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Free STEAM day camp for Girl Scout Juniors

Girl Scout Juniors are invited to “Explore It,” a free, fun, and interactive STEAM day camp hosted by the Museum of the West and the Bureau of Land Management, June 27 – 29, 2018! Girls will learn about dinosaurs, paleontology, geology, fossils, mining, and the history of early life in the Grand Valley through hands-on activities and visits to regional educational and historical sites. Girls will also visit the Museum of the West, Cross Orchards, the Mica Mine, Dinosaur Journey, Fruita Paleontological Area, and Dinosaur Hill.

Here are highlights of what’s planned:

• Visit Cross Orchards and learn about early life in Grand Valley (irrigation agriculture, fruit packing, train transportation). Learn about pioneer kids and what the daily life of a child 125 years ago was like and ride the train.

• Hike Bangs Canyon Trailhead to the Mica Mine and focus on the engineering challenge of historical mining.

• Tour collections and prep labs at Dinosaur Journey to learn about science and methods in paleontology and stewardship of fossils. Dissect and owl pellet and build a dinosaur.

• Visit the Museum of the West and learn about tools and science of Archaeology with real artifacts.

• Hike Dinosaur Hill Loop and learn about regional geology from experts and the Apatosaurus at Riggs Quarry.

• Hike the Fruita Paleontological Area and Loop to learn about sedimentary rocks.

The camp is based at the Museum of the West in Grand Junction, but will explore many sites in the area. Camp starts at 9 a.m. each day and will end around 4 p.m. The camp is FREE for Girl Scout Juniors thanks to the Museum of the West and the Bureau of Land Management. To register, please go to https://goo.gl/9YR6z6 . Registration deadline is June 22, but with only 30 spots available, we expect this camp to fill fast!

Volunteers are needed! We’re also looking for a few adult volunteers to help with transportation and older girl volunteers to help younger Girl Scouts at the camp. Adult volunteers transporting Girl Scouts will need to be approved volunteers per GSCO’s volunteer policies. If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign-up at – https://goo.gl/MfnouU .

Questions? please contact Lori Thompson at lori.thompson@gscolorado.org. Thank you!

Join Urban Trails for an awesome camp at Magic Sky Ranch

Submitted by Tiffany Stone

Metro Denver


Urban Trails service unit is hosting a unit camp at Magic Sky Ranch and inviting you to join in the fun!  Urban Trails is located in the heart of Denver from downtown to the southeast, so we are getting our city girls out for some fresh air and much needed stargazing!

Camp activities will include stargazing (of course), archery, hiking, a court full of games, trees, and all sorts of excitement!

Camp will be catered by Mountain Berry Culinary.

Get your swaps ready and prepare your girls for an awesome classic camp, brought to you by the ladies who know their city comforts!

Any troop from any unit is welcome. Activities will be geared for troops Brownie-Cadette.

Register here: https://squareup.com/store/urban-trails-su-644

Contact urbantrailsdenver@gmail.com with questions!

Act fast, registration deadline is April 18, 2018!

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Girl Scout SCIENCE Camp

Submitted by Marybel Good

Metro Denver


Register your daughter for Science in the Summer day camp, and she will join other Girl Scouts entering grades 1-5 for a week of fun and learning. Each day, campers will explore a different theme of science including food science, engineering, and Harry Potter science. Camp will be held in a park in Westminster, Colorado from June 4 – June 8, 2018.

Visiting science experts will make engaging presentations on biomimicry and rocket launches. These will be followed by hands-on activities, so the girls are able to experiment with the information they learn.

Have you ever eaten slime made out of gummy bears? In addition to fun food science projects like edible slime, your camper will have the opportunity to learn Girl Scout cooking skills. We’ll be making a hot meal for three of the camp days, and all girls will participate in meal preparation.

This fun week will be rounded out by some traditional Girl Scout fun including songs and games. In addition, younger girls will be inspired by the older Girl Scouts working as Program Aides.

Register for camp: https://girlscoutsciencecamp.wordpress.com/

Questions? email: GScamp64021@comcast.net

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Day camp openings in Broomfield and Arvada

Submitted by Rebecca Lankford

Metro Denver


Troop 63572 of Broomfield is hosting two day camps this summer.

Skills and Thrills June 25 – 29, 2018 at East Interlocken Park in Broomfield and She’s Too Crafty July 30 – August 3 at Arvada United Methodist Church in Arvada. The cost per girl is $175. Adult volunteers are needed to help the camps be successful and you can be reimbursed for two girl fees if you volunteer for either week.

Skills and Thrills is planned to teach girls camping skills and help them gain confidence in the outdoors. Our troop has participated in Reach for the Peak and gone on many camping trips and we would love for more troops in our area to get outdoors!

She’s Too Crafty will include a variety of crafting fun plus visits to the Arvada Center and Majestic View Nature Center. This is a new location for this camp and we are excited about all of the opportunities the campers will have nearby. Since this camp takes place late in the summer much of it will be indoors, but girls will be outside every day.

For more information and to register, visit: https://scoutingforfun.com/

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“Look Wider Still” and “Her Story” day camp

Submitted by Dena Darling-McBean

Pueblo & Southeastern CO


June 12 -15, 2017 was the “Look Wider Still ” and “Her Story” day camp at the United Methodist Church in Avondale. What a time it was for both the staff and girls! Girls came together from Pueblo West, Pueblo, Avondale, and Fowler for a week of history and of course, lots of fun. We visited folks like Sister Nancy, who works with migrant workers, and others in the eastern part of Pueblo County. Miss Lil Montez told us about Capt. Charles Autobee, who was one of the first men who settled in the area. She told the girls of her great- grandmother, Pickin Bones, who was a Native American. The girls even wrote a song about her (Miss Pickin Bones)! They made tye-dye t-shirts as their camp shirts and tried their hand at painting what they thought it looked like when the pioneers came to Colorado years ago. We traveled to Bents Fort, where they learned so much about prairie life back in the day. Thursday was the last day and we spent part of it at the El Pueblo Museum. The girls learned about the girls and families who lived in Ludlow back in the 1900’s and the families who were killed in 1914 in the massacre that happened there. The girls made cornhusk dolls as well while they were there.

The girls then said “Camp was too short and could I please ask the council for a two day extension, a reunion, and for next year, two weeks of camp and an overnight in each week? Please Miss Dena! Please!”

I already have my staff in place for next year and a committee of girls is beginning to form. I want to thank Girl Scouts of Colorado and The Colorado Trust for making this camp possible for these young ladies from the Daisy level to the Senior Level.

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PA Training with a CAMP Specialty

Submitted by Denine Dains

Denver Metro


PA Training with a day camp specialty is coming to Hamp Hut this fall! In addition to learning the valuable skills of assisting younger Girl Scouts in a troop or small group setting, you will specialize in leading larger groups in a day camp setting. You will learn how to:

  • Lead large groups of Girl Scouts in camp songs
  • Assist young girls in a flag ceremony
  • Assist young Girl Scouts with chopping food at camp while using a knife
  • Set up a propane stove
  • Make a foil packet lunch
  • Follow the rules regarding fire and cooking with a dutch oven
  • Create a safe cleaning station for dishes
  • Lead yourself in a professional, safe manner while working with younger girls
  • Be a good role model to younger Girl Scouts

Training will be held at Hamp Hut on Sunday, October 22, 2017. We will start promptly at 10 a.m. and finish at 2 p.m. Please dress in layers! Morning snack, lunch, and dessert will be provided. Bring a mess kit. Please pack separate food if you have any allergies.

Register using our Google Form:

Send $20 payment to:
Troop 3972
P.O. Box 549
Broomfield, CO 80038-0549

Trainer: Denine “NY” Dains
email: daycampforscouts@gmail.com
phone: (303)931-1863 (text OK)

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Register for the “Advanced Outdoor Skills” day camp

Submitted by Theresa Szczurek

Northern & Northeastern CO


Are you looking for outdoor adventure? You are in luck! Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout Troop 7 is running an advanced outdoor skills day camp on April 29, 2017 at Mountain View United Methodist Church (355 Ponca Place, Boulder 80303) from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Fourth Graders and up with prior camping experience will sharpen outdoor skills in first aid, knots, backpacking cooking, safety and set-up, orienteering, and more.

Register NOW:  https://sites.google.com/site/gsoutdoorskillsdayscolorado/

Questions to: girlscouttroop70007@gmail.com

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Outdoor Skills Day Camp

Submitted by Molly M.

Northern & Northeastern CO


Are you looking for outdoor fun and adventure? You are in luck! Senior Girl Scout Troop 7 is running outdoor skills days.

Get ready for camping fun! The Girl Scout Outdoor Skills day camps on April 22, 2017 (Thornton-regular) and April 29, 2017 (Boulder-advanced) prepare girls for camping and outdoors. Each girl will earn an outdoor skills patch, in addition to learning:

  1.  Knife craft and safety
  2. Compass use
  3. Outdoor cooking
  4. Fire building
  5.  Campsite Set-up
  6. Tent pitching
  7. Emergency first-aid and preparation

Regular Camp: April 22 (Thornton)

Who: 1st Graders and up. No experience necessary

When: 9:30 a.m. — 3:30 p.m.

Price: 1 Girl – $17 includes hot lunch and Outdoor
Skills patch

Additional adults: $5/day

Advanced Camp: April 29 (Boulder)

Who: 4th Graders and up. Must have prior camping

When: 9:30 a.m. — 3:30 p.m.

Price: 1 Girl – $18 includes hot lunch and Outdoor
Skills patch

Additional adults: $5/day

Register early. A sell-out is expected.

Advanced Payment Required

Website link to register both scouts and adults:

Contact Senior / Ambassador Girl Scout Troop 7


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Fun, new day camps looking for volunteers

Submitted by Rebecca Lankford

Metro Denver


Cadette Troop 63572 is helping to organize two day camps in the Broomfield area this summer. We are looking for PA’s, PAI’s and adult volunteers to help with the camp.

Our site is open for registration for volunteers now! Visit us at www.scoutingforfun.com.

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The Great Outdoors Day Camp

Submitted by Sue Sullivan

Grand Junction

Western Slope

On June 4th, 80 girls attended the The Great Outdoors Day Camp sponsored by Service Unit 122 in Grand Junction at Alamar Stables. Although it was hot, the girls and adult attendees had a great time. Designed to learn some outdoor skills the first thing they learned was what to do with a bandana, each girl received a bandana and put it to good use that day keeping it wet and wrapped around their neck or on their head. Girls rotated to five different booths. They learned about geocaching, how to build a fire, knife safety and trail markings. They learned how to put up a tent with a tent relay.

The Division of Wildlife was there and gave them an archery lesson and a few volunteers with their horses talked to them about horse care. Each girl received a goody bag with pamphlets from the BLM, a whistle from the Division of Wildlife, and a gift from Cabela’s. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources to make this day a success.

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