’s daily routine may have changed, there are many ways she can still participate in Girl Scout activities and earn (or work the requirements for) patches/ badges/ awards, even at home! Here are a few resources and ideas for Girl Scouts of all levels to help you get started: https://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/en/our-program/ways-to-participate/girl-scouting-at-home.html

Please note, this resource is not inclusive of every activity Girl Scouts can do at home. Check out the complete list of Girl Scout Badges and Journeys online and use the online Badge Explorer to understand basic requirements. There are also many patch programs available to Girl Scouts nationally and we have highlighted a few local patch programs in this resource.