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Special Message from Governor Jared Polis to Troop 65740

Girl Scout Troop 65740 from Denver received a special message from Colorado Governor Jared Polis after earning the Climate Change patch! One of the requirements is to talk to a state representative or senator about your concern regarding climate change and ask what they are doing to prevent it. The girls took action and went one step further—contacting Governor Polis himself! Instead of simply writing a letter, they drew pictures of animals affected by climate change. The girls are concerned not just about their own future due to climate change, but of Colorado’s wildlife too. The pictures they drew are of Colorado wildlife that are already threatened or endangered, and face an even more difficult future because of climate change. Governor Polis was so impressed that he sent the girls a special video message. Watch it here.

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Carbon footprints

Submitted by Jody Clair

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Troop 43810 spent a recent meeting learning about the “Climate Change” patch. Each Girl Scout used her own foot as an example to learn what is harmful to the earth and what can make her carbon footprint smaller, along with other activities! Some of the go-getters asked to make a couple changes in our troop to make our troop’s footprint smaller over time!

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Colorado Girl Scouts earn Climate Change patch

Submitted by Colorado Moms Know Best

Metro Denver


On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, as part of their campaign to promote clean energy and protect clean air, Colorado Moms Know Best joined forces with Girl Scouts of Colorado to roll out the newly-created “Climate Change” patch. More than 20 Girl Scouts discussed the problem of climate change – and solutions – with legislators and Lt. Governor Donna Lynne, while bringing a gift and a request to the Governor.

As the generation that will bear the greatest burden of climate change to date – and has the most to gain by preventing its impacts – these Girl Scouts earned the brand-new Climate Change patch by finishing activities like researching clean energy jobs, examining climate change mitigation in their towns, and talking with decision makers.

“Moms are concerned about polluted air and other effects of fossil fuel burning utilities, especially given Colorado’s high childhood asthma rates,” said Jen Clanahan, Colorado Moms Know Best head mom. “We’re delighted the Girl Scouts are stepping up to help girls learn more about not only climate change, but how everyday citizens can make a difference with their elected officials. After all, it’s up to all of us – young and old – to find ways to slow climate change.”

After being introduced on the House floor and visiting the Senate floor, girls and their parents talked one-on-one with legislators, including Rep. Faith Winter, about the need for smart climate and clean energy policies. Afterwards, the Girl Scouts and Colorado Moms Know Best members draped a sash with a Climate Change patch over the life-sized plastic horse in Governor Hickenlooper’s office as a way to ask for his leadership on clean energy and addressing climate change. At the end of their morning of learning  and interaction, Lt. Governor Donna Lynne presented the Girl Scouts with their newly earned Climate Change patches. In addition to being a Girl Scout herself, Lt. Gov. Lynne is also a Girl Scouts of Colorado Woman of Distinction.

“In Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper is using programs to prevent climate change like wind energy,” said Cara Sullivan-Driver, a Littleton fourth grader in Troop 60375. “At my school they put signs up that  say ‘turn off your engine’ to reduce climate change. There are many things that we can do today because what we do now will change our future.”

“It’s foundational for Girl Scouts to spend time in the fresh air, learning skills in the great outdoors,” said Michelle Benko of Highlands Ranch. “If the climate continues to change, who knows how many generations of Girl Scouts will be able to continue that tradition? We worry it’s not very many. Our clean air is worth fighting for.”



Introducing: The climate change Girl Scouts patch


From CO Moms Know Best

The Girl Scouts of Colorado and Colorado Moms Know Best are excited to announce a new Girl Scout patch – The Climate Change patch.

Remember that little adrenaline rush you got when you earned a new Girl Scout patch? We think of these like diplomas that show the world what a girl has strived for, learned and accomplished. In fact, patches are sometimes even handed to recipients in a graduation-esque ceremony; and that’s exactly what will happen in the Colorado Statehouse in April when the first group of girls will earn and receive their patch.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado and Colorado Moms Know Best want the Climate Change patch to be a fun and engaging way for girls to learn more about climate change while building useful skills to last a lifetime.  The current generation of children is the one that will bear the greatest burden of climate change and have the most to gain by preventing its impacts. Hopefully, Scouts will be motivated to take a leadership role on this vital issue and take part in improving their own future.

Many of us are noticing the effects of climate change around us. We’re constantly setting new records for warmer temperatures and hearing about crazy changes in our seasons like a January and February with no snow — in Chicago!   We’re seeing more devastating extreme weather events.  The bad news is that human-made toxic pollutants are added to the atmosphere by burning dirty fossil fuels — creating these conditions.

But the good news? We have the power to change that.

Girls will calculate their own carbon footprint, understand the impacts of climate change at a local level, and be inspired to make a difference. They’ll acquire skills to affect policy on other issues that interest them as well.  They can learn how to research and present their findings. They’ll also learn about how government works and how to make sure their voices can be heard on the key issues of their generation.

Girls earn the patch by finishing one age-appropriate activity in each of the three categories – Discover, Connect, Take Action. They can choose from things like researching clean energy jobs, examining climate change in their towns, and talking to decision makers.

The Climate Change patch is now available.  Find out more details and read about the ways you can get the patch here.