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The Girl Scout way: G.I.R.L. 2017

Submitted by Chris Kucera

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

I recently had an amazing Girl Scout experience that I want to share. I knew that going to National Convention as a delegate would be exciting, but I had no idea that it would change the way I look at Girl Scouting. I have returned from Ohio more motivated than ever before, and want to encourage you to share my energy. Even more importantly, I want to convince all Girl Scouts to attend a National Convention themselves.

I am a Mountain Communities Trainer and also teach the Program Aid course. I am a strong advocate of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) and enjoy opportunities to teach others. I’ve worked with so many talented Girl Scouts, but I was blown away by the girls chosen as national delegates. The girl delegates were active in giving opinions on our voting topics. They were thoughtful, insightful, passionate, and persuasive. However, when the discussion topic of how to get more girls into Girl Scouting and keep them, they were incredible. These young women had talked with other girls and shared their stories. They had concerns about diversity, funding, and leadership. They expressed that while many girls are tired of Journeys, others really like them. They presented original ideas that made everyone in the room think, “Wow, why aren’t we doing that?”

I want to encourage all of you to return to your troops and let the girls take the reins. It takes a bit of encouragement to get them on the leadership path, but I’ve seen what can happen when they succeed. I can only hope that my daughter becomes half as successful and amazing as the young women chosen to represent their councils.

I had a meeting with my friend and mentor, Nancy Mucklow, who encouraged me to apply to be a delegate. She wants to plan some big Girl Scout travel, and I virtually doubled her list. Did you know that there is a petition to name the bridge over the Savannah River in Savannah, Georgia the Juliette Gordon Low Bridge? When I told my troop about a chance to participate in their bridging ceremony, their eyes lit up and I think they started their packing list in their heads. I was unaware that Girl Scouts has a camp in Minnesota that does Boundary Waters canoe trips, and the cost is so low it’s staggering. You can go as a large group, an individual, or even a family. I was thrilled to find out that this high adventure trip is affordable and am starting to look at dates. I hope that I can encourage others to join me. I also learned a great deal more about the different world centers and Nancy is starting our travel plans for 2019 – I can’t wait!

The Hall of Experiences was just amazing. I learned information that I never realized existed.  It had activities for the girls, from crafts, to the local science museum, to NASA. We were especially impressed with one gentleman at the NASA booth. Not only did he tell us about current science and demonstrate thrilling technology, he gave out important advice about high school and college classes to focus on and emphasized the importance of earning your Gold Award before applying for colleges. My favorite part of our conversation though, was about his daughter’s troop that he leads. We talked with our first colleges, and the advisors there taught my daughter the important questions she should be asking. They talked to her, not me. They asked her the important questions and helped her narrow down her scattered thoughts. I’m grateful for their approach in helping my daughter start her college search.

The breakout sessions were so informative and fun. My daughter attended the girl only yoga and self-defense class. She was very excited to prove herself to the self-defense instructor. She was told to hit the instructor if attacked. When the instructor snuck up on my daughters back and grabbed her hand, my daughter turned and hit her. The instructor was so thrilled that it was caught on video and she posed together yelling YEAH! While she was beating up adults, I attended a bullying seminar. While this was not normally not my thing, I was extremely impressed and inspired. The speaker had a different way of looking at the topic, and I can’t wait to share what I learned.

The inspirational speakers and videos were simply phenomenal. Coming from a family of gymnasts, hearing Gabby Douglas speak was thrilling. Chelsea Clinton was a joy and we just loved her discussion with the Young Women of Distinction about their Gold Awards. The psychologist that spoke was simply amazing. I am still discussing her theories with my daughter. However, in my opinion, the best speaker of the Convention was our very own CEO, Sylvia Acevedo. The way she could engage every person in the audience, regardless of their age was so wonderful. She loved getting all of us to stand up, dance and celebrate Girl Scouting together. If her speaking skills weren’t enough, she also took the time to talk with anyone who wanted her ear and smile for hundreds of selfies. If you have never heard amazing woman speak, I encourage you to seek her out.

The point that I want to stress is that National Convention is just so much more than just a convention. It’s a lifetime experience. I met people who have been attending National Convention since the 80’s. I was inspired by one woman who brings her granddaughters to every National Convention. I find this idea compelling and hope to someday be able to follow in this woman’s footsteps. Did I forget to talk about SWAPS? Just imagine bringing 250 swaps representing our great state and trading with Girl Scouts from around the country – and the world!

When I returned from convention, I was simply exhausted. There were so many fun and interesting things going on that we averaged about five and a half hours of sleep a night. The most amazing part of the convention started after I got home and got a real eight hours of sleep. I have ideas. I have plans. I am motivated. I see how my local troop and my volunteer efforts fit into Girl Scouts around the country. I want to see Girl Scouts of Colorado become a leader in our amazing national organization. I want to see more Girl Scouts, young and old, attend national conventions and come home as inspired as me. I want you to join me at the next national convention in 2020 in Orlando, Florida!

To sign the petition for the Juliette Gordon Low Bridge:

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Strong delegate pool to represent Colorado at National Convention

conventionGirl Scouts of Colorado is pleased to announce our distinguished and diverse team of delegates who will represent our council at the 2014 Girl Scout National Convention, this October 16-19, in Salt Lake City. Joining CEO Stephanie Foote, Board Chair-Elect Michelle Rose-Hughes and MCC Chair Jennifer Colosimo are:

Nancy Mucklow, Mountain Communities, Steamboat Springs
Laura Clark, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs
MaryAnn Roldan, Pueblo and Southeast Colorado, Pueblo
Teagan Boda, Pueblo and Southeast Colorado, Pueblo West
Sarah Braucht, Mountain Communities, Eagle
Susan Baker, MCC, Northern & Northeastern Colorado, Fort Collins
Nancy Sanders, MCC, Western Slope, Ouray
Kelli St. Clergy, MCC, Metro Denver, Lakewood
Rae Ann Dougherty, MCC, Metro Denver, Golden
Bonnie Ledet, MCC, Northern & Northeastern Colorado, Yuma

Isabella Colosimo, Metro Denver, Golden
Jordan Wilson, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs
Chiara Degenhardt, Western Slope, Ouray

Aymee Comas-Diaz, Metro Denver, Aurora
Theresa Redinger, Metro Denver, Littleton
Bette Carlson, Mountain Communities, Steamboat Springs
Jodi Downen, Northern & Northeastern Colorado, Merino
Leina Hutchinson, Northern & Northeastern Colorado, Fort Collins
Laura Clark, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs
Jenni Golbuff, girl, Northern & Northeastern Colorado, Fort Collins
Marla DeJohn, MCC, Northern & Northeastern Colorado, Greeley
Inga Henderson, MCC, Metro Denver, Westminster

The convention will reunite alumnae and invigorate a global movement of girls, women, and men around the theme, “Discover, Connect, Take Action: Girls Change the World.” Delegates carry the responsibility for determining the direction of Girl Scouting throughout the country, as well as sharing insights and reasoning for decisions made at the national level with members throughout the Girl Scouts of Colorado. In addition, delegates serve as a critical link in sharing and helping implement the ideas, direction, and decisions learned or made at the National Council Convention, which convenes every three years. Being a national delegate is one of the most rewarding and potentially influential roles a volunteer can take on.

A volunteer and staff team put careful consideration into selecting the delegates based on geographic diversity; a mix of adult volunteers, girls and Membership Connection Committee members; quality of application; Girl Scout and convention experience; and adherence to application deadline.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is sending a dynamic group of girls to the Girl Scout Leadership Institute at the convention. The application deadline has past, and our girl team will be announced in May.

You don’t have to be a delegate to get in on the connection, learning and fun of this gathering of thousands of Girl Scouts from around the country. Learn more http://convention.girlscouts.org/the-2014-national-council-session53rd-convention/