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Starting Inventory Order for Cookies due 8 p.m. Jan. 13

Have you input your troop’s Starting Inventory Order yet? If not, please do so before 8 p.m. Wednesday so your girls will have cookies to sell on opening weekend Jan. 31!

To place your Starting Inventory Order, you’ll need to log on to eBudde  – use the temporary password 2326@RahRah and click login. You’ll need to change your password and enter your contact info. Select the Initial Order Tab at the top of the page and click the “Other” line at the bottom of the screen. Click into the squares to begin your entry.

Remember there are no returns of cookies to council this year, so plan your SIO carefully. You can use the SIO calculator on our website to help determine what varieties to order based on your troop goal. Tip: You submit the number of packages (individual boxes of cookies) of each variety and eBudde will round up the amount for total cases. All SIO orders are in full cases.

Once you’ve submitted the order, don’t forget to visit the Delivery tab, enter delivery information then submit, select a time slot if applicable and then print your confirmation form.

Need help?

  • Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager (listed on your troop page of eBudde)
  • Ask the staff Product Sales Specialist for your area (see below)
  • Try our Customer Support Team at 877-404-5708 or inquiry@gscolorado.org

Your Product Sales Specialists

  • Mary Ann Deard (Region 1, 2, 5) – maryann.deard@gscolorado.org
  • Rychelle Arnold (Region 3, 4) – rychelle.arnold@gscolorado.org
  • Laura Aguon (Region 6) – laura.aguon@gscolorado.org
  • Allison Snavely (Region 7) – allison.snavely@gscolorado.org
  • Elizabeth Lipp (Region 7) – elizabeth.lipp@gscolorado.org

Weekly Cookie Calls

Girl Scouts of Colorado will host weekly Cookie Calls – join in any Tuesday evening if you have questions. The calls will be 6:30 – 7 p.m. Tuesdays,

Jan. 12 – March 22 . Each call will be hosted by a member of the Product Sales Team to answer questions from volunteers and parents about the 2016 Cookie Program.

Join the meeting: https://join.me/JamieHaxton 

On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download. 

On a phone or tablet, launch the join.me app and enter meeting code: JamieHaxton 

Join the audio conference: 

Dial (303) 993-0071 and enter access code  710-989-496#, or connect via internet. 

Important Dates

Jan. 14: Round 1 of booth sales selection opens at 6 p.m., remains open until 11:59 p.m. Jan. 16. Each troop may select one booth on the 14th, one on the 15th and one on the 16th.

Jan. 19: Round 2 of booth sales selection opens at 6 p.m., remains open through the end of the sale.

Jan. 30: Main cookie delivery day

Jan. 31: Sale starts!

2016 Cookie Sale: A message from Little Brownie Bakers


Dear council customers:

Cookie Season is around the corner, and Little Brownie Bakers is ready! We’ve been moving forward on new plans, facility enhancements and cookie supplies to make sure we’re ready to serve you no matter what the season serves up. Please find here a video message from our top bakery leaders.

We know girls are ready to reach high goals this cookie season, and we at Little Brownie are ready to support them—and you—in every way we can.




Cookie University is coming


Girl Scouts of Colorado is excited to announce additional training for Troop Cookie Managers for the 2016 Girl Scout Cookies Sale. If you’re planning to serve as a TCM this year, THANK YOU! We understand the time, commitment, and heart this volunteer role requires and we truly appreciate it.

We will host a variety of Cookie University training sessions throughout the state. They will be:

November 14, 2015               Mountain Communities- Summit County

November 15, 2015               Mountain Communities- Steamboat                                                                        Springs

November 21, 2015               Southwest Colorado- Durango

November 22, 2015               Southwest Colorado- Cortez

December 5, 2015                 Denver Metro Area & Pueblo

December 6, 2015                 Denver Metro Area                           & Northern/Northeastern

December 12, 2015             Colorado Springs & Western Slope

Cookie University is an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with other Troop Cookie Managers, get your required basic cookie training and most importantly, ensure your troop’s Starting Inventory Order is well thought-out and meets the needs of your girl and troop. You can also participate in some exciting new enrichment sessions to help with Inventory Management, Digital Cookie, eBudde and Sale Etiquette. Participants will also receive NEW collector lapel pins for each session they participate in.

You can register for Cookie University by using this link: https://gscolorado.formstack.com/forms/cookieuniversity

If you can’t attend the training session in your area, feel free to attend one in another area.



GSCO visits the Little Brownie Bakery

“I am embarrassed by what happened during the 2015 Cookie Sale and personally guarantee that it will NEVER happen again.” – Jeff, Little Brownie Bakers

That quote from Jeff, a key employee on the production lines at the Little Brownie Bakery, was echoed in similar fashion by multiple top managers and key executives during Girl Scouts of Colorado’s visit to the bakery in Louisville, Kentucky in mid-August 2015. Members of GSCO’s Product Sales Staff, along with members of the Marketing and Communications Department and executive staff, visited the bakery to see what changes have been made since the challenges faced during the 2015 Cookie Sale. The trip was sponsored by Little Brownie Bakers.

During a tour of the bakery, Jeff showed GSCO staff members several pieces of new equipment he said will speed up production for the 2016 sale. They included a new oven for Savannah Smiles and equipment on the lines that produce Thin Mints and Trefoils. Jeff told GSCO these improvements also improve the quality of all the cookies LBB makes.

Our cameras were not allowed inside the production area. However, LBB provided this video to share with you.

After the tour, GSCO staff members met with LBB top managers and key executives, who explained in detail what led to the challenges experienced during the 2015 sale and what LBB has done/ is currently doing to make sure it never happens again. Changes at LBB include:

  • Equipment upgrades throughout the bakery to increase production and the quality of all Girl Scout Cookies made by LBB.
  • Adjustments to the LBB production schedule, so the bakery can better accommodate an increase in orders from councils nationwide.
  • New goals and deadlines for cookie production to ensure that more cookies are ready to be shipped prior to the start of the 2016 sale than there were in 2015.

LBB also asked GSCO to share the following link with you:  Letter to volunteers.

All in all GSCO feels this visit to LBB was a positive one. We are encouraged by the changes made since the 2015 sale and believe LBB has a vested interest in helping Colorado Girl Scouts succeed and reach their goals.

Important change for the 2016 Girl Scout Cookies sale

Girl Scouts of Colorado is moving to a no-return policy for the 2016 Cookie Sale. This policy will allow girls to be more successful because we’ll have better control over inventory, a more accurate Starting Inventory Order and girls will have the cookies they need.

After production issues experienced at the bakery last season caused challenges nationwide, Girl Scouts of Colorado decided to move up our planned timeline for a no-return sale. Girl Scouts of Colorado was one of only a few councils that allowed returns.

Girls and troops still will be able to transfer cookies from troop-to-troop and order more cookies from their local cupboard as needed.

Additional training will be provided to Troop Cookie Managers to ensure that troop Starting Inventory Orders are well thought-out and meet the needs of the girls and troops.

We’re looking forward to an awesome 2016 Cookie Program where Girl Scout Cookies can do a world of good!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is GSCO moving to this policy now?

Inventory shortages at Little Brownie Bakers created a situation in 2015 where some troops and girls ran out of cookies to sell and couldn’t get more. Moving to a no-return policy and troops submitting a Starting Inventory Order of what they actually plan to sell will ensure we have all the cookies on hand at the beginning of the sale.

2. Can I still checkout booth sale cookies on consignment?

No, booth sales will need to be accounted for in your SIO. We will provide solid estimates of the number of cookies you can expect to sell of each variety at a typical booth sale. Make Hometown Heroes a prominent push at your booth and door-to-door sales and any leftover packages you have will go to your HTH donation. Additional cookies will be available at cupboards but cannot be returned.

3. Can I swap varieties of cookies for others at the cupboard?

The council cupboards will not accept any returns or swaps. Troops and girls can swap with other troops. Service Unit-level volunteers will be able to help facilitate these transactions.

4. Can I return damaged cookie boxes?

Yes, if you find damaged cookies in your inventory, please exchange the package for a non-damaged package at your local cupboard as soon as possible.

5. Will GSCO recommend a SIO per girl?

A new section of cookie training will focus solely on Starting Inventory Order. Council can recommend an average SIO for a new troop or girl based on program level and region.

6. What happens if we have a girl who cannot sell at the last minute due to a family emergency or something?

As we saw during the 2015 Cookie Program, Girl Scouts are happy to help sister Girl Scouts. Your troop can transfer those cookies to another troop looking to supplement their inventory.

7. Can GSCO return cookies to Little Brownie Bakers?

Girl Scouts of Colorado pays for every case of cookies that we put in our warehouses. We cannot, nor have we ever been able to, return any cookies to the bakery or exchange cookies with other Girl Scout Councils.

8. How will this change the volunteer role of Cookie Cupboard Managers?

Cupboards will still be used for storing, managing and delivering cookies to troops/girls. A new Cupboard Manager training will be provided to focus on the no-return policy, troop-to-troop transfers and the number of cookies needed for booths.


Help Little Brownie prep for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout Cookies

LBB Survey

Each cookie season, we at Little Brownie Bakers strive to offer girls fun, unique cookie rewards that inspire them to reach high goals. Girls love the specially designed plush animals we create for them each year.

As we prepare for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout Cookies in 2016-17, we want to hear from girls! We have created a simple survey and ask that you take the survey here.

Thanks for helping us engage girls in our exciting centennial plans.


Hearts Across the Miles: Thank you to Colorado Girl Scouts

Thank you to all the Girl Scouts who participated in “Hearts Across the Miles” again this year. The program sends Girl Scout Cookies to deployed service members.  We received the following note from one of the soldiers who received the care packages,

The Girl Scouts of Colorado-

We received three VERY large packages in the mail today filled with boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and other items.  THANK YOU!  Your generosity is very much appreciated.  We are an Army Veterinary Detachment stationed at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, consisting of 3 officers and 6 enlisted soldiers.  We are responsible for food safety and defense of DoD activities in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and parts of Kuwait.  We also provide routine and emergency medical care to Military Working Dogs in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  Although we are not truly forward deployed, we are stationed here unaccompanied without our families.   Your generous gifts were shared with our fellow Airmen and Sailors in Bahrain, UAE, and Oman. 

I personally appreciate your efforts as my daughter is a Girl Scout in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

We will be mailing out a thank you to the Girl Scouts of Colorado.  The kids pictures and letters are hanging up for the public to see in our Veterinary Clinic here in Bahrain. 

Again, thank you. 


CPT(P) Kubat

 Noel Kubat, DVM


Colorado Girl Scout is a finalist in the national Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest

Colorado Girl Scout Crystal Schlueter is a finalist in the first-ever National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest, sponsored by Taste of Home! Crystal, who is from Northglenn,  created this “German Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Torte.”


Read how Taste of Home describes Crystal’s dessert:  “This delicious, gooey treat combines Samoas/Caramel deLites, with chocolate and butter pecan ice cream – WOW – for a sweet, nutty feast of heavenly proportions!”

To help you get to know Crystal, we asked her a couple of questions about the contest and her experiences as  a Girl Scout.


Why did you enter the Taste of Home Recipe contest?

I have been a fan of Taste of Home for many years, and have had several recipes published in past issues, so when I saw the Girl Scout contest, I immediately decided to create a recipe. I LOVE making desserts. I’ll admit, I have quite the sweet tooth. Ice cream cakes are one of the first things I learned to make as a child, and since they are so easy, its a great way for beginning cooks to build confidence in the kitchen. It’s hard to improve on something as perfect as a Samoa, but I decided to combine them with ice cream, which everyone also loves. I created this recipe just for this contest, but I did take it to a birthday party, and everyone raved. I will certainly make it in the future. And, it looks much more difficult to make than it really is-which is always a bonus!

Tell us about your experiences as a Girl Scout.

My sister and I were both Girl Scouts as children. Our mom was one of the troop leaders, and it is a  very fond memory for all of us. I actually developed a love of cooking while in the Girl Scouts, and the valuable skills and friendships that I gained through the Girl Scouts will stay with me for a lifetime. The Girl Scouts were very important to me in my childhood, and to this day every time I see a girl selling cookies I have to stop and buy a few boxes. Its just a fun way to reconnect with my youth, I suppose. So when I saw an advertisement for this contest, I thought it would be really fun to try and come up with something. I never really thought I’d be a finalist, so I was extra thrilled! I did sell Girl Scout cookies growing up, and since I was a very shy child, I recall being nervous my first time selling. However, I went with several friends, and very quickly got over my fear of approaching people. I believe that the sales and people skills that I learned through the Girl Scouts helped me to become a top consultant at my first sales position. Also, my troop did a lot for the community, but I specifically recall helping to feed the poor, as well as visiting with residents of a nursing home and decorating the home for the holidays. It was amazing to see how grateful the community was towards our troop, and it made us feel like we were really making a difference, regardless of how young we were.


I love all of the Girl Scout cookies, but I’d have to say the Samoas are my favorites. Thin Mints are a close second, and I always have to buy a couple boxes of the Tagalongs and Dos-i-dos as well. I have to say that as much as I loved Girl Scout cookies as a child, my favorite memory was when I was an adult-in a very different kind of troop. I was 22, and deployed to Iraq, serving as a military policeman. My unit’s morale was pretty low. One day, our unit received several large care packages. They were from a Girl Scout troop, and were filled with dozens of boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Wow, I couldn’t believe the excitement of everyone. Its amazing how a little box of cookies can brighten a person’s day! Even our unit commander (a very stern, tough, giant of a man) had a grin while holding his box of cookies. Everyone in our unit got their own box. Sometimes the little things are the best things, as right in that moment, a familiar little box of cookies gave us just the boost we needed.

Why should people vote for you?

Honestly, I would love some votes, but only if people truly believe my recipe is the best. I feel that often times people vote just because someone is their friend or they have an interesting story. However, this is a recipe contest and I hope that the very best recipe wins, regardless of whom it belongs to.


Voting in the National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest, sponsored by Taste of Home, ends April 14.


Use Cookie Credits for Meadow Mountain Ranch Core Camps!


Meadow Mountain Ranch (MMR) Core Camp is a special time in the mountains with your Girl Scout troop, and registration is open now!  Cookie Credits can be used to pay for this camp, and there is still time in the cookie sale to boost money that you and your troop earn to pay for this camp.

PLACE: Meadow Mountain Ranch, Allenspark

SESSION 1:  Friday, July 24 – Monday, July 27
SESSION 2: Monday, July 27 – Thursday, July 30

COST:  $115.00 per girl; $70.00 per adult or certified Program Aide (PA)


Core Camp is a volunteer-led camp, and registers through the dedicated volunteers who lead it.  Registration is simple, and fees do not have to be paid until after school is out.  Fill out a registration form with the age level, troop number, town, email address, names of girls and adults and get it in to save your place.

To register or for questions, email Linda Robinson, volunteer registrar at meadowmountaincorecamp@gmail.com  She will send you forms and answer any of your questions.


In addition to Cookie Credits, there is also be some independent financial aid awarded to girls on a first-come-first-served basis.  Email your interest in financial aid to Linda Robinson as well.

Core camp is open to Brownies through Ambassadors, and all overnight camping rules apply to this event.  Our caring volunteers will help you plan and assist with activities you would like at camp.  Volunteers will be available to help provide required adult coverage if that is needed.

If you would like someone to come to your troop or service unit meeting to share about Core Camp, please contact Penny Roberts at proberts@larimer.org or by phone evenings at 970 586 1775.


MMR is a beautiful 200-acre Girl Scout camp with a rich history and nearly unlimited opportunities for fun, relaxation, and comradery in the Colorado high country.  We guarantee you’ll have memories and new friends to take back to the city with you, and that you will want more and more of this type of grand outdoor experience.

Girl Cookie Rewards Boosted

We recognize how hard the girls and volunteers in Colorado have worked to achieve their cookie goals this year, despite the inventory challenges. As a council we will end this sale having sold 3.5 million packages of cookies. Early indications showed that our girls were poised to sell as much as 4 million packages of cookies. It won’t happen because of a supply problem from the bakery, but we want to reward our girls as we would have if they had sold at unprecedented levels and reached 4 million packages. In a situation that was largely beyond our control, we want to do what we can to make it right for the heart of Girl Scouting – our girls. We have adjusted the rewards levels past the 210 mark by lowering the number of packages to reach the next incentive level by approximately 12 percent. Below is the structure which will be automatically adjusted for the girls in eBudde by Tuesday, March 17.

Revised Levels Item
12 “2015” Year Patch
40 Theme Patch
75 Wristband & Zipper Pull
100 Magnet & Sunglasses
125 Summer Fun Bandana & Bandana Hanger OR $15 Cookie Credits
175 Cool Cat Fashion Tee & Samoa Tee Ties OR $15 Cookie Credits
210 Cheetah Plush & Hat OR $15 Cookies Credits
240 Beach Towel-in-a-bag & Water Bottle OR $20 Cookie Credits
315 Cookie Journal, Sweet Notes Cupcake & Crate OR $25 Cookie Credits
425 Build A Bear Experience OR $35 Cookie Credits
440 Camp Discount 5%
530 Cookie Clipboard & Wristlet Wallet OR $40 Cookie Credits
750 750+ Event & Medallion OR $50 Cookie Credits & Medallion
880 Barnes & Noble Experience OR $60 Cookie Credits
880 10% Camp Discount
1100 Large & Small duffle, Pillow, Blanket OR $70 Cookie Credits
1320 American Girl Doll Experience OR $125 Cookie Credits
1320 15% Camp Discount
1760 Beats Headphones OR $225 Cookie Credits
1760 20% Camp Discount
2200 Nike Design Shoes OR $300 Cookie Credits
3080 GoPro Action Camera OR Laptop OR $400 Cookie Credits
4000 Cookie Credit Bonus of $600
4500 For every 500 packages sold beyond 4000, girls earn an additional $50 in Cookie Credits



Can the girls keep selling to reach a new revised level?
While this structure is offered to offset inventory challenges, not an incentive to sell more, as long as there are cookies, girls can keep selling through March 27. We understand it’s not as easy without chocolates, and this is partly why the levels are lower. Remember, you also have Hometown Heroes and Digital Cookie as sales options that don’t impact your inventory.

Why are you offering a one-size-fits-all solution when circumstances were different for different girls?
We understand that some girls were not affected by the inventory issue and others were affected more. Unfortunately, there is no way to truly measure what individual goals were and how many cookies girls would have realistically sold under different circumstances. The most generous and equitable thing we can do as a council is to make an adjustment that helps all girls get to a collective level that would have been a real stretch as a council.

Why are the lower levels not adjusted?
This adjustment was designed for girls who had higher goals and weren’t quite able to get there because of inventory issues. Girls who sold under the council average were less likely to have been affected.

Why is the 750 level unadjusted?
The 750 level is not an item, but an event with a limited capacity; so we don’t have the same flexibility. It’s also a well-recognized level of distinction that could make girls who surpass it feel undervalued to have girls who didn’t sell to that level added.

What about troop proceeds?
We were able to make an adjustment for troops or girls, and impact on the girl level was the greatest, so that’s where the council offered the help. If troops are not financially able to fund goals they set to fund with troop cookie money, they can apply for an opportunity grant to partially offset those costs.