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Grand Junction Girl Scouts Earn Bronze Award

Submitted by Jenni Grossman

Western Colorado

Grand Junction

Congratulations to McKenzie, Lauren, Abbie, Jolie, and Peyton from Troop 13497 in Grand Junction! They earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award for a project to help seniors in nursing homes who may be feeling lonely due to visiting restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The girls made videos and special crafts, including photos, drawings, and activity sheets, for multiple nursing homes in their area. Two of the nursing homes were chosen because one of the girls has a family member living there.

The Girl Scouts started a different project to earn the Bronze Award in February 2020, but then had to do a 360 in March when COVID-19 hit. They thought the residents of the nursing homes would be so lonely due to visiting restrictions. The girls decided to make videos of their favorite children’s books so the activities directors could play them for the residents. The girls also wanted some activities for the residents. After the girls called multiple places, they learned they had to laminate whatever they picked, so it could be sanitized. They each made five to ten different sheets (drawings, word searches, mazes paintings, colored pictures with uplifting quotes) for the residents. The girls also made copies of their work and laminated each one. Each nursing home received 40 drawing/activity laminated sheets. We also gave the organizations a list of the videos that the girls made so they could access them whenever they wanted.

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Silver Award Project: The Support Pal Program








Submitted by Rebecca G.

Metro Denver


We have all been struggling to adjust to our new normal: wearing masks outside our homes, schools going online, social distancing, and many other challenges. During this difficult time, frontline healthcare workers are dealing with all of these challenges as well as many others due to this deadly new virus with no vaccine or cure.

Elderly patients in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and their own homes experience some of the highest pandemic-related risks, both in susceptibility to the virus and increased severity of the subsequent illness. The most debilitated elderly, those with terminal illnesses, often choose hospice care to enhance their quality of life when that time is limited. Hospice nurses work to make sure these patients are as comfortable as possible. Under normal circumstances, before the pandemic, these nurses worked tirelessly, each leading a whole team of individuals working to ensure that hospice patients receive the best care. Due to the pandemic’s requirements of social distancing and contact precautions, everyone on the hospice team except the hospice nurse is prohibited from seeing the hospice patients in person; therefore, the hospice nurse now bears the full responsibility for in-person support of the isolated hospice patient. This increased responsibility and pressure on the hospice nurses inspired my Silver Award Project.

To start, I asked the nurses what their biggest challenges are at this time. Their responses included protecting themselves from COVID-19, witnessing the heartbreak of loved ones who are not able to visit their family members due to strict “no visitor” rules, talking through their masks, and needing lots of ziplock and paper bags for their PPE. I took these struggles into account and created a plan to help them.

First, I painted boxes for the nurses to keep in their cars to store their PPE and other equipment and I personalized each box for each nurse. I also painted a smaller box to hold their personal items. With these boxes, the nurses can streamline their trunk organization for transporting their supplies.

Next, to make the real difference in the nurses’ lives, I created the Support Pal Program. I invited Girl Scouts from many different troops to participate and assigned each Girl Scout volunteer one hospice nurse to support. Each week, the Girl Scout Support Pal sends her assigned nurse an email with an uplifting message or joke to brighten her nurse’s day. The nurses have reported that they look forward to these emails that make them smile and brighten their week. Please note that this is not a pen pal program requiring the nurses to respond! The Support Pals’ emails help the nurses deal with their stress and make their week better. It is a one way support system for these hero-nurses at this difficult time.

This Silver Award Project is vital at a time when healthcare workers are under so much stress. Hospice nurses always help others so this is our chance to help them. Thank you to all the brave nurses and doctors risking their lives in nursing homes and in hospitals to help their patients. I would also like to thank my troop leader and mother for her help, ideas, and support during this project and for her dedication to her patients everyday. Thank you.

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In-person shopping at the GSCO Retail Shop

We are excited to welcome you back to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Retail Shop with scheduled shopping hours. Customers can now reserve a 30-minute slot. Girl Scouts of Colorado puts everyone’s safety and health first. A maximum of four customers are allowed in the shop at one time. Please continue to be respectful of recommended guidelines of six-feet physical distancing. Face masks are required at all times during your visit. Due to safety concerns, returned merchandise is not being accepted until further notice.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

COVID Safety Pledge, Kits, and Safe Seats

Submitted by Kelly Davidson

Northern & Northeastern CO


On encouragement from a couple parents in my Brownie troop, I thought I’d share the troop’s COVID-19 safety pledge. Parents seem to really like how our safety expectations are clear and how the girls take on the responsibility.

I wrote it up and worked with my in-house designer (my husband 😉) to lay it out as an 11×17 poster for the girls. The girls received two copies: one color copy to sign and hang up, and one black/white to sign and return to the troop.

Using $7 fanny packs from Amazon, I made what I am calling COVID kits for the girls. I personalized the fanny packs with iron-on letters. Each kit includes new Girl Scout masks, a filter, refillable travel hand sanitizer,  mask clip, and snack. Plus, I made a laminated reminder card about self-screening at home, refilling hand sanitizer, etc.

Using $6 chairs from Walmart, I also made what I’m calling “Safe Seats” where, once positioned at our in-person outdoor meetings, the girls can go to take mask breaks as needed, or remove their masks to have a drink or snack. The idea is for them to feel they have control over their mask breaks. Since we are planning to stay outdoors or Zoom all year, the chairs will keep them off wet and cold ground, allowing us to meet outside as much as possible.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

In-Person Gatherings Guidelines: Update as of July 2020

Girl Scouts of Colorado is allowing in-person gatherings of troops and groups as long as they follow social distancing and safety guidelines. At this time, state guidelines allow groups of 10 to gather and maintain 6-feet of social distance between non-family members. COVID-19 has made different impacts in different locations. You may follow the current guidelines posted in your county, however gatherings should be limited to the size of one troop (no service unit in-person gatherings at this point). Please review this document with GSCO recommendations and links to county restrictions before planning your in-person activities. All minor and adult participants will need to have a COVID waiver on file with Girl Scouts of Colorado. We will continue to monitor local, state, and national guidelines, and re-evaluate our status every two weeks.

All GSCO property reservations are canceled through July 31. Refunds are being processed.

Note: These guidelines are in effect for all in-person Girl Scout gatherings, including those where girls might not be present. For more information about how Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to keep our community safe, visit our website.