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We love our Girl Scout volunteers!

Submitted by Girl Scouts of Colorado Volunteer Support Specialist Rebecca Lipman

Metro Denver


On Saturday, April 9, 2017, the Program Team for the Denver Metro region hosted the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event at the Denver Art Museum. We celebrated the first 100 years of Girl Scouts in Colorado and looked forward to the next 100 years! GSCO staff welcomed nearly 100 key volunteers and their families to celebrate their contributions over the past year. The event was held to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond in demonstrating their dedication to the Girl Scout movement at both the local and council levels.  Among these incredible volunteers were service unit team members and service unit managers, service unit product sales managers, trainers, mentors serving on the Gold Award Committee, and Outdoor Program Volunteers.  Most of these volunteers hold multiple roles beyond the troop level while continuing to serve girls on their troop leadership teams. Volunteers were recognized for years of service, different roles, and meeting service unit goals. Girl Scouts of Colorado President & CEO Stephanie Foote gave a keynote speech thanking the volunteers for their service and highlighting some of the accomplishments of Girl Scouts of Colorado, which would not be possible without our amazing volunteers. Stephanie also spent some time meeting all the Girl Scouts in attendance and giving them her special CEO patch! 

One thing that made this event really special for everyone in attendance was the location. We were honored to be able to share the amazing work of the Denver Art Museum with volunteers and their families.  Volunteers were able to enjoy a fun day at the museum with their families before and after the reception.  Many volunteers said they appreciated being able to bring their families to the event and loved being able to explore the museum. A special thanks to the staff of the Denver Art Museum for helping us host such a unique event!

Denver Troop visits DAM for Dia de los Ninos

Submitted by Lisa Westrope


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

When the Denver Art Museum announced kids under the age of 18 would be free, we decided to jump at that! But then we discovered Dia de los Ninos, and we all got in free, so it was even a better deal!

We drove 2 hours to get there, and spent the entire day enjoying art, crafts, food and entertainment. Everyone had a great time, and out of the whole group, only 3 of us had been there before, so it was an exciting new adventure for all! We had a great time, and the kids all had fun talking about their favorite pieces there. The top three were Linda by John DeAndrea, Fox Games by Sandy Skoglund, and Night Hunter by Stacey Steers. (Interestingly, they were all 3 dimensional pieces!) What a great day!

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