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Daisies Sprouting

Submitted by Jordyn A.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

After 11 years of selling Girl Scout Cookies, I was given the opportunity to be a Cookie Captain. Like the troop I was helping to lead, I started out as a Daisy 12 years ago. I thought it would be a great opportunity to take this chance because I wanted to mainly focus on my Gold Award this year, but still be involved in the cookie selling season. Being a Cookie Captain was perfect because I was involved in a leadership roll, met a group of some very bright young girls, and still got to be involved in this year’s cookie season.

As a Cookie Captain, I attended multiple cookie booths with the girls, as well as a meeting to talk about importance of greetings, manners, and marketing when selling cookies. The troop was very smart and all understood how to act according to the Girl Scout Law. I would also make posters for booths, including holiday and special event posters. In doing all this, I still let them have full independence when speaking with buyers, handling money, and communicating with customers (with guidance if needed).

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Cookie Captain 2020

Submitted by Sydney T.

Northern & Northeastern


This year,  I was a Cookie Captain and I had a lot of fun. I did a cookie rally and pick-up, and I helped a Brownie troop with their first year of cookie sales. I also went door-to-door with a Daisy who was selling cookies for the first time.

While attending the cookie rally, I taught the girls about what to do at a booth and what to do if a customer says no, plus what Hometown Heroes are and how to choose one. At the cookie pick-up, my fellow Cookie Captains and I were a huge help to the adults. We told them what number the car was there to pick up their cookies and got the sheet with the cookie amounts to pick up all ready, so the adults could follow the car that was to be loaded with cookies. This event was actually my favorite. I made a new friend who was also a Cookie Captain and I really enjoyed being helpful for the adults. I learned that it was a very difficult job and I have a new appreciation for the workers at cookie pick-up and what cookie parents have to do to get their girls ready for the cookie season.

With the Brownie troop, I talked about what to do for cookie sales at a booth and what they can do with the cookie money. After that, with the same troop, I helped them with their first booth and helped them get through it, although they were so good I didn’t need to do much. For a Daisy friend, this was her first sale and I helped her by going with her for door-to-door sales. I was able to help with her money management and built her confidence in talking to people. By the last house, she was doing everything, except the cost by herself. The cost was really trying to memorize all the different possible totals due for different numbers of packages sold. That can be tough your first time. I would definitely do this again and I look forward to doing it again. I have a new appreciation for all the parents who help get everyone ready for cookies.

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