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Best Cookie Video contest: Mia’s cookie video

Submitted by Anna L.

Fort Carson

Pikes Peak

Mia is a gifted, STEM-loving, introverted Brownie who loves crafting stories. For the Fall Product Program,  she created a skit with some of her toys because she didn’t want to appear on camera, and she decided to do something similar for cookie season. I helped her film it, but the concept, script, and voice/acting is all her. She drew upon the theme for sales and set her video at the beach, with a hidden appearance from a certain sea turtle, and a cameo from “S’mores,” the mascot from the Fall Product Program (not the actual stuffed animal, but a brown rabbit finger puppet we got at the Fountain Creek Nature Center when we went for our hiking and bugs badges.)

As Mia’s mom, I’ve watched Girl Scouts give her the confidence to use her skills, and take risks. As her troop leader, I’ve seen her ambition for reaching her goals pay off. I never would have guessed that she would have an interest in selling or talking to new people, let alone go above and beyond on her own volition. It’s been an amazing adventure to witness!

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Shy Girl Scout shines in Fall Product Program

Submitted by Anna Lahr

Pikes Peak

Fort Carson

My oldest daughter is a Girl Scout Brownie. She is super shy (dx spectrum when really young), but she launched her Fall Product Program storefront with her own scripted audio for the emails, sent them out herself, designed a graphic for the store, and recorded the marketing video to upload. Because she didn’t want her face on camera, she created the cutest skit with a toy, complete with set! I’m amazed at her creativity and problem solving. She’s always been technologically adept, but Girl Scouts is helping her overcome her anxiety about talking to people AND learn marketing skills!

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471 packages of cookies for Hometown Heroes

Submitted by Michelle Schoenberger

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

I am so incredibly proud of Girl Scout Troop 44636. Their Hometown Heroes were the wounded warriors that use the Soldier and Family Assistance Center at Fort Carson. Just by asking cookie customers to donate, they ended up getting 471 donated packages of Girl Scout Cookies and we were fortunate enough to donate them in April. Here’s to all those service members and their families for giving so much! It felt so good to give back!

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Daisies  deliver cookies to soldiers at Fort Carson

Daisy Girl Scouts in Troop 43483 in Colorado Springs delivered more than 120 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the 110th MP Company at Fort Carson. The company, which is the troop’s Hometown Hero, is deploying in a few weeks.

The girls delivered 121 packages of Girl Scout Cookies on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. One of the soldiers, SSG Ryan Davis, is the father of one of the girls in the troop. Several of the girls also have parents actively serving in the military, so supporting the company, which is made up of about  200 soldiers, was a natural choice for the girls.

The Hometown Heroes program offers Girl Scouts the chance to honor non-profit organizations, food banks, military and uniformed personnel, who are so important to the community, during the cookie sale. Through this program, customers can buy a package of cookies to donate to Girl Scouts’ heroes – a perfect solution for those who pass on the tempting treats! Girls learn about the invaluable work of their recipients by taking tours, learning about careers in public service and helping with service projects. The 2015 goal for the Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring program in Colorado is 200,000 packages. Last year’s statewide program netted 109,745 packages for hundreds of organizations.

There are 10 Girl Scouts in Daisy Troop 43483. However, only eight could be there on the delivery day. For five of the girls, this was their second year selling Girl Scout Cookies. For the other five, this was their first year selling. The troop sold 2,610 boxes of cookies this year. Last year, they sold 1,241 boxes, so they more than doubled sales this year!  Most importantly, the girls have formed great friendships this year and working at cookie booths together helped strengthen those bonds.



St. Mary’s Brownies deliver cookies to soldiers at Fort Carson

St. Mary's Brownies
St. Mary’s 3rd Grade Girl Scout Brownie Troop 263. bottom row left to right: Caitlin E., Isabelle C., Caitlin W., Lindsey B. second row left to right: Allison N., Bridey S., Anika R., Katie H., Alyssa B., Kendall M. top row left to right: Becca P., Courtney C., Samantha M., Natalie P., Raegan B., Colette B., Sarah E. top row left to right: Troop Leaders Ila R. and Sheila M.

On May 10, 2011, members of St. Mary’s 3rd Grade Girl Scout Brownie Troop went to Fort Carson to deliver 291 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team – 4th Infantry Division! The 4th Infantry Division is a modular division of the United States Army based at Fort Carson, Colorado, with four brigade combat teams. It is a very technically advanced combat division in the U.S. Army.

Every year during Girl Scout Cookie Sales, troops are allowed to choose a non-profit organization to receive donated cookies. Some customers of Girl Scout Cookies do not want to buy cookies for themselves, but with the Hometown Heroes program, customers have a chance to give to others and support Girl Scouts at the same time. Girl Scout Troop 2635 chose the 3rd Brigade Combat Team – 4th Infantry Division as their Hometown Heroes.

We extend a special thank you to the leaders, Sheila Monkarsh and Ila Rosengarten, for their outstanding leadership to the girls, as well as our appreciation to Karyn Byrne for making the visit to Fort Carson and meeting Commander Lieutenant Colonel William Edwards with the troops happen. Commander Lieutenant Colonel William Edwards recently returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq, the most recent tour lasting 12 months. Great job Troop 2635!