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Troop 3505 earns Silver Award with community garden project

Submitted by Danica Lucker

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

Girl Scout Troop 3505, a group of four Cadettes in Highlands Ranch, earned their Silver Award by creating and completing a community garden at Ranch View Middle School on June 29, 2017. For the four girls: Elise, 14; Emily, 14; Abigail, 14; and Madison, 14; the project was more than a year and a half in the planning, and it will make a lasting contribution to the middle school where they attended in the community of Highlands Ranch. The project included budgeting and raising funds to completely revamp the space; working with a local nursery to design a garden layout; providing 20 xeriscape plants for the garden site; working with Douglas County Schools and Girl Scouts of Colorado to obtain the appropriate approvals to work at the site; and providing and completing all the labor to install the new garden. These tasks included weeding, tilling, planting, and mulching the outdoor garden space. The girls created the space in hopes that it can be used as an outdoor classroom and community space for Ranch View. In addition, the four girls have continued to work with a teacher sponsor at Ranch View Middle School to create a garden club to sustain it into the future.

For more information on the project, contact Troop Leaders Danica Lucker at (303) 791-0835, or Carolee Weitzel at (303) 470-3978.

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Daisy Troop 65742 Take Action project

Submitted by Rebecca Lipman, GSCO Volunteer Support Specialist

Metro Denver


This past year, Troop 65742 from Cherry Creek Challenge School discussed numerous Take Action project ideas and the girls kept going back to the idea of planting flowers in a garden. We have expanded on this idea throughout the year and a seed was planted as we began to collaborate with other organizations and sponsors. One sponsor that our troop collaborated with was CampExperience™. Their mission is fundraising and contributing money to non-profit organizations in Colorado. Creating a community garden at St. Anthony’s North Health Campus has been a goal of both the hospital and CampExperience™. Our troop leaders asked how our troop could be involved in the community garden project. In meetings and discussions, we started looking at the idea of having Daisy Troop 65742 decorate/paint terra-cotta pots that CampExperience™ would have at the Health Summit. The artistic pots decorated by the girls and local artists were gifts for individuals who donated to the community garden.  The project was supported by Home Depot and Lowes who together contributed over 100 terra-cotta pots. All the art supplies used during troop meetings to decorate the pots were donated by Guiry’s. Many other individuals and artists contributed to making this project possible. Troop 65742 participated in financially contributing $5,000 to St. Anthony’s North Health Campus Community Garden. The girls were present at the Spring Success Health Summit to present the work they did and share what they learned from this project!