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Best Cookie Dad contest: Our “Cookie Man”








Submitted by Troop 60071

Metro Denver


We have nicknamed him “Cookie Man” and he is the best. He is our troop’s biggest cheerleader! He isn’t afraid to be silly and show us that it’s okay to do the same. He gives really good advice and is always trying to help us reach our goals, not just at cookie time, but always.

He gives a lot of his time and energy to our troop and Girl Scouts. He volunteers to help with cookie pick-up day at the cupboard getting other troops their cookies and then makes sure each of us is set up too. When we did our Powder Puff Derby, he helped us with our car designs and supported us while we ran the show. At our drive-thru cookie booth, he got all of us energized (the sign twirling he’s got down, but we’re helping him with his high kick).

We wanted to share how much we appreciate him because he genuinely wants all of us to succeed. It’s good to have someone like that in your corner.

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Best Cookie Dad contest: My daddy is the best








Submitted by Brooklynn L.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

My daddy is the best! He comes to all of my Girl Scout cookie booths and he is my biggest supporter.

I love Girl Scouts! It is such an amazing opportunity to meet lifelong friends and teaches me so much! I love my troop leaders and all that they do for us through out the entire year!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: My hardworking dad






Submitted by Ella C.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

My dad, Chris, works at night driving a semi-truck. When he comes home, he takes me door-to-door to sell cookies. One time my mom wasn’t feeling well, so my dad took me and helped me sell lots of cookies. We even sold a whole case of Thin Mints. I love my Dad.

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Best Cookie Dad contest: My dad is a cookie rockstar








Submitted by Leah

Metro Denver


Hi! My name is Leah and I am a 6th grader. My dad is a cookie rockstar. I’ve been selling cookies since kindergarten and he helps drive the cookies to the cookie booth and helps me set up my table and chairs. He likes to sing songs and dance around our cookie booth!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: A spectacular cookie dad

Submitted by Hailey

Southwestern CO


My dad is a spectacular cookie dad because he helps me with my cookie booths. He is even there with me through the cold and wind. He’s right there by my side when I’m selling door-to-door, helping me with the money, and hauling my cookies. My dad has been helping me with cookies since I started as a Daisy. He’s a wonderful dad because he doesn’t have to do it, but he offers to anyway. He is a spectacular dad and I love him.

I am a G.I.R.L in many ways because I am a free spirit. I face this world head on. I take of myself and others around me. I respect my leaders, friends, family, and other adults. I have many friends whom I care for and take care of. When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I want to teach children how to respect themselves and others around them. I am a G.I.R.L because of many things, but my main reason I am a G.I.R.L is because I love the Girl Scout experience!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: My daddy is AMAZING

Submitted by Gina A.

Metro Denver

Commerce City

My name is Gina. This is my first year in Girl Scouts and I am a Brownie. I am so excited about all the cool stuff we are doing. I am most excited to go camping!

My daddy is so amazing. He volunteers his time to help with my troop’s cookie sales. He loaded his truck with our cookies to help get our sales started. He helps with our sales booths and brings lunch and hot cocoa to us when it’s cold. I love my daddy because he is so amazing!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: Cookie dad kick-off

Submitted by Bianca M.

Metro Denver

My dad is always there to encourage me, help me, and congratulate me, and that’s why I think he’s the Best Cookie Dad. When I told him I wanted to be a Girl Scout, he said, “I think you’d be an amazing Girl Scout!”

When I told him I wanted to sleep over at the Girl Scout Pajama Jam, he said, “Sounds like fun, let’s all do it!”

And, when I told him I wanted to be the cookie top seller in my troop, he said, “Of course! I know you can do it.”

The first weekend of Girl Scout cookie season, my mom, who is a troop leader, was out of town. My dad drove an hour away to borrow a truck to help pick up our troop’s cookies from Elitch Gardens, and then he spent almost the whole day helping our cookie mom sort and hand out cookies.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday, one of his favorite days of the year. But, we got up early to be the first ones in line at Sweet Cow Ice Cream, and I sold two cases of Samoas to them! Then, he helped me carry all the cookies in to sell at the Super Bowl party later that day, too.

When I told him I wanted to sell cookies at a booth, he stayed up late to help me paint and assemble a cookie booth out of crates. I know I’m going to be the top seller in my troop thanks to my dad.

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Volunteer View: February 2018

Still looking for the perfect session for summer camp? Camp registration round two opens on March 1 at 9 a.m.! With round two, we’ll open up more spaces of popular sessions.
Can’t wait for summer? We’ve got lots of events coming up at our properties this spring, including:

More Camp

Highest Awards deadline is March 1

If your girls have completed their Bronze or Silver Award, submit the online notification to GSCO by March 1 to be invited to statewide Highest Awards Celebrations this spring. When you submit notification, you will also order pins, certificates, and letters of recognition for each girl. Online RSVPs for 2018 Highest Awards Celebrations will open in March.
Power Up Facilitator Training March 11
Learn to facilitate Power Up, Girl Scouts of Colorado’s anti-bullying program! Cadettes currently in grades 7-8, Seniors, Ambassadors, and adult volunteers can register for this training taking place at Sky High Ranch on March 11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration is $25 per person and will close on March 5. Troops are asked to send no more than 4 representatives.
New Resources added to VTK
Under the Volunteer Toolkit’s new Resources tab, you will find all the new Journeys and Badges content by program level, how to videos for new leaders, information guides to share with families, and so much more!
The new VTK Help Menu lets you click on the help button, browse the list of how-to topics or type in your question, and it will walk you through every step!
Recognize an amazing volunteer
Girl Scout volunteers are changing the lives of girls in their communities every day. Some volunteers go above and beyond all expectations and have a definite impact on not only their troop, but also their service unit and sometimes, the whole council. Acknowledge an outstanding volunteer that you know by nominating them for a Volunteer Recognition Award.
Nominations are due on or before March 31.
The Membership Connection Committee (MCC) has issued a challenge to every service unit across Colorado to recognize at least one outstanding volunteer who has gone above and beyond this year.
MCC is seeking members from across Colorado, especially in the Denver Metro and Fort Collins areas. Learn about MCC qualifications and commitments oremail the MCC Chair for more information.
Are you a smart cookie?
Smart Cookie emails come out every Monday during the cookie program, and contain all the information you need for success. Are you not receiving Smart Cookie? Contact your VSS.

Catch up on this year’s cookie news »

Upcoming Events
Feb. 23: Pajama Jam with the Denver Nuggets
It’s our annual Girl Scout night and sleepover at the Pepsi Center. Enjoy discounted tickets and fun fan experiences after the game. The top three troops with the most ticket referrals by Feb. 16 will choose from prizes, including a cookie booth at the Pepsi Center after the game.

March 2: Girl Scout Night with the Colorado Avalanche 
Come cheer on the Avs as they take on the Minnesota Wild. The first 80 Girl Scouts, friends, and family who buy tickets through our link will get a special co-branded Avalanche/GSCO beanie. The Avs are offering a cookie booth before the game to the troop with the most ticket referrals by Feb. 16.

March 9-11: OAC Explorers at Keystone Science School
Sixth-grade Cadettes are welcome to join the Outdoor Adventure Club for a winter wonderland weekend at Keystone Science School. Activities will include cross-country skiing, show shoeing, and snow activity Olympics.

March 10: Sky High Ranch Open House
Visit Sky High before summer and get to know this beautiful property. Meet staff who will be there for summer camp. No registration necessary.

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Creativity sells (and tastes pretty good)

Submitted by Victoria Gigoux

Western Slope

Grand Junction

It’s that time of year again. Cookies! We all know, for the most part, our beloved Girl Scout Cookies sell themselves. An adorable first grader in a little blue uniform simply bats her lashes and people are yelling “take my money!” But, as girls get older it seems to get more and more difficult to sell by traditional means. As a troop leader of Cadettes and Seniors, who have been selling for nearly 10 years, it’s also difficult to motivate when they know it isn’t going to be as easy for them now as it was before. But, I truly believe, there is ALWAYS a way.

Ironically, as it gets harder and harder for the girls to sell by traditional means, they are also trying to save for bigger and bigger things. Our troop has been saving for an international trip for a couple of years. I have three daughters selling, who are going on this trip. Older girls = more challenging plus the fact that I have three in my very own family. FUN….right?!? So, last year we sat down as a family to map out ways to increase our sales to help the girls pay off their trip, in addition to our already tapped out door-to-door, booth, and family-friends online “attacks.” Like my husband likes to say “we need death by a thousand paper cuts” (translation – hit them from every direction!)

The girls thought we should find ways to sell to local businesses in ways that were more than a package or two at a time. Who is going to need a whole package, or more, in one sitting? Immediately, restaurants came to the top of our list.

After verifying all rules we needed to adhere to through GSCO, the girls reached out to three, locally owned, businesses last year. We stayed local for many reasons, including no corporate red tape and the fact that it is easier to sit down with a decision maker. After the girls’ discussions, two businesses decided they could find ways to use Girl Scout Cookies in menu items during cookie season. One was so successful, this year we had an immediate multi-case order on day one.

The secret to this success…What isn’t to love about ice cream? Add in Girl Scout Cookies, and BAM! Our best, and now repeat, customer is Graff Dairy. Graff is a locally owned and operated, family friendly micro creamery. It has been an institution in the Grand Valley for many, many years and their product is divine. According to their website, Graff is “not just about the product. We are a place for families. A business that believes in our community and providing opportunities for our employees.” Making an impact on our local community is such a huge part of the fabric of our troop and of Girl Scouts in general. Shopping and engaging with local businesses is yet another way to make an impact.

While we have had a great success, it’s important to remember there is definitely work involved in creating partnerships like this. There is much more preparation and discussion needed, many more “selling skills” than just “would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?” But, sitting down, face-to-face, with a decision maker also enhances the skills we are teaching our girls every time we discuss cookies or leadership, or courage and confidence.

Parents and leaders alike, I want to encourage you to sit down with your girls and make a plan. Get creative! Think of just ONE WAY, each year, that you can do something DIFFERENT in your sales plan and I can almost guarantee you can’t fail. What our family has learned is that you can’t always go with the flow. Most successes in life come from thinking outside the (cookie) box.

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Smart Cookie: Feb. 5, 2018

The Girl Scout Cookie Program got off to a super start as girls went door-to-door on Super Bowl Sunday. We’re hearing reports of girls who had tremendous sales, and plenty of Super Bowl-watching parties featured Girl Scout Cookies for dessert!

If your girl sold 50 or more packages door-to-door on kickoff Sunday, don’t forget to fill out this form to claim her free Super Bowl patch. The deadline to submit the form is tomorrow, Feb. 6.

Cupboards are open
Cookie Cupboards are open around the state if you need to restock your inventory. Please check your local cupboard hours in eBudde and try to give one week’s notice for orders to be filled. Be mindful that many cupboards are managed by volunteers and will have varying hours.

Council booth sites begin Feb. 16
Council booth selections have been made, and girls across the state are getting ready to Bling their Booths! Check eBudde for additional booth locations, and please release in eBudde any booths that your girls will not be able to staff so that another troop or girl can have the chance to sell there.

Be booth ready

While your girls and their families are out and about selling Girl Scout Cookies, they often get asked about Girl Scouting, and we want everyone to know that Girl Scouts is about so much more than selling cookies! Let’s show everyone how the world’s largest girl-led entrepreneurial program prepares girls to lead, learn, and succeed all while making it possible for them to embark on amazing adventures, form a lifetime of memories, and unleash the power of G.I.R.L. (go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, leaders)™ to change the world. Share this two-sided sheet with girls and families for tips on how to answer “Why Girl Scouts?” like a pro!

Don’t forget Digital Cookie

Remind the girls in your troop that Digital Cookie is an easy way to add to your sales. Girls can add a video message or a photo, share their goals and what they’ve learning by selling cookies, then share their digital cookie link with friends and family, even those living in other states.

Upcoming dates
Feb. 16: Council booths begin

Feb. 23-25: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

March 11: Cookie program ends

March 13: Rewards orders due in eBudde