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Girl Scouts offers fun for the entire family this winter

Submitted by Cortney Kern

Looking for great family events this winter?

Join us at the Pepsi Center in January and February to cheer on the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets with special Girl Scout activities and ticket prices.  January 4 from    6-9 p.m., the Avalanche will face off against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Before the game, Girl Scouts and their families can participate in a skating clinic with the talented Ice Girls. After the game, you can take pictures and play on the ice. All ticket holders enter into a drawing at random to get to watch the Avalanche players warm up from the Penalty Box.

If your family likes basketball, you will not want to miss the Denver Nuggets match-up against the Utah Jazz on Friday, February 27. Not only will girls get to watch the game, they get to sleep over with their families at the Pepsi Center, watch a movie on the jump Pepsi Vision screen, and enjoy a midnight snack and breakfast. There are two level ticket prices for this event. You can sit at the upper level for $22 or get up close at the lower level for $64.

The top three Girl Scout troops who sell the most tickets to the Nuggets game will get a very special opportunity to have a cookie booth after the game where you will get great visibility and an opportunity to make sales. The two troop runner-ups will get to present the colors during the National Anthem.

These two events make for a great family friendly evening.  A portion of tickets sold for both events goes to help provide more girls the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

To get tickets to the Avalanche game, click here. For questions, contact Kiley Long at   (303) 405-7625.

To get tickets to the Nuggets game, use this link:


For questions, contact Abby Stewart at (303) 405-1139.


If sports aren’t your favorite, the Denver Art Museum will have free admission for all kids under 18 during winter break. The museum will have activities, art making stations and theatrical performances throughout the December 20th to January 4th.

Cookie bosses go digital

Submitted by GSUSA

Yes, you read that right! Digital Cookie is a groundbreaking new addition to the iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love—the first-ever national digital platform in the program’s history. This enhancement takes the cookie program beyond the booth, creating another fun, safe, interactive space for girls to sell cookies. It’s a total game changer!

And this is just the beginning. The 2014 launch of Digital Cookie is only the first phase of a multi-year project to get Girl Scouts building their online cookie businesses—learning more, earning more, and having more fun. Future versions of Digital Cookie will provide improved user experiences for girls and cookie customers alike, and a more robust customer interface to make it even easier for customers to support girls through their cookie purchases.

Right now the majority of the 112 Girl Scout councils nationwide are participating in Digital Cookie during the 2014–2015 cookie season, and more are expected to be on board by the end of 2015, using an updated “version 2.0.”

Just like with our traditional cookie sale, all the money girls earn through Digital Cookie stays with their local council, and girls decide how to reinvest it back into their neighborhoods and communities. Like all Girl Scout Cookie consumers, Digital Cookie customers are not only getting a delicious treat—they are also making an important investment in their communities.

Keep in mind, though, that Girl Scout Cookies are still only available during Girl Scout Cookie season, so whether you stock up at a traditional sale or through Digital Cookie, make sure you get them before they are gone!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

Will Digital Cookie be available in my area?

Visit www.girlscouts.org/digitalcookieto see if Digital Cookie is available in your market.

How will shipping be calculated?

All shipping costs associated with Digital Cookie are in line with industry standards set by many reputable delivery services. The cost associated is comparable to what a customer would pay when buying Girl Scout Cookies at a booth sale and shipping the cookies themselves.

Is this online option safe for girls? 

Digital Cookie emphasizes the safety of both girls and customers. There are specific safety requirements and regulations put in place that are in line with the traditional cookie program’s safety regulations, with the appropriate caregiver monitoring the cookie sale. As is true with the traditional cookie program, a parent, guardian, caregiver, or buddy (depending on the age of the Girl Scout) must be with the girl when she’s delivering cookies.

What about the girls who are not participating in Digital Cookie?

Girls not participating in Digital Cookie may call and send email messages to alert friends and family to product sales, and they can accept customer commitments via email or telephone. Girls who are 13 years of age or older may use social networking sites to market product, but must follow council and GSUSA guidelines.

Today’s girls are digital natives, and they wanted a cookie program that could teach them twenty-first-century skills in twenty-first-century ways—skills they’ll need to have in order to be leaders in today’s high-tech world. Well, that cookie program is now here, and we’re more excited than ever before!

Colorado Girl Scouts send cookies to the military

From Kay Martley, Girl Scouts of Colorado volunteer coordinator for the cookies to the military program (Photos by Colorado Girl Scout volunteer Carol Klein)  


View more photos from the event

The annual Hearts Across the Miles Girl Scout Cookie packaging event for the military took place on Saturday, March 15th, at the Colorado National Guard Armory in Aurora. More than 70 volunteers, many of them Girl Scouts and their families, participated in packing the cookies that will be sent to soldiers who are on deployment. These cookies were sold by the Girl Scouts during the annual cookie program and bought by the public knowing the cookies would be sent to soldiers. A cookie from home gives our soldiers solace and confirms that we are all thinking of them. Hearts is a volunteer group of active and retired military, and they raise the funds to cover the cost of shipping. Approximately 6,500 packages of Girl Scout Cookies were donated to this effort this year. These cookies supported 23 deployed units as well as the Veterans’ Administration, local Colorado National Guard units and Buckley Air Force Base. About 45 packed boxes of cookies were held back and will be shipped off in the coming months to additional deployed units.

“It’s obvious this a labor of love for our local community. It’s also obvious that the Girl Scouts are the key to its success,” said Al Gonzalez, President, Hearts Across the Miles.

Using Cookie Credits/Volume Discounts for Summer Camp

Now that the Cookie Program has concluded, we know that there is a lot of excitement out there on how cookie credits and cookie volume discounts will be applied towards summer camp.

Cookie Volume Discounts: Beginning by the Week of March 24, girls who have qualified for these discounts based on the number of packages sold will see these discounts being applied to their accounts. Once applied, an email will be sent to the camper’s family. As a reminder the discounts are:

  • 500 to 999 packages=5% discount
  • 1,000 to 1,499 packages=10% discount
  • 1,500 to 1,999 packages=15% discount
  • 2000+ packages=20% discount

NOTE: These are the ONLY discounts that can be combined with another discount.

Cookie Credits

If you told us on your camp app you are using cookie credits: Also beginning by the Week of March 24, these credits will begin to be applied to accounts. Once the funds are applied, the camper’s family will receive an email notification.

If your cookie credits go onto your cookie card: If a girl did not mention she is paying in cookie credits on her application, then it is up to her family to use the cookie credit card they receive in mid-April to make their balance payment.

NEW AS OF 4/23/14: To use your cookie card, please call customer support at 877-404-5708, M-F, 8:30am-5:30pm to make your payment over the phone.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Early Bird Prices end April 30 at 11:59 p.m., and it is the responsibility of the family to make their payment prior to that date in order to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing.

Colorado Girl Scouts honor their heroes


Girl Scout Troop 74372 from Louisville, Colo. is honoring a special group of heroes during this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, the Colorado National Guard.

When the Colorado floods hit last September, members of this fifth grade Girl Scout troop were on a school field trip to outdoor education center, Cal-Wood, above Jamestown. The floods trapped the girls and their classmates at the camp for several days as all roads in and out of the area had been washed out. Colorado’s National Guard was called in to rescue the group by helicopter.

The Colorado National Guard was a natural choice for this troop to honor during the Girl Scout Cookies Hometown Heroes Program. Through this program the troop has collected hundreds of packages of cookies, which they plan to deliver to their heroes in March.

This is a great story that highlights what many Girl Scout troops are doing throughout the state to recognize community heroes this Cookie Season. The goal in Colorado this year is to donate 200,000 packages to Girl Scouts’ Hometown Heroes.

Girl Scout Night at Nuggets Game

Despite the snowy and cold weather on Friday night, Jan. 31st, hundreds of Girl Scouts and their family and friends from throughout Colorado enjoyed a Girl Scout night at the Denver Nuggets game. The event featured Girl Scouts leading a flag ceremony at the beginning of the game as well as a Girl Scout Cookie sale at the conclusion of the game. Troops selected for these honors were chosen based on their ticket sales for the event. Girl Scouts also had the chance to spend the night at the Pepsi Center following the festivities. Girl Scouts of Colorado thanks the Denver Nuggets for partnering with us on this great visibility event!

We will also like to give shout-out to the proskins team for sponsoring us!!

Girl Scout Cookie time in the news in Colorado!


View more photos from Colorado Girl Scout Media Stars in action

Thanks to the hard work of Girl Scouts across the state, Girl Scout Cookie time is making the news! As we receive great web links to placements that are made, we will add them to this blog post so watch this post for updates. We will also be giving cookie media updates on our social media channels. Because not all media hits are added to the web (making them easy to share), this post doesn’t include all of the wonderful cookie placements we are receiving. We appreciate the media across Colorado supporting Girl Scout Cookie time!

Sell Cookies at the Nuggets Game!

On January 31, the Denver Nuggets are hosting Pajama Jam.  Tickets to the Pajama Jam are only $22 and include:

  • Ticket to the Denver Nuggets vs. Toronto Raptors game
  • Post-Game shoot around on the Nuggets Court
  • Girl Scout Gift
  • Sleepover at the Pepsi Center
  • Midnight Snack
  • Donuts and juice in the morning

We are encouraging troops to refer people in their network to buy tickets to this game/event.  The 3 troops who refer the most people will get to sell cookies at a booth after the game (GSCO will provide the inventory, and troops will earn the troop profit from the sales).  The troops who refer the 4th and 5th most people will have the opportunity to participate in the flag presentation during the National Anthem at the game. 

In order to be counted towards the troop’s referral total, the tickets must be purchased through the online link:

http://www.nuggetstix.com/14girlscouts  Although the link is for tickets to Pajama Jam, all referred purchasers should use it, even if they are only attending the game.  Tickets through this link are open to everyone (not restriction to Girl Scouts or their families).  The Nuggets will contact everyone who purchases through this link to request the number of the troop that should be credited.

All sales made by Monday, Jan. 27th, at noon will be counted towards selecting the contest winners.

Denver PSS Blog January 2014: Part 2- Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Denver PSS Blog January 2014:  Part 2- Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Who else started counting down the days until cookie sales start as soon as holiday break ended? I know I did! It’s the biggest time of year around here, that’s why this month’s theme is Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! We all know how big of an impact the cookie sale profits makes for a troop– It’s your biggest source of revenue and an important skill-building tool for girls. I have compiled a list of tips, tricks and reminders below to act as a resource for those of you who may be new. Cookie Sale vets, feel free to share your stories here too. Remember that assistance is just a phone call or e-mail away if you get stuck at any point with booth sales, girl registration, money issues or anything else. We are here to support you to the fullest.

Don’t forget to brainstorm with the girls how to use this money during booth sales. It’s a great way to keep morale high and encourage goal-setting.

Here is a very important, comprehensive, GSCO-specific PDF. It outlines our partnership with the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, the cookie activity pin, the Pajama Jam, contact information, cookie sale videos, poster PDFs and tons more. http://gscoblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/january-2014-agenda.pdf

Here are safety tips: http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_cookies/pdf/2012_safety_tips.pdf

FAQs about cookie sales: http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_cookies/faq.asp

Things to remember:
a. Girls must be registered in order to sell cookies. If you are experiencing problems with registration, contact your PSS as soon as possible.
b. Your first point of contact is your Troop Cookie Manager. After that, the Service Unit Cookie Manager and then the Area Cookie Manager. If you don’t know who these people are, contact your Service Unit Manager or PSS and they should be able to help you find out.
c. When at a booth site, you are representing more than just your troop. You are representing Girl Scouts everywhere. Be on your best behavior, smile and say thank you even when you are turned down.
d. The Hometown Hero program is a great alternative to those who don’t care for cookies themselves.

Girl Scout cookies are an American icon, so wear your uniforms and sell those bad boys proudly! Best of luck and as we used to say in my old troop… May the samoas be with you!

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2014 Activities


Girl Scouts of the USA has set Feb. 7 and 8 as National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend across the country. Like last year, this will be an opportunity for Girl Scouts to join together and talk about the lifelong business skills learned by selling Girl Scout Cookies. When Girl Scouts talk in one collective voice about something, our voice is pretty powerful!

This year National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend starts at the same time as the Winter Olympics starts in Russia. Because Colorado Springs is the home of the U.S. Olympic Training Center, we’ve joined forces with them and will be celebrating National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend by cheering for Team USA.

There are several opportunities for Colorado troops/Girl Scouts to get involved in the celebration:

  1. Bling your Girl Scout Cookie Booth to show your Team USA support and share your photos with us on social media.*
  2. Sign up your family and friends to participate in the Short and Sweet Downtown Dash, a 1-mile family fun glow run held in conjunction with a Sochi Olympic Downtown Celebration in Colorado Springs (the home of the U.S. Olympic Training Center). The Short and Sweet Downtown Dash is at 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 7. You are encouraged to dress up as your favorite Girl Scout Cookie, and you could even add gear from your favorite Olympic sport! Share your photos with us on social media.* (Please note that Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies during this event as there is a no selling policy in downtown Colorado Springs. We do have a booth at this event and will be passing out information on how consumers can purchase Girl Scout Cookies from any Colorado Girl Scout, as well as giving out free Girl Scout Cookie samples.)

*Girl Scouts of Colorado’s social media channels:

  • facebook.com/girlscoutsofcolorado
  • twitter.com/gscolo
  • Hashtags: #GirlScoutCookies #gscocookies #cookieboss #cookiebiz #onemorebox #TeamUSA #Sochi2014 #RaiseYourHands
  • Twitter handles: @GSColo @girlscouts @USOlympic
  • Free Girl Scout Cookie Giveaways taking place throughout the weekend on our social media channels!

Colorado Girl Scouts can earn a National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Participation Patch (pictured above). More information will be posted in the Cookie section of girlscoutsofcolorado.org soon.

As an Olympics fanatic myself, I know I can hardly wait for this event. I look forward to having you join us! Please let me know if you have any questions: amanda.kalina@gscolorado.org or 303-607-4844.

Download Event Flyer: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2014