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Best Cookie Video contest: Troop 51201’s cookie video

Submitted by Stacey Maule

Mountain Communities


We love to adventure and are focused on learning about the outdoors! This year, we have been exploring our local environment in Colorado. With our cookie money, we are planning to go to Costa Rica so we can learn about a tropical place and experience the outdoors in a different place. We hope you will help us get to our goal!

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Best Cookie Video contest: Ashla’s cookie video

Submitted by Ashla F.

Northern & Northeastern Colorado


I started Girl Scouts as a Juliette when I was a Daisy. My second year as a Girl Scout Brownie, I was finally able to find a troop in Greeley. We have a great time doing crafts, learning new things, like rock climbing and making slime, and even go on adventures like horseback riding. My goal this year is to sell at least 500 packages of  cookies. Last year, I was one of the top 100 sellers in Colorado and got to go to a special event that was really cool. I am using my cookie money to help me go to Girl Scout Camp and our troop is wanting to learn more about archery and get babysitter and First Aid and CPR certified too!

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Best Cookie Video contest: Hailey’s cookie video

Submitted by Tricia P.

Denver Metro


Hailey is in her second year of selling Girl Scout Cookies and has big goals. She is trying to sell 1,000 packages of cookies to go to horse camp this year. Last year, she was a big help in getting her first year troop to cookie camp and they all had so much fun. This year, they would like to plan a camping trip for their troop and a sister troop. She loves taking the lead in her business and being a great Girl Scout.

She is a go-getter because she does not let the weather stop her, and she works every booth she can to ensure her troop reaches their goals.

She is an innovator because she encourages her troop to dance and sing cookie songs at booths. She finds people would rather buy from Girl Scouts who are really enjoying selling cookies.

She is a risk-taker because she always puts her self out there and supports her troop by helping teach the younger and new girls some of her tips and tricks.

She is a leader because she is always ready to help get her troop going and coming up with new ideas.

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Best Cookie Video contest: Alivia’s cookie video

Submitted by Alivia

Western Colorado

My name is Alivia, this is my 3rd year as a Girl Scout and I love it. My troop is always doing things to help our community just last December we donated a scarf to every resident at Mantey Heights Nursing Home. It makes me really proud to be a part of a troop that really cares for others.

This cookie season my troop has a big goal of 6,755 packages.  My personal goal is 2,050 packages.  We would love to use our earnings for an energy saving project we are working on, gift packages for Mantey Heights Nursing Home, and to go to an official Girl Scout camp. I hope it’s a science camp.

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Best Cookie Video contest: Hazel’s cookie video

Submitted by Hazel E.

Metro Denver


To kick off the Girl Scout Cookie Program, we made a little video of Hazel’s first Girl Scout cookie taste test! As a first-year Brownie, she had never been exposed to all of the different flavors so before she got out to sell them, she wanted to try them. This video has increased her sales dramatically. Our troop cookie sales goal is 900 and we’re well on our way!

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Best Cookie Video contest: Mia’s cookie video

Submitted by Anna L.

Fort Carson

Pikes Peak

Mia is a gifted, STEM-loving, introverted Brownie who loves crafting stories. For the Fall Product Program,  she created a skit with some of her toys because she didn’t want to appear on camera, and she decided to do something similar for cookie season. I helped her film it, but the concept, script, and voice/acting is all her. She drew upon the theme for sales and set her video at the beach, with a hidden appearance from a certain sea turtle, and a cameo from “S’mores,” the mascot from the Fall Product Program (not the actual stuffed animal, but a brown rabbit finger puppet we got at the Fountain Creek Nature Center when we went for our hiking and bugs badges.)

As Mia’s mom, I’ve watched Girl Scouts give her the confidence to use her skills, and take risks. As her troop leader, I’ve seen her ambition for reaching her goals pay off. I never would have guessed that she would have an interest in selling or talking to new people, let alone go above and beyond on her own volition. It’s been an amazing adventure to witness!

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Skyla’s Awesome Dad

Submitted by Skyla Decloedt

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

My dad is always helping me out. For cookie season, my dad is helping me sell cookies left and right. After school, we might go set up a booth or we might go door to door. He is really good at helping me selling cookies and he is not afraid of the competition– I have to remind him sometimes it’s for our troop. Although its my first year in Girl Scouts, I think I’m doing pretty good (mostly because my dad). I love being in Girl Scouts. Today after school he took me to go sell cookies and I sold about 60 packages of cookies. He has so many friends who like Girl Scout Cookies, which is really helpful. When it comes to helping me sell cookies, my dad is the best at it. This is my awesome dad and I’m so glad I have him.

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Granby Girl Scouts Service Unit donate to Fire Department

Submitted by Cricket Hawkins


Mountain Communities

Grand Fire Protection District 1 – Red Dirt Fire Station, located in Granby, Colorado was at the ready and provided space for the Grand County Girl Scouts to receive and allocate their initial cookie order to the local troops on Saturday, January 27. One of the firefighters is holding just a FEW! of the boxes that the troops donated to the station. Thank you FDFS fire fighters!

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Smart Cookie: Feb. 5, 2018

The Girl Scout Cookie Program got off to a super start as girls went door-to-door on Super Bowl Sunday. We’re hearing reports of girls who had tremendous sales, and plenty of Super Bowl-watching parties featured Girl Scout Cookies for dessert!

If your girl sold 50 or more packages door-to-door on kickoff Sunday, don’t forget to fill out this form to claim her free Super Bowl patch. The deadline to submit the form is tomorrow, Feb. 6.

Cupboards are open
Cookie Cupboards are open around the state if you need to restock your inventory. Please check your local cupboard hours in eBudde and try to give one week’s notice for orders to be filled. Be mindful that many cupboards are managed by volunteers and will have varying hours.

Council booth sites begin Feb. 16
Council booth selections have been made, and girls across the state are getting ready to Bling their Booths! Check eBudde for additional booth locations, and please release in eBudde any booths that your girls will not be able to staff so that another troop or girl can have the chance to sell there.

Be booth ready

While your girls and their families are out and about selling Girl Scout Cookies, they often get asked about Girl Scouting, and we want everyone to know that Girl Scouts is about so much more than selling cookies! Let’s show everyone how the world’s largest girl-led entrepreneurial program prepares girls to lead, learn, and succeed all while making it possible for them to embark on amazing adventures, form a lifetime of memories, and unleash the power of G.I.R.L. (go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, leaders)™ to change the world. Share this two-sided sheet with girls and families for tips on how to answer “Why Girl Scouts?” like a pro!

Don’t forget Digital Cookie

Remind the girls in your troop that Digital Cookie is an easy way to add to your sales. Girls can add a video message or a photo, share their goals and what they’ve learning by selling cookies, then share their digital cookie link with friends and family, even those living in other states.

Upcoming dates
Feb. 16: Council booths begin

Feb. 23-25: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

March 11: Cookie program ends

March 13: Rewards orders due in eBudde

Pikes Peak Region to host open house

The Pikes Peak Region of Girl Scouts of Colorado will host an open house at its office on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. The office is located at 5353 N. Union Blvd., Suite 101 in Colorado Springs. Anyone is welcome to attend, and while an RSVP is not required, it is appreciated. Please call Debbie Swanson at 719-304-8322, or contact her at debbie.swanson@gscolorado.org, to give her your reservation.

The invitation to attend has been sent to community and business leaders in the area, along with donors, alumnae, and volunteers. Guests will sample Girl Scout Cookies and learn how to find cookie booths in their area, so they can purchase cookies. They will also see a demonstration of the online cookie ordering process for those guests who are acquainted with a Girl Scout with whom an order can be placed. Other snacks and beverages will be provided.

Guests will also hear about what the Girl Scouts will be doing in the Pikes Peak Region for 2018. This will include an Outreach Program to enroll girls who come from low-resource areas, the Gold Award, and some potential fundraisers. All are invited to come and learn more about the Girl Scouts of Colorado!