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Have s’more fun and win








Celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Feb. 23-25, 2018, with GSCO’s new Girl Scout S’mores contest. Together with Little Brownie Bakers, Girl Scouts of Colorado is announcing two new ways for girls and troops to win big when promoting Girl Scout S’mores cookies!

Decorate your booth with a s’mores theme for a chance to win a Girl Scout Cookie costume and a jumbo cookie box filled with Girl Scout S’mores for you to enjoy. You are welcome to enter your booth into both the #BlingYourBooth contest and S’mores Booth contest as long as it has a s’mores theme. Two booths will be selected by an independent panel to receive the prize. The booth can take place at any time, but entries must be received between Feb. 23-25. To enter, just email a photo of your s’mores-themed booth to GSCO Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper, being sure to include a little information about your troop, your cookie sales strategy, and Hometown Hero. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

For troops, every two cases of Girl Scout S’mores taken from the cupboard or received via troop-to-troop transfer through the end of the cookie program will earn you an entry into a contest. Two troops will be chosen at random from the entries to receive a cookie costume and a jumbo cookie box filled with Girl Scout S’mores for their troop to enjoy.

S’mores selling tips

Be sure to lead with Girl Scout S’mores! Instead of asking customers “Would you like to buy Girl Scout Cookies?”, start the conversation with “I’ve got Girl Scout S’mores, would you like to try them? These cookies were so popular last year we sold out quickly.”

Four badges Juniors can earn during the Girl Scout Cookie Program

From Girl Scouts of the USA

When Girl Scout Juniors (grades 4–5) take part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they’re helping lead the largest entrepreneurial program for girls in the world. How? By learning essential life skills, setting (and crushing!) impressive goals, and using their cookie earnings to go on epic adventures and make the world a better place—wow!

Many of these incredible skills start with a Girl Scout badge, and we’re exploring all of them! Meet the Junior badges Girl Scouts can earn during cookie season.

After earning the Business Owner badge, Juniors will know the basic steps to plan and create a new business and how to turn their passions into a successful business venture. Once girls decide which type of business they’d like to run, they’ll explore the ins and outs by talking with local business owners to spark ideas and get answers to questions. A new business needs support to get off the ground! So, girls will learn all the ways a new business is financially supported, whether through bank loans or government assistance. Last, to get to know their customers, girls will dive into customer research to see how their new business will reach their community and provide it with a service it needs. Earn the Business Owner badge.

When Juniors earn the Savvy Shopper badge, they’ll know the difference between what they need and want to buy—and how to save for both. In a world of advertisers, social media influencers, and fast-moving trends, it can be hard to determine if that item on display is what you really want to spend your money on or if there is something better to invest in. Through this badge, Juniors will evaluate these important decisions and learn how to make smart spending choices that will benefit them for years to come. Earn the Savvy Shopper badge. 

Through the Cookie CEO badge, Juniors will know how to run all aspects of their cookie business—because they’re cookie bosses, of course! Through this badge, girls are challenged to break their cookie goal into smaller ones (like weekly sales goals) to make sure their troop is on the right track to reach the ultimate goal (like a summer at Girl Scout camp, perhaps?). The troop will work together by dividing up tasks among girls based on their individual skills. They will then put those skills into action when communicating with their customers, making a good impression and building community relationships at the same time. Earn the Cookie CEO badge. 

It’s key to get to know your customers, and through the Customer Insights badge, Juniors will have a better understanding what their cookie customers want, making business even stronger! First, girls will seek out the experts—maybe a local businesswoman who just happens to be a Girl Scout alum? Girls can ask her questions and get some pro tips. Then they’ll dig into research to figure out how to market their Girl Scout Cookies. Girls will create their own surveys and ask customers questions. And if customers still say, “no thanks” to Girl Scout Cookies? No worries! This badge will help girls turn a “no” into a useful business lesson so they improve and gain more confidence. Earn the Customer Insights badge. 

Has your Junior earned one of these awesome badges, but you don’t know where to place it on her vest or sash? Our new visual guide to Girl Scout Junior uniforms can help!

And this cookie season, have your Junior put her new skills to the test by entering Girl Scout Cookie Pro Contest 2018. Six winners (one per Girl Scout grade level) will be selected to win a trip to New York City for the ultimate Cookie Entrepreneur Experience and a spot on the iconic Girl Scout Cookie box! WHOA. Enter today.

Check out the other badges Girl Scouts can earn during cookie season by grade level:

Daisy Brownies | Cadettes | Juniors | Seniors | Ambassadors

Girl Scout Cookies: A poem

Submitted by Claire and Stella

Metro Denver


Eight Girl Scout Cookies can be found this season –
Discover them all, here are a few great reasons.
Thin Mints are certainly our most popular every year,
They are vegan, crisp,  and chocolatey to make you cheer!
Are you a gigantic peanut butter fan?
Then, the crunchy Do-Si-Dos is definitely your brand.
If rich caramel and coconut flavors fill you with delight,
The striped Samoas will satisfy you with each chewy bite.
Perhaps, you prefer something that is classic and simple instead?
Trefoils are the cookies that taste like traditional shortbread.
How about a peanut butter layer with rich chocolate too?
Then, the popular Tagalong is the one for you.
If sipping afternoon tea describes your style
Pair it with a lemony Savannah Smile.
Are you outdoorsy and a marshmallow-roasting lover?
Then, the new S’mores cookie is one you must discover!
If gluten is really not your thing,
These Toffee-tastics will make you sing.
Most of these cost $4 a box;
$20 gets you FIVE – and that really rocks!
If you don’t want cookies or are watching your weight-
Donate to our Hometown Heroes to participate.
Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for a hundred years plus-
Thank you for supporting our program and adventurous girls like us!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: My daddy is AMAZING

Submitted by Gina A.

Metro Denver

Commerce City

My name is Gina. This is my first year in Girl Scouts and I am a Brownie. I am so excited about all the cool stuff we are doing. I am most excited to go camping!

My daddy is so amazing. He volunteers his time to help with my troop’s cookie sales. He loaded his truck with our cookies to help get our sales started. He helps with our sales booths and brings lunch and hot cocoa to us when it’s cold. I love my daddy because he is so amazing!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: Cookie dad kick-off

Submitted by Bianca M.

Metro Denver

My dad is always there to encourage me, help me, and congratulate me, and that’s why I think he’s the Best Cookie Dad. When I told him I wanted to be a Girl Scout, he said, “I think you’d be an amazing Girl Scout!”

When I told him I wanted to sleep over at the Girl Scout Pajama Jam, he said, “Sounds like fun, let’s all do it!”

And, when I told him I wanted to be the cookie top seller in my troop, he said, “Of course! I know you can do it.”

The first weekend of Girl Scout cookie season, my mom, who is a troop leader, was out of town. My dad drove an hour away to borrow a truck to help pick up our troop’s cookies from Elitch Gardens, and then he spent almost the whole day helping our cookie mom sort and hand out cookies.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday, one of his favorite days of the year. But, we got up early to be the first ones in line at Sweet Cow Ice Cream, and I sold two cases of Samoas to them! Then, he helped me carry all the cookies in to sell at the Super Bowl party later that day, too.

When I told him I wanted to sell cookies at a booth, he stayed up late to help me paint and assemble a cookie booth out of crates. I know I’m going to be the top seller in my troop thanks to my dad.

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Media Star delivers Girl Scout Cookies to police officers

Submitted by Amanda K.

Northern & Northeastern CO


After the Greeley Tribune interviewed Bella about the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Program, our phone started ringed off the hook! A number of friends called us, including Scott James, a local radio personality and the mayor of Johnstown. Scott wanted to buy $100 worth of Girl Scout Cookies to donate to the Windsor Police Department. He also wanted to buy $100 worth of cookies from a Johnstown Girl Scout to donate to the Johnstown Police Department.

Scott also put a call out on social media to all the local mayors in Northern Colorado challenging them to do the same.  Bella went on Tuesday morning and sold him 25 packages. On Wednesday afternoon, we met up with the Windsor Police Department to deliver the cookies on his behalf.

It was really fun. The officers were very grateful and Scott was very fun to be on air with!

Best Cookie Dad contest: Always there for me

Submitted by Riley S.

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

My name is Riley and I am in third grade. This is my second year as a Brownie and I love Girl Scouts.

My dad rocks! He is always there to help me out. This cookie season he has been taking me door-to-door – even though it was only 14-degrees! Last weekend, he did a booth with my troop and got so many people to stop by dancing and acting silly with us. I love that he is so helpful.

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Power of Cookie: Meet Mia, a goal-setter

Submitted by Yvette K.

Metro Denver


Mia has set a goal to sell 7,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies. When she sets her mind to something, she goes for it. Her Hometown Hero is an animal shelter in Denver. She also plans to make blankets and treats for the animals there.

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Best Cookie Dad contest: Dinya’s cookie partner

Submitted by Dinya

Southwestern Colorado


My dad is the best helper. When we sell cookies, he’s always helping me haul them around and set up booths. This year on Super bowl Sunday, we walked the neighborhood before the big game. I sold a lot with his help delivering the cookies and keeping track of the money. My dad has always been a big helper when I do cookies every year. Last year, he sat with me at the booths when I sold even though it was cold. Last year, he made my booth a cool cookie banner. I loved it. This year, we are signed up for lots of booths. My dad will be with me there to sell. I know I will hit my goal with his help. He has been an awesome Girl Scout dad since I started as a Daisy.

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Daisy Cookie Rookies earn “Count It Up” leaf

Submitted by Nancy Mucklow

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

With Daisy Troop 55321’s first-ever Girl Scout cookie booth coming up, we decided to learn more about the cookies and work on the “Count It Up” leaf.

We found an EXPERT cookie seller to help us learn all we could about the BEST way to sell Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cadette Claire helped us learn the names of each cookie and the price per package. We also discovered what is in each kind of cookie and why someone might want to buy each cookie. If you like to drink tea, you might want to buy the Savannah Smiles because they are yummy with tea!

Then, we practiced how to sell to customers. We each got to be a cookie seller and a cookie buyer, so we could practice our skills!

What else do you need for a cookie booth!? Booth signs, of course. We split up and made informational signs for our booth.

Finally, we all got to take home samples of each cookie to try with our families. The suspense is hard, but we can’t wait to share our newfound cookie knowledge with our families!

We are go -getters because we can’t wait to be courageous and sell cookies for the first time! We are also risk-takers because some of our members are selling cookies door-to-door and this is our first year of cookie selling. AND, we are watching girls lead in action by inviting an older Girl Scout to share her expert knowledge.

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