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Cadette earns “Climbing Adventure” badge

Submitted by Camryn P.

Metro Denver

Highlands Ranch

Hello, my name is Camryn and recently I earned the new Cadette Climbing Adventure badge! For the first part of it, I had to interview an expert rock climber. My dad is on the Search and Rescue team, so he knew someone who would be good for the job. Rebecca has a rock wall inside her house! She talked about different kinds of rock climbing and different ways to rock climb. She also talked about how to belay, tie knots, and how she got into rock climbing. Rebecca showed me all the equipment you need and we talked about safety.

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, we went to Devils Head to try out some real rock climbing! It was about an hour drive there and a fun hike up to the rock wall called “Training Grounds.” The two routes I climbed were called Beginners Luck (rated 5.6) and Practice Run (rated 5.8). It was a lot of fun! Rock climbing was hard in some places and easy in others. It was very different than indoor rock climbing because you need a lot more grip strength as there are no pockets to hold on to like on a rock wall. I even got to belay Rebecca, so that meant her life was in my hands! I had a lot of fun doing this badge and I can’t wait to do more fun outdoor badges.

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