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Help wanted: Cookie delivery to Denver VA Hospital

Submitted by Marie Wright

Metro Denver


We have been given an opportunity to be able to donate a VERY significant amount of Girl Scout Cookies to Denver’s VA Hospital as well as the 13 VA clinics throughout Colorado. On Monday, April 2, 2018 from 2 – 4 p.m., we’ll be making the cookie delivery to the hospital. Girls will be escorted through the building with a volunteer to meet and greet veterans and pass out Girl Scout Cookies.

We will meet at the entrance off of 9th and Clermont St.

VA Medical Center
1055 Clermont St.
Denver, Colorado

Please let me know if you’d like to attend this awesome event! We have a limited number of spots available. It will be first come, first served. If you’re interested in joining, please email me or call with your troop number and the number of girls that would like to attend.

Thank you all for all you do!

Marie Wright
(303) 919-8303

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Girl Scout Cookies donated to Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Submitted by Jessica Spangler

Metro Denver


Girl Scout Troop 65659 donated Girl Scout Cookies to their Hometown Hero, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. The girls thanked the staff of the coalition for the work they do to help the less fortunate.

Troop 65659 is a multi-level troop in its first year. Girls voted to choose a Hometown Hero that does important work in our community.

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Girl Scout Cookies booth at Pepsi Center

Troop 76134 from Erie hosted a Girl Scout Cookies booth at Pepsi Center! The troop was one of the winners of the ticket referral contest for Girl Scout Night with the Avalanche. The girls and their families had a great time at the game. In particular, many of the dads enjoyed watching the girls run their booth because they don’t usually get to see their daughters earning and learning the 5 Skills.

The troop sold more than 500 packages of cookies—and is still counting the Hometown Hero donations. One of the leaders told GSCO, “People were giving $20 bills for one package and said to keep the rest! Our troop’s Hometown Hero is the Weld County Sheriff’s Office this year, so they will be loaded up!”


Rocky Mountain Horse Expo: Special session for first time riders




Submitted by Julie Fischer

Metro Denver


During the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo  (March 8-11, 2018), Richard Shrake would like to find Girl Scouts who want to learn to ride, but have never had the chance to do so. He has done this at other events and people seem to really like it. Anyone that is interested can email us at CHC@coloradohorsecouncil.com or hersheysheavenlyhorses@earthlink.net.  You can also call us directly at (719) 440-4979.

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Meet G.I.R.L. Bianca

Hi, my name is Bianca! I am a Brownie from Troop 65698.  I love being a Girl Scout!  It motivates me to take risks, inspire others, and be creative.

Girl Scouts helps me unlock my inner G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader).

I am a go-getter because I attend many Girl Scout events on my own. I made new friends at the cookie rally and pool party, and I learned to ice skate better.  I passed out fliers at school for the Nuggets Pajama Jam and Avalanche games, and I’m excited to go even if no one from my troop does.  I am lucky to be part of the Girl Scout community.

I am an innovator because I use creative ways to encourage customers to buy cookies.   I suggest they put Thin Mints in the freezer to taste even better and melt S’mores in the microwave for 20 seconds to be campfire gooey.

I am a risk-taker because I held my first cookie booth on a cold, snowy day at my uncle’s tire store. I wasn’t sure many people would be out in the snow, but I’m glad I took the risk because I sold more than sixty packages!

I am a leader because I inspire my troop to participate more, because of all the fun patches I have earned as a Brownie.  Recently at a meeting, everyone said, “Wow, Bianca!  How did you get so many patches?”  I couldn’t help but smile, and at the next meeting, one girl had several new patches.

Youth Horse Experience at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Submitted by Julie Fischer

Metro Denver


Join your Girl Scout sisters for the Youth Horse Experience at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo on March 10, 2018 from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the National Western Complex in Denver.

Registration: $40 for the Youth Horse Experience. Admission into RMHE for one girl and one adult, and two tickets to the Mane Event.

Link to register: https://www.coloradohorsecouncil.com/…/scouting-youth-prog…/

Spread the word and contact Julie Fischer at (303) 747-2512 or dj3fischer@wildblue.net. 

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GSU Registration: One week remaining

Submitted by Rachel Pierstorff

Metro Denver


There are lots of spots for Brownies at GSU! Remember to sign up for Girl Scout University at the University of Denver! On April 14, 2018 from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Girl Scouts have the opportunity to learn and earn two badges in one fun-filled day! Badges are filling quickly, but we still have lots of openings!

Registration: https://girl-scout-university-2018-du.cheddarup.com

For questions, please contact gsu@apo-alphaetaiota.org.

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Girl Scout Cookies and the military

Submitted by Kay Martley,  mart1k@yahoo.com

Metro Denver


If you have family or friends that are currently deployed, send their APO address to my email or Hearts Across the Miles by March 10, 2018. Packages of Girl Scout Cookies will be shipped to them by Hearts Across the Miles. Girl Scouts have coordinated with them for many years.  Send addresses to either  hatm@gmx.com or mart1k@yahoo.com.

If any troop would like to donate cookies to ship and/or volunteer to pack, please notify Hearts for reservation to pack or bring cookies – hatm@gmx.com. Will be packing on Saturday, March 17 at the Colorado National Guard building in Aurora.

If troops would like a service project , write notes, and/or decorate cards which will be packed into the boxes being shipped. Contact Kay Martley, Girl Scout volunteer, mart1k@yahoo.com for Kay’s mailing address.

Can a Girl Scout be an Olympian?





Submitted by Kristin Coulter

Metro Denver


Absolutely! Girl Scouts can do anything they set their minds to do. But, what does it take? Hard work. Determination. Support. Sacrifice. Love. These were the themes that Olympian and Girl Scout Janet Culp Redwine shared with the around 40 Daisy to Senior Girl Scouts that gathered this February at Montview Presbyterian Church to hear her speak. The event was organized by Park Hill-based Senior Girl Scout Troop 63573. The troop members, who are working on their Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouts, wanted to learn from someone who has achieved something that most people can only dream about.

Janet is a Colorado native, and active Girl Scout in elementary school, she even brought her Junior badge-filled vest to prove it, competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China. She was apart of the 10-member USA synchronized swim team. So how do you get good enough to be selected for an Olympic team?

That is where the hard work, determination, support, sacrifice, and love come in. It actually wasn’t Janet’s dream to be an Olympian. Her dream was to work hard to test herself and improve everyday–and boy did she do it! She shared a video of her team’s jaw dropping Olympic performance. You couldn’t help but be impressed with the athleticism, timing, and pageantry of the team. Synchronized swimmers can’t touch the bottom of the pool during a performance. Sometimes up to three swimmers are stacked one on top of the other in order to achieve high lifts. Olympic pools are around 10 feet deep, so the competitors have to make themselves really small and then really big in order to propel a teammate high out of the water, all without touching the bottom of the pool!

The success of Janet’s Olympic experience wasn’t measured in medals–her team was 5th, but as cliché at it sounds, her success was having the determination and support necessary to be at the top of her sport. The race that she ran was internal. But, she had the support and love of those around her to focus on being the best she could be. Did that mean that she missed fun times with her friends? Yes. Did that mean that she missed family trips in order to practice or compete? Yes. But in return she received the experience of a lifetime and the knowledge that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

This was a powerful message to everyone in attendance, but especially to the Girl Scouts who organized the meeting. These high school girls are on their own journey to earn an honor– the Gold Award. They are on their way but they will need hard work, determination, support, sacrifice and love to make it happen.

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Best Cookie Dad contest: Cookie dad kick-off

Submitted by Bianca M.

Metro Denver

My dad is always there to encourage me, help me, and congratulate me, and that’s why I think he’s the Best Cookie Dad. When I told him I wanted to be a Girl Scout, he said, “I think you’d be an amazing Girl Scout!”

When I told him I wanted to sleep over at the Girl Scout Pajama Jam, he said, “Sounds like fun, let’s all do it!”

And, when I told him I wanted to be the cookie top seller in my troop, he said, “Of course! I know you can do it.”

The first weekend of Girl Scout cookie season, my mom, who is a troop leader, was out of town. My dad drove an hour away to borrow a truck to help pick up our troop’s cookies from Elitch Gardens, and then he spent almost the whole day helping our cookie mom sort and hand out cookies.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday, one of his favorite days of the year. But, we got up early to be the first ones in line at Sweet Cow Ice Cream, and I sold two cases of Samoas to them! Then, he helped me carry all the cookies in to sell at the Super Bowl party later that day, too.

When I told him I wanted to sell cookies at a booth, he stayed up late to help me paint and assemble a cookie booth out of crates. I know I’m going to be the top seller in my troop thanks to my dad.

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