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Girl Scouts in Colorado perform more than 200,000 hour in service to their communities each year.

Girl Scout gives back at Barr Lake State Park

Submitted by Janine R.

Metro Denver


I am a Girl Scout Juliette and do my Girl Scout activities, badges, and volunteer work at Barr Lake State Park. I have learned about nature, how to take care of animals, talk to people, and share my experiences at the park with visitors. I have also learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, fish, and kayak. The best part of doing Girl Scouts at Barr Lake State Park is that I am also giving back to my community.

I have learned to be a go-getter by trying new experiences like feeding the birds and other animals in the nature center. I am an innovator by holding a cookie booth at Barr Lake State Park, which allowed me to reach a community of people going out to look at eagles and see nature while I was able to be in nature while selling cookies. I am a risk-taker because I am shy and I talk to people at my cookie booths. I am a leader in my community by volunteering my time at Barr Lake State Park.

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Teddy Bear Project collection

Submitted by Taylar Reilly

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

I am so proud of our Girl Scout Daisy Troop 66446. They collected 194 stuffed animals for the Child Rescue Foundation’s annual Teddy Bear Project all while earning a petal for learning how to make the world a better place! The girls had pizza and teddy bear trail mix during their tagging party.

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Thornton Girl Scouts help Food for Hope

Submitted by Heidi Kane

Metro Denver


Girl Scout Troop 62816 in Thornton helped bag food with Food for Hope, helping thousands of children in Adams County that are enrolled in nutritional services during the school year. This ensures that these low-resource students eat healthy meals during the weekends, when not at school.

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15 ways to start 2018 with service and community

From Girl Scouts of the USA

It’s the New Year’s resolution to end all New Year’s resolutions, and it’s so, so Girl Scouts! This year, do things a little differently, and resolve to give back to yourself by giving back to others. That’s right. We’re calling for a resolution of service! Because when you help others, you just can’t begin to imagine how much good it actually does for your own soul. It’s really the best kind of win-win.

And it doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact, it’s really the accumulation of all the small ways we can be of service to others every day that can make our lives significantly brighter and more meaningful, while helping us feel more connected within our communities. In 2018, what do you say we all resolve to make the world a better place, together, by committing to practice these powerful and simple acts of service to others as often as possible? 

  1. Be kind, particularly to those who are not exactly your cup of tea, so to speak. It might be hard, but it will be meaningful.
  2. Be gentle with the environment. Avoid littering, recycle, and regularly sign up for community cleanups. The more we do to keep the outdoors in good shape, the more we can all enjoy it!
  3. Show compassion. Sometimes that’s the greatest gift we can offer someone.
  4. Practice good manners. “Please” and “thank you” go a long way in making others feel appreciated and respected.
  5. Be helpful as much and as often as possible. Help create a sense of community wherever you go.
  6. Listen more. Sometimes all people truly want is to be heard, and to know they matter.
  7. Volunteer once a month—or more if you can. Learn about volunteering with us—it’s important work and so much fun!
  8. Give out lots of compliments, just because. Make someone’s day with the simplest acknowledgement of a great smile, a fun outfit, or an inspiring talent.
  9. Speaking of smiling, do it more often. It makes everyone feel good—even you!
  10. Leave notes of encouragement for family, friends, and coworkers. The right words can always make a day brighter.
  11. Forgive someone who has slighted you, even if you don’t feel they deserve it. It might move them to show the same compassion to someone else.
  12. Hold the door open for someone and give them the gift of feeling special, even if just for a few seconds.
  13. Strike up a conversation with a shy person and help them come out of their shell a little. Just because they’re not one to initiate conversation doesn’t mean they don’t have a story they’d like to share.
  14. Reach out to a friend you know is going through something hard and offer to spend time with them, or just listen. People won’t always reach out for help, but they will often accept it with open arms when it’s offered.
  15. Bake some goodies for an elderly neighbor, and hand-deliver them. Sit and chat a while. Let them share stories and feel the joy of friendship. 

Troop 70720 gives time at local homeless shelter

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Submitted by Ariella Wells

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

Troop 70720 spent more than two hours at their local homeless shelter to help with holiday baking and decorating. The minimum age for most of their volunteer opportunities is usually 16 and we were very excited when we saw this opportunity appear for younger girls!

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2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Apply today

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Girl Scouts who are in middle school and have earned their Bronze or Silver Award should apply for the 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program is the United States’ largest youth recognition program based exclusively on volunteer community service. The program was created in 1995 by Prudential in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) to honor middle level and high school students for outstanding service to others at the local, state, and national level.

The program’s goals are to applaud young people who already are making a positive difference in their towns and neighborhoods, and to inspire others to think about how they might contribute to their communities. Over the past 20 years, more than 115,000 young people have been officially recognized for their volunteer efforts.

Last year, Gold Award recipient Christina Bear of Golden was named a “Distinguished Finalist” and received an engraved bronze medallion. In 2014, Girl Scout Morgan Hays, a 2014 Gold Award recipient from Evergreen, was honored with a Certificate of Excellence. We are thrilled to share this opportunity again and hope to see more girls share this prestigious honor.

To apply for one of these prestigious awards, you must receive certification from Girl Scouts of Colorado. Girl Scouts of Colorado will review all applications after November 8, 2016 and select nominees. Get started today by using this link: https://spirit.prudential.com/awards/how-to-apply

Centennial Cadettes serve lunch at day shelter


The girls in Troop 61133 decided to spend their first meeting of the school year in service to others. On Sunday, Sept. 11, the troop spent their day serving a midday meal to the homeless.

We contacted the Volunteers of America to schedule a time to serve lunch at The Mission in downtown Denver, the last VoA homeless day shelter open in the entire U.S. This day shelter provides people in need with a host of services including spiritual support, mental health, education, access to support organizations and daily meals.

More than 100 people came through the line to receive the meal. The girls helped plate the meals, served the plates, sanitized the center, cleaned the grounds and also cleaned up after the meal.

We were so lucky to be able to spend a few hours giving back to people who truly need it.

The Cadette troop has been together since 1st grade and the girls are now in 6th grade at Campus and West middle schools.

Celebrate 100 years of changing the world by giving back to your community!


In 2016 we are celebrating 100 years of changing the world! For a century, Girl Scouts have earned Girl Scouts’ highest award by taking action to address local, national, and global issues. Gold Award recipient have demonstrated leadership by taking charge and affecting change through measurable and sustainable “Take Action” projects.

Girl Scouts of Colorado invites you to help celebrate the Gold Award Centennial by participating in special service opportunities in Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs.

Troops in Pueblo are charged with running their own food drives to support the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado. Click here for more information about running a successful food drive. Donations will be accepted at the Pueblo office during business hours throughout Girl Scout week.

Troops in Colorado Springs are invited to volunteer at the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado on Saturday, March 12th – the Girl Scout Birthday! 30 spots are available at 9:00am and 1:00pm. All volunteers must register ahead of time. Click here for more information about this exciting opportunity.

In Denver, everyone is invited to a special birthday celebration at the Denver Public Library on Saturday, March 12th from 10am to 4pm. At the event everyone will have an opportunity to decorate bags and cards to donate to Project Angel Heart, an organization that delivers nutritious meals to improve quality of life, at no cost, for those coping with life-threatening illness. Learn more about this celebration here.

Questions? Email highestawards

Daisies bring the community together For a cause

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Submitted by Jessica Roeder


Metro Denver

Daisy Troop 65526 is excited to announce the completion of their first service project! The girls chose to help make the world a better place by providing homeless children in the Arvada community with a sense of security and warmth, as well as education and entertainment. The girls worked with community partners and another national non-profit organization to make 15 Project Night Night bags for children under the age of 12. Each bag contained a stuffed animal, blanket, book, two toothbrushes, and mini pillow that was handmade by each girl. Each girl also made a personalized card to put in the bag she created. The girls enjoyed presenting the Arvada Police Department with the bags. Officers will be distributing the bags to homeless children in our local area over the next month.

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Troop creates care packages for cancer patients

Submitted by Jodie Eshbach

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

Aurora, Brooke and Rilea from Pikes Peak Troop 43701 made 60 care packages for patients at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Their mentor, MaryJo Lehman, a nurse at the Center, gave them a tour of the facility, where the Girl Scouts talked to nurses and patients about items that would help them through chemotherapy. Brooke, Rilea and Aurora’s care packages contained sunscreen, moisturizer, chap stick, hand sanitizer, nail care, water, hard candy, socks and hats!  They spent a full day at the Cancer Center handing out their gifts and lifting spirits!  The girls felt like they made a difference, but most of all, were amazed by how upbeat and positive the patients were.  It was a wonderful experience!

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