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Girl Scouts deliver cookies to Buckley Air Force Base

Submitted by Cassie Aymami

Metro Denver


On May 10, 2018, three Girl Scout troops from the Denver Metro region delivered more than 18,000 packages of Hometown Hero Girl Scout Cookies to military and personnel at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora. While three troops helped with the delivery, the cookies themselves were donated by at least a dozen troops, including: 62589, 65412, 61281, 60900, 65486, 13461, 61414, 65478, 60238, 65431, 64522, and 61053. Some of the cookies will also be delivered to Military Family Assistance programs.

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Hometown Hero Delivery to DDFL

Submitted by Robin Morris

Metro Denver


Troop 65698 in Denver delivered 163 packages of donated Girl Scout Cookies to their Hometown Hero, Denver Dumb Friends League, to say thank you to the staff and volunteers who care for and find homes for animals. We also earned our Brownie “Pets” badge here earlier this spring, so the troop voted to spend a third of their cookie sale earnings to buy $500 worth of supplies for the DDFL. They donated cookies, pet food, treats, toys, and other wish list items.

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Cookie distribution and delivery: Volunteer feedback survey

Girl Scouts of Colorado wants your input on your experience with cookie distribution and delivery, as part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program! To give GSCO your feedback, please use this link: https://girlscoutsusa.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8FU0xCHY2W8x7o1 All responses are completely anonymous, unless you choose to supply your email for follow-up. This survey is open now and it will close on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Brownies deliver cookies to Hometown Heroes

Submitted by Sandra Scofield

Metro Denver


Brownie Troop 66532 chose first responders as their Hometown Heroes to receive Girl Scout Cookies this year. Each girl took one of the local fire and police stations. We delivered Station 5 their cookies and they spent two hours answering all of her questions and giving us a tour of the station and all the equipment. They were grateful and so are we for all that they do to keep our community safe!

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Gunnison troop sends special thank you to cookie customers

Submitted by Sharalee Pederson

Western Slope


Troop 13461 of Gunnison with 14 girls is celebrating their amazing cookie season. This is the thank you they are sending out to their customers. They sold 11,609 packages of cookies!

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Smart Cookie: March 12, 2018

What a way to celebrate Girl Scouts’ 106th birthday today – by wrapping up what may be the most impressive Girl Scout Cookie Program in Colorado’s history! What would our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, think of today’s go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders as they pushed hard to reach their goals? These girls never cease to amaze us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance and support you give them along the way. The program wrapped up yesterday and now you’ll need to attend to a few details to close out.

Close out of eBudde

Troops will be locked out of eBudde at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13. Before then you need to ensure you’ve allocated all cookies to the girls in your troop, entered and verified all transactions, and submitted the final reward order. Also, don’t forget to print your final troop sales report. If you have any questions about cookie closeouts, please reach out to the Service Unit Cookie Manager in your area.

If you need additional Hometown Hero cookies, first check with other troops in your area to see if they have inventory to transfer. Hometown Hero Cookie Cupboards will close on March 14. Remember, all transactions (troop-to-troop transfers or cupboard orders) will need to be placed by Tuesday.

Money problems

Money problem reports are due by March 16 at 5 p.m. The ACH debit of funds to council will occur on March 21.

Let’s celebrate!

Now, sit back and celebrate with your girls! Remind them of all the great skills they’ve practiced during the cookie program: they’ve set goals, made decisions, practiced business ethics, worked on their people skills, and managed money. Seriously, these girls rocked it all! Keep it girl-led and let the girls decide how they want to celebrate, but here are a few ideas to get started brainstorming…

  1. Get energized outdoors: The weather has been beautiful – get outside and enjoy! Check the events calendar for a fun outing near you.
  2. Serious about service: No doubt your girls set a community service goal along with their cookie program goal. Now’s the time to get going. Make plans to deliver your Hometown Hero cookies as a troop and take a tour of the facility or meet the people served there. The deadline to deliver HTH cookies is June 29. Need help with ideas on how to give back? Check out the Community Service section of our Anytime Activities list. Or take a look at the Take Action Toolkits for each program level to help your girls get started changing the world!
  3. Pamper party: Go all out girly with a relaxing pj and pamper party. Pjs, a few fun treats, and a girl power movie are all you need to have a relaxing night, but if you want to throw in polish and face masks, go for it.
  4. Have a gift-making craft night: Cookie season takes a lot of volunteer power. Gather your girls to make homemade thank you gifts for those who helped them reach their goals: parents who walked them door-to-door, parents and troop leaders who volunteered for booths, the troop cookie manager, and many more! They don’t need to be complex or pricey to show appreciation. Pinterest has tons of ideas!

2018 Best Cookie Video contest: The winners are….

Thank you to all the Girl Scouts who entered this year’s contest for Best Cookie Video. We received nearly  a dozen entries from across Colorado and are so impressed by your creativity and enthusiasm.

Third Place- $50 in Cookie Credits

Hailey from Arvada is a second-year Brownie. Last year, she sold 800 packages and this year (at last check), she is only 50 packages away from her goal of 1,000 packages. She plans to use the Cookie Credits she won to go to “Dusty Boots” at Tomahawk Ranch this summer.

Second Place- $100 in Cookie Credits

Ashla F. is from GSCO’s Northern & Northeastern CO region. She also plans to use the Cookie Credits she won to go to Tomahawk Ranch this summer.

First Place- $200 in Cookie Credits

Mia from Fort Carson is a gifted, STEM-loving Brownie who loves crafting stories. She plans to use the Cookie Credits she earned to go to a “Me & My Gal” camp.

Best Cookie Dad contest: Our super dad

Submitted by Abigail and Genevieve R.

Metro Denver

Castle Rock

I am glad to have a great dad who is there to help us sell cookies. Being a Girl Scout Cookie Dad in February (a.k.a. cookie month) is not easy! It is even trickier if you are a dad to two Girl Scouts, who set some high cookie goals! I have been selling cookies for four years and my little sister, Genevieve, just started selling cookies this year. My dad has been there for both of us during this busy cookie season. He helped us sell cookies by taking my sister and I to small businesses in town. He stayed with us at the booths and held a “Cookies For Sale” sign with us and helped us count money. He also had to pick up extra chores around the house when our mom would take us to sell cookies door-to-door or at booths. We would not be able to reach and surpass our goals if it was not for our wonderful dad!

My sister and I learned that earning money through cookie sales would give us an opportunity to attend Girl Scout events and classes. We both like being a part of the big Girl Scout family!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: Cookie Dad is Cookie Man

Submitted by Kate Harvie

Western Slope


This Cookie Dad isn’t even a dad! He doesn’t just help his soon-to-be stepdaughter and her troop leader mom, this super supportive Cookie Man took the day off work to drive 130 miles round trip just to get 100 cases of Thin Mints for the Montrose Cookie Cupboard! He saved the cookie booth weekend for all Girl Scouts in the area! In the photo above, he is loading 100 cases of cookies into his truck. He was so focused on “properly stacking the cases” he wouldn’t even look up. He’s slightly serious about those Thin Mints.

Brian Grasman can also be found delivering cookies to the troop at booths all over town, helping load and unload cookies from vehicles, and he’s even been known to serve as a “mystery shopper” during National Girl Scout Cookie weekend, handing out patches to girls with stellar customer service.

Troop 17122 and Service Unit 129 couldn’t have survived the 2018 cookie season without him!

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Best Cookie Dad contest: Why my Cookie Dad is the best

Submitted byJosie O., Junior Troop 61631

Metro Denver


My dad (people call him Patrick) is the best Cookie Dad because he uses his truck and trailer to pick up our troop’s cookies every year. This is a big deal because our troop picks up 5,000+ packages at the first pick up. He also supports me by eating packages of Tagalongs secretly in the garage (without Mom knowing). He gives me funny phrases to say to my customers, like, “Excuse me? What time is it?….It’s Girl Scout cookie time!”

He brings me to the neighborhood where he grew up to sell cookies door-to-door to his old friends and neighbors. He helps me make yard signs, counts my inventory, and then eats more Tagalongs. My dad is my number one customer and my number one sales trainer. He helped me sell 1,031 packages this year. He’s the best Cookie Dad out there!

I’m a G.I.R.L. because I’m a risk-taker. This summer I’m moving out of my comfort zone by going to Girl Scout Camp without anyone from my troop. I know I’ll make new friends. I’m a little nervous, but hey, I’m a risk-taker!

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