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Bronze Award project: Snuffle Mats

Submitted by Silvia M.

Pikes Peak

Woodland Park

I love animals, and wanted to do something to help them. I went to TCRAS, Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, and talked to the staff about what they needed. They suggested snuffle mats, which are made out of plastic or rubber mats, with strips of fleece woven in the holes, and tied in knots. Treats can be hidden for the dogs to find. Instead of being bored all day, they have something to do while waiting for a new home. The Junior group in my troop researched the material, and made nine mats for the shelter, and we’re still making some more. The shelter and dogs LOVE them!

I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was a Daisy, and am now in fifth grade. Girl Scouting has taught me so many skills, and I’ve made so many new friends. With this Bronze Award, I’ve learned decision-making and leadership, teaching the fourth graders how to do this project and getting their opinions about what we should do. I am looking forward to becoming a Cadette, working on new badges and Journeys, and earning the Silver Award!

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

Troop 2251 makes a difference for dogs

Posted by Kim Q., Troop Leader 2251

I just wanted to let you and Girl Scout Council know what a good deed the Brownie girls of Troop 2251 out of Westminster did this weekend.

The girls thought “since we sell cookies, why don’t we make cookies…but for dogs.” So at their troop meeting the girls found a doggie treat recipe online, made and baked the treats, then donated the tasty treats to the German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies Shelter.

Representatives from the Rescue Shelter arrived with one of their dogs and gave the girls a great introduction into what a Rescued Dog is and taught the girls important safety tips on being around dogs and dogs that they’re not familiar with.

The doggie treats were a huge success with all the dogs that got to have their cookies.

Note from Katie, who runs the shelter:

Janice, Me and Hayden were invited to speak at Brownie Troop #2251 about rescued dogs and safety.

We took Hayden to be our spokesdog and he was much loved and very well behaved – except when he decided to steal some dog cookies the girls baked for us right off the counter, but the girls thought that was pretty cute.

Janice is a natural with the kids and Hayden had a blast.

I also enjoyed all the excitment that “the little people” have to give.

Thank You

Katie – German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies