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Cookie money has awesome rewards



Submitted by Kathi Agnes

Metro Denver


Troop 942 sold 5,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies this year. We used the cookie money for fun and for good! We have so many animal lovers in the troop, we decided to go hang out with them. We went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as a troop for their Wild Night. We had an educational zoo tour, which included feeding the giraffes. We learned how zoos across the U.S. work together to protect animals.  We have an awesome troop!

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Ambassador Troop enjoys final summer overnight

Submitted by Kathy Nester


Denver Metro

Troop 52662 started in 1st grade in 2004 with 5 girls. By 2nd grade, the troop had 12 girls in it. Of those 12 girls, 8 are still with the troop. They go to 6 different High Schools now; 4 in Littleton, 1 in Aurora and one in Katy, Texas (this girl Skypes in for meetings). We had 2 girls join the troop when their troops disbanded in the 5th & 6th grades.

They have gone on a trip every summer since the troop started; some little and local & some big and far away. They will all be Seniors in HS this coming year, so they wanted to have one last summer trip. They planned a trip to Hamp Hut in Colorado Spring and had a great time. They went hiking (a few even did the incline trail) zip-lining, the Cheyenne Mt. Zoo and swimming at a local mountain pond (no worries there were 2 certified life guards with them). One night they played a game of Troop Jeopardy, trying to remember 11 years of troop history was challenging! Here’s to your troop staying together that long!

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Small electronics recycling to help gorilla habitat

Submitted by Leora DiGiacinto
Castle Rock

As the leader for a Junior troop here in Castle Rock, it makes me proud to see a bunch of girls get excited about something new they’ve learned and follow through with actually doing something and making a difference.

Last spring, as a reward for a fantastic cookie-selling season, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a Wild Nights Overnight Experience. During our tour, we learned about some of the problems that the primates all over the world are experiencing due to human interference with their habitats. Among other things, we learned about the gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This seemed to really resonate with the girls since they are at that age where small electronics are becoming a more important part of their life.

We decided that this could make a great Bronze Award project since we could help to raise awareness of a problem that most people would never really think about. We all know why we need to recycle paper and create less waste in general. But would more people be more willing to recycle their electronics if they really understood the root of the problem?

After coming up with a plan (which was familiar to these girls who had already done a donation drive, collecting over 1,200 stuffed animals for the Loving Hugs program, when they were 1st grade Daisies), we forged ahead with contacting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Eco-Cell and numerous stores to get our collection started.

This week at school, the girls will be presenting their research in front of the entire school to bring in more donations. Below is their article that they will be presenting:

Did you know every time you buy a new cell phone you are contributing to the deforestation of the habitat of the endangered eastern lowland gorilla?

Columbite-tantalite – coltan for short – is a mineral that goes inside our electronics. It is a necessary part of creating the capacitors that control the current flow inside small circuit boards.

Coltan is found mostly in the Congo. In the Congo, miners are destroying the habitat of the endangered eastern lowland gorilla in order to get more of this metallic ore. They are even mining inside the national parks in the area. In Kahuzi Biega National Park, the gorilla population has been cut nearly in half, from 258 to 130! In 1994, it was thought that there were around 17,000 gorillas left in the world. Today, there are fewer than 8,000.

My 5th grade Girl Scout troop went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a special overnight experience. We saw the primates and learned about how the gorilla population is declining because of the coltan mining. We thought about how many phones all of our families have. Then we thought about how many phones just the people we know might have. We realized that we could help the zoo help the gorillas by setting up a recycling program.

Our troop leader found a company called Eco-Cell that could help us with exactly what we needed. They recycle and also refurbish old equipment for use in developing markets where they don’t get a new phone every year like we do here. They can also be reused in hospitals for use by patients needing cell phones for emergency 911 calls.

As Girl Scouts, we try to be friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, use resources wisely and make the world a better place. (It’s in our Girl Scout Law!) We hope that by encouraging this kind of recycling the gorilla population will grow bigger, stronger and healthier.

We have almost a dozen donation boxes set up and will be collecting through the end of March before bringing our donations to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in April.

If you would like more information on specific locations or dates, please contact me. I’d love to spread the word further than just Castle Rock. (We have one box located in Parker and one up in Denver.) My cell phone is 303 819 9918. We would appreciate any additional help you could give us in spreading the word about not just our recycling program, but more importantly the message of why it is important to recycle your electronics. Thank you!

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Cinco de Rhino: Troop 864 collects cans for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo event

Submitted by Nicole Niles
Colorado Springs

Troop 864 collected cans for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Cinco de Rhino event on May 5. We collected 32 #’s of cans. We had 2 Juniors who went door to door asking neighbors as well as picking cans from the trash when they saw them. I am so proud of my Troop for the hard work that they put into collecting and crushing cans. We had so many bags of cans, that they barely fit into my car to deliver them.

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The Prides and Joys of being a Girl Scout Volunteer and Troop Leader!

Written by Troops 4130 and 2013 Leader, Christina Burke

The girls in Girl Scout Troops 4130 and 2013 have worked hard in their first year of Girl Scouting! As Girl Scout Daisies (with the exception of Mikayla, who is a second year Girl Scout Brownie), they sold cookies and made a terrific donation to the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver. During their Daisy Journey activities, they earned several awards.

The girls also went to Disney Princess on Ice, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, did a World Thinking Day activity and much more! As Brownies, they have participated in the Postcard Exchange with many troops, the Fall Product Sales where they made a substantial amount of funds for their troop and Girl Scouts. Our troop is now working on Legacy Badges and additional Journey awards.

Being a volunteer and Troop Leader for these girls has been an inspiration to me. I have learned to be more patient and nurturing. I am also learning the values of the Girl Scout Journeys with my co-leader, Erika. I hope to volunteer for many years to come and look forward to watching ours girls become the very best they can be.

Troop 2013 Leaders Erika Beeman/Christina Burke. Brownies: Mikayla. Addie, Sara, Lexi, Hailey and Angie.
Addie welcomes her sister Bella into Daisies!
The girls bridge into Brownies!


Brownie Troop 2013