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2013 Cookie Season Wrap Up

Girl Scouts of Colorado thanks you for a great cookie season.

Girl Scouts in Colorado, with the support of their leaders, families and friends, sold 4.19 million packages of Girl Scout Cookies this season! Congratulations to the girls for their success and to the volunteers for guiding girls to discover the 5 Essential Skills: goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

The total sale was down about 5 percent from last year, however there were about 6 percent fewer selling girls, so the per girl average actually increased.

The top seller in the state, Madison Walker of Arvada, sold 4,200 packages of cookies! Fifteen girls sold 2,500 packages of cookies or more across the state. Last year, only seven girls reached that goal.

This year, girls earned $245,000 in Cookie Credits to pay for camp, events, travel, Girl Scout merchandise and more.

As a team, parents, volunteers and staff improved inventory management procedures, which helped to reduce the amount of cookies remaining at the end of the sale by more than half. Thank you for working hard to manage your inventory and meet return deadlines.

We’re looking forward to another great year in 2014.

After 17 years of service to Girl Scouts in Colorado, Dorothy Gregory, former Vice President of Product Sales, has retired. Her product sales leadership has been instrumental in funding the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for generations of girls in Colorado — a priceless contribution! Angel Haxton is the new statewide product sales team leader for Girl Scouts of Colorado.

And check out these great cookie sales pitches done by our 2013 cookie sellers! These girls are learning a lot of business skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

http://youtu.be/G1zMqXnqinM (Colorado Springs, #3810)
http://youtu.be/1YZXloU-R7U (Denver #51435)
http://youtu.be/d8GO7shx0cY (Denver #52316)
http://youtu.be/H1PwS1JXYp8 (Aspen, #53919)
http://youtu.be/s8ZmFBwDb24 (Parker #61292)
http://youtu.be/q4aQb_mwQSs (Denver #51058)

Western Slope Girl Scouts make record Hometown Heroes donation


On Tuesday, April 16th, the Western Slope’s largest Girl Scout Troop 12214 of Holy Family Catholic School made a Hometown Heroes donation of more than 500 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to Catholic Outreach. This was the largest Hometown Heroes donation made by a troop on the Western Slope this year.

The troop blogged about their effort, which included some local media coverage, on their troop’s blog. Read the blog here.

Posted by Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado

Military thanks Colorado Girl Scouts for Cookies

Check out the cute postcard of thanks that we received from a member of the military last week thanking Colorado Girl Scouts for the Girl Scout Cookies we sent.



One of Girl Scouts of Colorado’s staff members also shared this great photo she got from a friend she knows in the military, who was also very excited to receive Girl Scout Cookies!


Colorado Springs Girl Scouts deliver cookies to Westside Cares

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2rDN5FAjQA?rel=0]

Great work to Colorado Springs Girl Scout Troop 2705 who recognized their Hometown Heroes for the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program, Westside Cares, last Thursday, March 7th. The troop collected more than 100 packages from their customers during the cookie sale for this organization, which helps those in need in the community. Additionally, the troop, which meets in the area, plans to do further community service projects for the organization, including a toothbrush/toothpaste drive. Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs/Pueblo as well as KKTV-CBS 11 News covered this troop’s presentation of cookies.    

Girl Scout troop starts at VOA’s Brunetti Lofts


Troop 1287 is a brand new troop of girls who are living at a local Volunteers of America facility, which is helping single-parent families on the road to self-sufficiency. The kindergarten-fifth grade troop of Girl Scouts meets weekly at Brunetti Lofts in downtown Denver.

On Sunday, Feb. 10th, the troop held a Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale at the Brunetti Lofts and sold 100 packages. The girls have sights set on using the money they’ve raised through cookie sales to go to Girl Scout summer camp, among other activities, according to troop leaders, Jenifer Woods and Marcie Tidd.

One of the largest takeaways the girls are learning through Girl Scouting is how to give back to their community. Many of the girls have commented that they hope they can organize a project to give back to Brunetti Lofts.

This is one of the many Girl Scout groups in Colorado which provides programming to girls in underserved areas. Girl Scouts provides all girls the opportunity to learn how they can become a leader who makes a difference in the world.

Article in Denver’s YourHub

Blog submitted by Amanda Kalina, Director of Public Relations, and Amy Myers, Director of Development

Join me for National Girl Scout Cookie Day Feb. 8th


Me (right) doing an interview with Central City Girl Scout Ashley this last weekend on CBS 4 in Denver

Girl Scout Cookie time is here! I’ve already broken open a few packages and am enjoying every bite of these yummy treats.

But, being a lifelong Girl Scout, I also know these yummy treats benefit something really special here in our community. You see, Girl Scout Cookies help fund everything Girl Scouts, from our camps to our programs. Our Girl Scouts also use their money to travel the world, or to make a difference in their community through a take action project. Through all these experiences, girls are gaining lifelong skills, and most importantly become community leaders who will continue to make a positive difference in this world. I know for me personally Girl Scouts has made me the person I am today. I know I learned every one of the five skills that we teach girls during cookie time, and use each one of them daily — goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

On Feb. 8th, National Girl Scout Cookie Day, you can help Girl Scouts of Colorado spread the word on why Girl Scout Cookie time is so important to the girls. Just take to your (or your company’s) Facebook or Twitter that day, and talk about Girl Scout Cookie time. Share a personal story like mine, or talk about what you’ve learned about Girl Scouts and why you should support Girl Scouts by purchasing cookies. Link to the Girl Scouts of Colorado website (www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org) for all the details on buying cookies. We will also be giving away free Girl Scout Cookies on Facebook and Twitter throughout National Girl Scout Cookie Day.

Thank you for your support of Girl Scouts of Colorado! And we look forward to celebrating National Girl Scout Cookie Day with you on Friday!!

What is the secret to the world’s largest girl-run business?

The secret to the Girl Scout Cookie Program is what’s in the box, and I don’t mean the cookies!

To some the secret might be just a wagon full of cookies and a smile!  As Evelyn, Brownie Girl Scout from Lakewood and Auburn, Daisy Girl Scout from Littleton demonstrated on Sunday, January 27th as cookies kicked off!


What is really in a box of cookies?  Selling cookies teaches 5 skills; goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics-aspects that are essential to leadership and to life.

So . . .just how does the cookie crumble here in Colorado?  What happens to that $3.50 a customer pays for a package of cookies?   $1.84 is used for local (Colorado) Girl Scout programming     $0.92 pays the bakery for the product     $0.72 goes to the troop as proceeds (starting at $0.60/pkg) and recognitions, and  $0.02 is other sale costs

What was my secret to selling cookies?  Being an older Girl Scout (5th-12th grade) was tough!  We used to buddy up and hit as many apartment buildings (especially ones with stairs) as we could during door to door presales (no Cookies Now! then) because we knew they were less likely to already have been asked.

The theme of the cookie program this year is What can a girl do?  So share with us, just what can a girl do?   What was or is your secret to a successful cookie program?

ZisBoomBah Cookie Quests Have Arrived

ZisBoomBah is so excited about this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program, that they have decided to help! They have created Girl Scout Cookie Quests for Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts. Girl will be able to help Zis learn how to sell cookies, as well as, practice what to say when a customer asks you “are your cookies nut free” or “do you have any healthy cookies?” These quests will help your girls practice talking with customers, answer customer’s questions and sell more cookies. Zis discovered a secret… the more you know, the more you sell! So check out ZisBoomBah today!

Has your troop already signed up for ZisBoomBah? All you have to do is make sure each of your girls are registered to your group and then assign them the Girl Scout Cookie Quests. If your girls have not recieved their FREE ZisBoomBah Fun Patch, this is a great way for them to earn it!

Is this your first time hearing about ZisBoomBah, or maybe you have just not signed up yet, you still can. All you need to do is email MySelf@gscolorado.org to request a group code. Once your girls complete three quests, they receive the ZisBoomBah Fun Patch for FREE!

Are you a Cadette, Senior or Ambassador? Do you want to be a part of ZisBoomBah? Well you can! We are asking for older girls and older girl troops to submit quests ideas (cookies or healthy living related) to MySelf@gscolorado.org. If you submit two or more ideas as a girl or as a troop, you will receive the ZisBoomBah Fun Patch for FREE as well!

ZisBoomBah wants to wish you and your troops “good luck” with your cookie season. They want to help you reach your goals! Check out their website today at http://www.zisboombah.com/.

Girl Scout Cookie time in the news!

View more photos of 2013 Colorado Cookie Media Star interviews

Girl Scouts of Colorado is covering the state promoting everyone’s favorite time of the year, Girl Scout Cookie time! Here’s just a sampling of our coverage that is available online (lots more going on that’s not online too :)). More is coming in daily, so we will continue to update this list. Great job also goes to all the Girl Scouts in Colorado who are part of these efforts! Go Girl Scout Cookie time!! 🙂

And if you see any Girl Scouts of Colorado Cookie media in your area, let us know about it!

Girl Scouts of the USA has also recognized Girl Scouts of Colorado’s media work several times this cookie season!

And look for these Girl Scout Cookie billboards around the state of Colorado that we have placed (there are placements in Spanish too)! Additionally we placed some advertising (same campaign) with media outlets/information sources around the state for cookie time. It directs people to the Booth Sale Locator to find a sale.

Billboard photo

National Girl Scout Cookie Day Patch Program

national cookie day patch

The GSCO Program Team is excited about the upcoming National Girl Scout Cookie Day on Feb. 8th, and we’ve created a National Girl Scout Cookie Day Patch Program that all girls are encouraged to participate in to get involved in this exciting day! The focus of this patch program is on the five skills girls learn from selling Girl Scout Cookies (goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics). It also encourages selling activities on Friday, Feb. 8th, since there will be a lot of talk around the nation about Girl Scout Cookie time. If a girl participates, she can purchase the patch featured above in one of our council shops.

Best wishes for an exciting 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program!